Rhoda And The Broken Cart Wheel


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Rhoda is the cook and owner of the Cozy Cafe in the village of Beak’s Peak. She is a Rhode Island Red chicken and very happy to be one. But she is even more excited about the great food she prepares for the residents of Beak’s Peak. Everyday, but Wednesday and Sunday (the Cafe is closed on those days), she prepares the tastiest vegetable casseroles and fruit cobblers her neighbors have ever tasted. The residents of the Peak can t wait to get done with their daily chores so that can get to the Cozy Cafe and have a tasty meal and yummy desert. Then one day when Rhoda and her friend, Millie, head out to pick up some supplies, they discover that Rhoda’s Cart has a flat tire and the service station attendant is gone fishing. Will Rhoda have to close the cafe… Join Rhoda and her friends as they work together to overcome Rhoda s big problem…The Broken Cart Wheel.

Rhoda And The Broken Cart Wheel
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