Flat Tires and Murder – How Are They Related -018

Flat tires and murder, how are they related? No I haven’t been quarantined too long,  I haven’t lost my mind. I’m just looking for ways to bring you the truth that you can relate to. How many of you have had a flat tire going down the road? In one foreign country where I lived we had a lot of flat tires. It always happened just before we went into a small town. Coincidence? Not in this case. The villagers were desperate for business. They depended on gullible travelers for much of their income. So these small towns would place roofing tacks on the road on the inbound side of town. Travelers would get flat tires. The travelers were then forced to stop in town. Sometimes the electricity in these towns didn’t go on until the afternoon, so the travelers had to spend time in town. While they waited hours for the tire to be repaired, they may have eaten a meal or done some local shopping. All the while helping the local economy.

Our sponsor Vote BIB  LI CALLY . com wants you to know that you have the choice to change our country by intelligently voting in the right leaders. For far too long we have been lead by corrupt leaders who could care less about We the People. Just look at some of their self-centered power grabbing moves. They still work for us, but all they care about is power, control and your money. Many of them worship and follow Satan, the Father of lies!

Recently in a major US city a black man was killed by a white police officer. What is the Main Stream Media not telling you about this terrible tragedy? What they are not telling you is more important then what they are telling you.  Did you know that this particular police officer had 17 charges and violations against him in the last 17 years? That’s about 1 a year. Most jobs you get 1 warning, then the second time, you’re fired. How come this obviously bad piece of trash officer got to stay on the job for 17 years? Who is responsible and allowed this to happen in the first place? Many of the people from Minnesota are wonderful people. My neighbors on each side of me are both from Minnesota, and they are both heartbroken that all this trouble started in their state.  When President Trump had his rally in Minneapolis the unarmed patriotic Americans were attacked on the way out by thugs. The mayor did everything in their power to prevent the rally.  The contract was changed, the request for police was denied, etc. What else do we know about this city? Their representative, you know the one who married her brother to illegally obtain US citizenship, openly stated about Minneapolis “Burn It Down!” What kind of congressional representative incites their own people to damage public property? Yep, she is from Somalia. Her father was wanted for war crimes, and so is she. Obama imported 70,000 Somalians into Minnesota, and George Soros  has invested tens or hundreds of millions of dollars into the Minneapolis area. Where did all that money go? None of it went to help the people. It all went to buy/own people in the Minneapolis government. Either get the person in office you can control, or buy/blackmail the people in government to do what you tell them.

How does this relate to flat tires? The flat tires were caused by intentional malice on behalf of the villagers. The murder was caused by the intentional actions of ONE corrupt person. THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS AS THEY APPEAR!

Here are some more questions. Each of which adds to the fact this entire thing was a FALSE FLAG. Remember people die during false flags but the objective is always the same.  The definition of a false flag: A horrific, staged event blamed on a political enemy and used as a pretext to start a war or enact draconian laws in the name of national security. To accomplish something else under the disguise of the current event. Why did the paramedics not follow proper pulse checking and resuscitation procedures as required by their own rules and regulations? The medical profession has laws about this, so they most likely were in violation of those laws too. Why did the brother in law of the dirty cop, who was standing 4ft away, do nothing? Why did the dirty cop not acknowledge he knew the suspect? Why did the dirty cop not stop when people were yelling at him? Did Floyd actually die, or was it fake? Unfortunately We The People will never know that answer. I believe he died at the hospital, as it is very difficult to yell I can’t breathe 11 times when someone has their knee on your neck. So what did he die of? All the questions we will never know the answers to, but we do know the reason for the dirty cop’s actions. It is a trap, please avoid the trap!

During the Trump rally many of the great and wonderful police officers of the Minneapolis area helped out. Some actually volunteered. They had T-shirts that said “Cops for Trump” There are many very good Law Enforcement Officers that are being blamed for the evil actions of a few. So once again ONE evil person has disgraced an entire law enforcement department.  With the assistance of paid violence starters he has ignited the anger all across America. Why did it take almost 48 hours to arrest the evil person who started all this? I alluded to all this earlier. George Soros goal in life before he dies is to DESTROY the UNITED STATES! All this evil stems from George Soros. Almost every single political office held in the city of Minneapolis has been bought and paid for by George Soros. For the few of you who are still honest and have integrity, hang in there, we are in a war, and the battle for Minnesota may still be won, especially with your help.

