Heaven’s Embrace

I recently went through someone in my inner circle said hurtful things and cut communication with me. It troubled me in different ways; suppression, depression, abandonment, rejection, self worth. I literally Realized I placed this person above God. In that realization it sadden me. After going to a healing process, embracing heaven’s presence. I know […]

Outta Place

Today I was studying David and his first encounter with Bathsheba. How all the men were out at war, yet David was at home. Outta of his post which was the battlefield. In that moment he glanced down and say Bathsheba bathing. Reflecting I wonder how many times in my life or to come was […]

Do not waver

In your life at this moment or in the past have you caught yourself wavering? Wavering in faith leaning more towards fear than faith. Start entertaining the whispers of the enemy did God’s really say he will provide MY needs? Did God’s really say he will give ME a spouse? Did God really say he […]

Enjoy the Journey

It’s no surprise to anyone that the journey of life takes us on all kinds of twists and turns hills and into valleys. There are times of abundance and times of lack, times of hope and times of despair. It is important that we realize we are on a journey and the best thing that […]

Fearless VS Faithful

With everything going on in the world and your personal life, can you say you have more FAITH than FEAR? Let me explain; just because you have faith doesn’t mean you are fearless. Also just because you are fearless doesn’t mean you are faithful. But I can tell you who is faithful GOD. Yes! When […]

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