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Online radio stations reach worldwide audiences in a matter of seconds without the disruption and limitations of international border control and the terrestrial broadcaster limitations. This is because the signal is transmitted digitally rather than through an over the air analog signal.

While individuals expect online radio to have its’ limitations it is important to note that terrestrial signals have their own limitations that far out way that of online, digital signals. Despite the fact that one needs a device that is connected to the internet in order to listen to online radio it is obviously very clear that there are more internet connected devices in the world than there are cars. Online listening has become the preferred way of listening to/viewing audio and video content.

According to statistics found at,, the number of digital radio listeners in the United Stated grew rapidly to 160 millions users by 2014.
A previous study found on radio link said that internet listening would jump to 157 million by 2015. As you can see the projected figures are much lower than the actual outcome in the period of time. The table below clearly depicts online radio usage from 2010 through the projected use in 2019.  As in the previous study, the usage is likely to increase faster that originally estimated.


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