AG Barr made a statement about the violence spreading across the country. “In many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized & driven by anarchic left extremist groups – far left extremist groups using Antifa – like tactics.” Wow, these actions caught the attention of the Attorney Gen eral of the US. Normal people peacefully express their concerns as allowed by the Constitution. The constitution allows us to peacefully protest, but it does not allow us to be violent. It is also illegal for Law Enforcement to have surveillance on peaceful protestors. So some of the corrupt Police departments are in violation of the Constitution! In all the old action movies when surveyed by a drone, the good guys just shot them down! Unfortunately if you do that you may spend the rest of your life in jail. Just ice is often skewed, but when we are judged by God there is only pure justice. There are good Law Enforcement officers and bad ones. I still think there are more good ones that honor their oath then bad ones. Unfortunately it only takes a few bad ones to tarnish the entire force.

The riots across the United States are designed for 1 purpose and 1 purpose only: To DIVIDE US and the United States. The evil people want us divided by: race, color, religion, gender, class,  politics, and even the cars we drive or the cell phone we use. The evil people and their puppet masters will stop at nothing to divide We the People of the UNITED states of America. The Virus showed them how easy we are to control; even wearing a mask has been shown to be a control statement. Quick note on mask: virus size is 120, the average mask stops particles 300 and above, so the virus passes right thru the mask. It is like trying to strain rice using a storm drain! The mask catches sneezes and coughs which are both the bodies way of expelling bad particles. Breathing cleanses the body, so breathing in and out thru a mask is simply recirculating the same bad particles (not the virus) that the body is trying to get rid of.

ALL these riots have been started by organized criminals sponsored and paid $20/hour by George Soros. Did you see the recent video of the rioters shouting “George Soros where is our money!” I find it quite unusual that there are pallets of bricks conveniently located near where the “Riots” are starting.  With all the Virus stuff going on, I am certain that if a pallet of new bricks was left on the street, most of them would quickly grow legs and walk off. They would end up on driveways, gardens, walkways, but most likely not in windows.

Please refrain from joining in these violent protest, as you may be scooped up with the rest of them. Remember there are bad police departments that are recording you. You might even end up dead. A news reporter was found to be playing over a loud speaker a recording of gun shots. The police fired back with rubber bullets, thinking it was real gun fire. People were injured. People ask: “Why doesn’t President Trump do something?” He could, he has the authority to do more. However, the PRIMARY responsibility of running the State falls to the Governor. If you are in a state with a bad governor, then you elected them, you are partially to blame. I know some evil governors got into office because of cheating, so don’t bend to the demand for more cheating by supporting mail in voting. Last count there were 20 areas with civil unrest, that is a lot of people that are not using their brain and are simply following the evil criminals that were transported in to create violence and unrest. Did you know that if you knowingly go to another state to create violence that is a Felony? Some of these individuals are going to get more than the $20/hour George Soros paid them. They might get 3 meals and roof over their head for the rest of their life! Please I beg of you to stay out of the traps being set by these evil corrupt people. The cities that are setting these traps include but are not limited to:

Minneapolis – MN – Democrat Mayor – Jacob Frey
Cincinnati – OH -Democrat Mayor – John Cranley
Atlanta – Georgia – – Democrat Mayor – keisha Lance Bottoms
Columbus OH – Democrat Mayor – Andrew Ginther
Oakland – CA — Democrat Mayor – Libby Schaaf
San Jose – CA – Democrat Mayor – Sam Liccardo
Seattle – WA – Democrat Mayor – Jenny Durkan
Denver –  CO – Democrat Mayor – Michael Hancock
NYC – NY  – Democrat Mayor – Bill de Blasio
Washington, DC – Democrat Mayor – Muriel Bowser
Los Angeles – CA – Democrat Mayor – Eric Garcetti
Phoenix AZ — Democrat Mayor – Kate Gallego
Dallas – TX – Democrat Mayor – Eric Johnson
Louisville- KY – Democrat Mayor – Greg Fischer
Memphis – TN – Democrat Mayor – Jim Strickland
Houston –TX – Democrat Mayor – Sylvester Turner
Richmond – VA – Democrat Mayor – Levar Stoney
Fort Wayne – IN – Democrat Mayor – Tom Henry
Saint Paul – MN – Democrat Mayor – Melvin Carter
Bakersfield – CA – Republican Mayor – Karen Goh

What do all these cities except one have in common? They are all controlled by Democratic Mayors – corrupt and evil to the core. They want power, control and your money! The odds of violence in all these cities being controlled by Democrats at the same time is astronomical. Another proof that this is a trap they want YOU to fall into!

