Heaven’s Embrace

I recently went through someone in my inner circle said hurtful things and cut communication with me. It troubled me in different ways; suppression, depression, abandonment, rejection, self worth. I literally Realized I placed this person above God. In that realization it sadden me. After going to a healing process, embracing heaven’s presence. I know where I need to be. I thank God that I had learned to press into the Father’s heart in times of trouble. it was an intense time. I came to a place where I was all alone with the Lord. It’s probably where I should of been all along.

Today’s scripture: But Paul went down, fell on him and embracing him said, ‘Do not trouble yourselves, for his life is in him”. – Acts 20:10

Family I ask you; do you want the strength to overcome and the power to change the world? Get it from Jesus’ embrace. And then learn to live from that place.

Let’s pray together: Abba, show me your heart. This is my goal and my one purpose, Open up my heart to receive all you have for me, Let your anointing rest on me in such power that the world around me cannot go unaffected. I want to spend my life in your presence in a room to totally change the atmosphere for your glory. I want more of you, Abba! I want to spend my life in your embrace, it is the only place that is home to me. it is the place from which all life flows. What a glorious place to be and what a glorious place to rest. Thank you Abba for making this my place.


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Heaven’s Embrace
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