What Are You Looking For?

Looking for the right kind of advertising can be a tedious job. But have you ever considered advertising to a local and international audience simultaneously?

Why not consider reaching your potential clients, customers and attendees who are on the road, at work or even at home. Radio continues to be a strong and effective advertising channel for businesses and ministries. Radio advertising builds awareness, and encourages listeners to research your brand and purchase your products.

If you’re looking to buy advertising time on a radio station that reaches markets internationally as well as locally please contact our sales department through the form below

How We Can Help You

We offer a variety of packages to help our customers reach and imprint their products, services and events in our listeners minds.

The 30 – 60 second commercial spots will be played throughout your specified time periods or randomly each hour per the request of the client.
Our team will produce and schedule all commercials per the contract.

DID YOU KNOW “It is estimated that two-thirds (68%) of listeners take action after hearing a brand on radio.”

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