Do not waver

In your life at this moment or in the past have you caught yourself wavering? Wavering in faith leaning more towards fear than faith. Start entertaining the whispers of the enemy did God’s really say he will provide MY needs? Did God’s really say he will give ME a spouse? Did God really say he […]

PRAYER ALERT – President Facing “Biggest Decision” of His Presidency

Reopening the economy—when and how—is what President Donald Trump has referred to as the “biggest decision” he has had to face in his term as president. To give him both information and advice, he has assembled an “Opening Our Country” task force at the White House.  This second task force will be formally introduced on […]

From Cars To The Mountain of Influence…

From selling cars for almost two decades to launching an influential radio program that connects those who are in the church pues to their destinies in the marketplace. Linda Hunt has always believed in taking the kingdom of God outside of the four walls of the church. Since launching her first radio episode back in […]

Can you admit that something is wrong? | ¿Puedes admitir que algo está mal?

Some of us have been in that “in and out” phase. I surely did in the beginning as I was trying to understand who my Lord and Savior was, I still had my fall out moment. I would go to church but didn’t live my life as holy as I should have. My 19th birthday, […]

It’s Time To Take The Second Step | Es Hora De Dar El Segundo Paso

So you have pronounced the Lord as your Savior. Hallelujah, glory to God! Welcome to the family! Now, its time to take the second step in this walk: forgiveness. It’s probably the hardest part of this walk, yet the most relieving. I was very hesitant to forgive the people that caused me so much pain […]

How are you looking at your life at this moment? | ¿Cómo estás viendo tu vida en este momento?

Many of us tend to always look at life and nitpick the things we don’t like or agree with. You may compare your life to everyone else’s and tell yourself: “Why can’t I have that?” or “Why can’t I worship like that?” or “How come God is blessing them and they were just sinning two […]

How are you entering your marriage? | ¿Cómo estás entrando a tu matrimonio?

Are you one of those people that are super excited and eager to finally find your mate to get married? Well I defintely wasn’t 2 years ago.. I actually didn’t want to get married because the only marriages I had as examples were dysfunctional. At a young age, I made the decision that I was […]

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