What is the trap? What do they have to gain by allowing their own city to be destroyed?
Most of you are fed up with the lockdowns due to the Corona Virus.  If enough cities in a State have civil unrest and violence, then the governors can declare MARTIAL LAW! Under martial law you won’t be allowed to sneeze without the governor’s permission. It will be 1000 times worse than the Corona Virus lockdown.  Then should they win the election in November they will manipulate to get more taxes, more Federal Funds and more control. Any extra money a state receives will go directly into these evil people’s pockets.

How do you stop the madness? First avoid their trap. Avoid violence, avoid armed conflict. Be vigilant as these evil criminals that are being paid by George Soros don’t care about you or anyone else. United we have strength, individually and divided we will be conquered. Think about your actions and the consequences instead of allowing your human ego and feelings to lead your life.

VoteBiblically.com –Our nation was founded on Biblical principles. You may not agree with Biblical principles for government, but they have been around for thousands of years. Generally countries that have followed these principles have more peace and less war.

Is there an ounce of humanity left in this world? I am happy to report some people are waking up. A white police officer trying to maintain order was separated from his squad. He was being threatened by an angry mob, many of whom are being paid by George Soros. It’s amazing how low people will stoop for a few dollars in their pocket. Just like these thugs, there is a good chance the evil cop who started all this was also being paid, most likely by George Soros.  There is also a good chance this fired cop won’t live to spend it. George loves to talk about paying people to do his evil bidding, but hates to pay them. It is often easier to simply eliminate them.  Back to the trapped good officer: He was certainly going to suffer bodily harm, if not death. A group of mostly black men surrounded this white police officer and defended him against the evil mob. In God’s eyes we are all equal. There is no separation or division as our soul is what lives for eternity.

Are you going to evaluate the situation and try to do what is right, or are you going to just resort to violence, looting, trashing and burning which will not do any good for anyone. Are you going to use your God given brain, or are you just following the flow of evil?  If this was about race, why burn down a retired black man’s dream? He worked his entire life for this, and some idiot burns it down? When you think about it, there is no logic or thinking involved.

Another show of unity and humanity is the cleanup going on in the streets of these cities that have been looted and set on fire. Men, Women, children of all ages and race have worked hand in hand to help clean up these cities. In my city a big tree had naturally fallen across the road. A black man and a white man were removing it. Neither of them new each other, one of them was not even from that neighborhood, yet they didn’t see any race division, they just saw a tree that was blocking the road and needed to be removed.  United they conquered that tree in no time! Yes, there are all kinds of kindness and humanity left in the world. The UNITED STATES of AMERICA got it’s strength by working together.  God has not given up on this world! He is still very much alive and working to bring people to repentance. The Virus, the lockdown, the riots are all about good vs evil. Which side will you choose? Yes, you have a choice both here on earth and for all eternity.

What major events happened this week to cause the violent Democrats to instigate all this violence?  To actually pay people to riot in the street, to burn down cities, to threaten other human beings, etc? Why now? First there were several documents related to the General Flynn case released. The prosecution dropped the case, so the case should be closed. BUT in defiance of the recent Ruling of the US Supreme Court t and against his bosses recommendation,  Judge Sullivan Said “ it aint over until I say it’s over” He got a call from Obama that told him to delay the case by any means necessary. Now the Judge has lawyered up because he knows he is in deep legal trouble.  These documents clearly point the finger at many evil people in high places in the previous administration. The Democratic plan is to distract the American people then maybe they won’t notice the legal actions about to be taken against us, and we can still escape justice. Also if the evil rulers can create violence so martial law is declared, they can manipulate the population to do what they want. It isn’t about justice for you and me, but about escaping justice for all the corrupt evil leaders.

Second – President Trumps EO declaring Social media as a publisher! A little bit of justice for you and me. Social media operates under the command/law that they remain neutral and are not allowed to censor people except for certain things, like child pornography. This then gives them immunity from being sued by you and me. However, since Twitter and others have been censoring people, they are now acting like a publisher. They are no longer neutral. Publishers can be sued by you and me, so there could be millions of law suits against these social media companies. Twitter crossed the line for the final time, and now they may be completely gone in a heartbeat! Just like restaurants must comply with the health laws including serving alcohol, social media must comply with the FCC laws they operate under. If a restaurant is caught serving alcohol to a minor, they could be shut down. Twitter was warned, they ignored the warning, and now they could be gone tomorrow.  Fake book, google, instragram, and a few others are also guilty. Someone asked why doesn’t President Trump just change platforms? Remember when Twitter shut him down a few years ago? Well I bet if you researched you would find a court order that prohibits Twitter from shutting down President Trump. So if President Trump changes platforms, he won’t have that court order he currently has. Since Twitter couldn’t shut President Trump down, they decided to censor/editorialize his Tweets.  They did this to many people, thus they brought it on themselves.

