Tue. Sep 17th, 2019

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The Dr. Nicole Show
Monday 11:30 AM

Dr. Nicole Farmer has been widely recognized for her distinctive voice and insight on the journey of entrepreneurship. After becoming the first African American woman to own a Tuffy Auto Service franchise in 2006 and running her own multi-million-dollar company, Dr. Nicole Farmer launched LifeLine Business Consulting. Her experience as a young single-mom inspired her to provide a lifeline to minority and women entrepreneurs. She subsequently coached thousands of individuals to realize their dreams of entrepreneurship and helped them receive millions of dollars in funding.


If you want someone to go to bat for you then Dr. Nicole is the person for your business. When others will let you down The Business Dr. will bring you the resources that will thrust you to that next place in business.

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Notable Mentions

Donna Stallings

Lathrup Village City Councilwoman

Donald Martin

Computer Science

Gaby Williams

AI Expert

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