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Truth vs Lies separates fact from fiction. We bring you the truth undistorted, uncensored and with no redactions.

We always endeavor to bring to you the best information we can provide. We encourage everyone to do their own research; God gave you a brain and the ability to discern Truth vs Lies. it is up to everyone whether they use their God given gifts. We know that we don’t always get everything exactly spot on but remember the Main Stream Media (MSM) distorts, twist, and censors every single piece of news they report.

The MSM owns approximately 1,500 newspapers, 1,100 magazines, 9,000 radio stations, 1,500 TV stations, and 2,400 publishers. That MSM is owed by a controlling body of 6 corporations. That means you are being told what only 272 executives want you to hear! 

We will always bring you the Truth and let YOU make your own informed decision about the events happening globally. 

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“Crucify him!” “Crucify him!” What’s that all about? The evil rulers and the false religious leaders were inciting the crowd
Eagle Guards USA
4-5-2020 Ok, my friends I’m still here. Today I’m going to tell you some stuff that you may not want
4-3-2020 Yesterday I wasn’t certain what I would talk about today. God had other plans and last night He provided
Governor off the Tracks
4-2-2020 According to Ecclesiastes “there is nothing new under the sun!” During war time there have been several reports of

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