What difference does it make if President Trump is on Twitter?  The Main Stream Media never tells the truth. Their sole purpose in life is to read the teleprompter! They tell you what the 272 executives tell them to tell you.  Trump reaches his supporters via Twitter. He who controls the narrative, influences the people/vote.  This gives you and me the opportunity to actually make an intelligent choice on who we vote for. Sid you accidentally vote for a murdering, lying, cheating governor or mayor?

Vote Biblically .com is one organization that really tries to get people to think about who they vote for. How many of you would like to go back and vote for a different Governor or Mayor? How many of you thought voting wasn’t important?  Corona Virus lead to the lockdown, which has now indirectly lead to riots. Are you feeling like a true American that is experiencing Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as defined in the United States Constitution?  More likely you are feeling like a controlled slave.

What is murder? The taking of another person’s God given life! Cain murdered Able, David murder Uriah, so this evil is not new, it has been around for thousands of years. We actually have murderous governors in a few states. They have implemented their own version of biological warfare. Sons and daughters can’t go see their mom or dad because they might give them the Virus. But these evil governors send Covid-19 infected patients to nursing homes with no cases of the Virus. Thus the Virus is spread to areas where it may not have gone. The governors have issued EO that require the nursing home accept the infected patient, and for compensation they are paid $5000. So now your mom, dad or grandparents life is worth $5000. Not only are governors doing this, they are shipping these infected patients hundreds of miles across the state so they have even better chance of spreading the virus. So you and I can’t drive 5 miles down the road, or go to work because WE might give someone else the virus, but because of the governors EO these infected patients are shipped across the State. That is murder. They need to be held accountable. One requirement to worship Satan is human sacrifice, so maybe you voted for a Satan worshiping governor or mayor?  I pray these evil rulers find justice on this earth, but if they happen to make it thru this lifetime without justice catching them, then I know they will face the Judgment of God.

What about you? Are you a murderer? Or maybe you have simply stolen something, or lied. Satan is here simply to lie, cheat, destroy and kill. He is the father of all of these evil deeds. Have you committed any of these crimes? Maybe you let your physical desires get the best of you and now you find yourself pregnant? Please consider the alternative to murdering your baby. Abortion is a tool of Satan. Call this number  800 712 HELP again  800 712 HELP there are people who will love you, and talk to you no matter what your circumstance. None of us are qualified to judge our fellow man, but we can compassionately assist them thru their difficult time in life.  When we call on God, and unite to fight evil we will be victorious.

So what did we learn about flat tires? When entering a small town, simply drive on the wrong side of the road. No more flat tires, no more unexpected stops. What about murder, violence, and the traps? Same rule if you know you are entering a danger zone, stay away, change course, take a different route. God wants us to live life and live it abundantly. This doesn’t imply financially abundant, but a life knowing He is in control. A life full of peace. He loves you so much He watches over you even when you may have done some bad things. He is willing to forgive you, but you must accept His free gift. What free gifts did God give you? Have you collected them yet? First God gave you the freedom of choice. You can follow good, or evil. You can choose life eternally in heaven or hell. If you have never figured out how easy it is, simply know the second gift was Jesus. God freely gave Jesus to pay for all your evil actions. You must admit you have done evil, you must accept Jesus as payment for your evil deeds, you must turn from evil, you must allow Jesus to guide your life. It really is that simple.  When you do this, you will find you have peace for all eternity. Or you can follow the evil criminals of the world and be tormented for all eternity. The choice is yours! Choose wisely!


Let me pray with you

Heavenly Father, I thank you for giving me peace for all eternity. Thank you for sending Jesus to pay for all our faults. Thank you for being in control of all that happens on this earth. When evil forces rise against us, help us to see the true evil, to avoid the traps. Give us strength to stand against the evil that surrounds us.  Send your protecting angels to surround us and protect us. Help us to love and support each other, to keep us united against the many evil attackers. Remove the evil leaders and replace them with people who love you, and will properly represent us.  Lord Jesus protect all those front line warriors who are facing evil mob mentality. Continue to show us your goodness and graciousness and your love. Thank you for your provision and peace. May your peace envelope all who are in turmoil, may your peace bless those around us. In Jesus Name amen.


Flat Tires and Murder – How Are They Related -018
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