Color of Law – Murder – Obamagate -017


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For all of you that are wondering where I have been? I have been out excessing my constitutional rights. Just because someone says I can’t doesn’t mean they have the authority to make their own rules. I really need a haircut! Barbershops, hair saloons, and nail salons in my state are closed. But if yor name is Half Whit, then it is OK to go and have your nails and hair done. Yes my friends there are 2 sets of standards. OK for me, not OK for thee. In fact many politicians actually believe this is true. They believe that they  write or enforce the laws,  They don’t have to obey them.

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There are a few smart people in the US that have figured out that many of these instant laws are in violation of the US Constitution and all the supporting articles and bills. How about you? Are you a sheep and do EVERYTHING you are told? I believe in the rule of law, but the law must be passed by the correct legislative body, and in my case must agree with the Law of God. So there are many laws that are on the books that do not agree with God’s law. Ultimately I am accountable to the Judgment of Jesus, so no matter what law some political hack decides to write, God’s law must remain the final law I obey.

There is a brave man in MI, a barber. He is 77 years old. He has been refused unemployment 3 times. He most likely didn’t get a small business loan as all the crooks stole most of those funds. He may or may not have received a stimulus check. He opened his barber shop so he could feed his family. The dictator of MI told him he could not open. He told her “I already have a MOTHER!” I’m an adult. According to US Constitution 18-242, Color of Law I can make my own decisions and if I choose to get a haircut and risk the dreaded overblown Corona Virus then it is my right to do so. So the local sheriff said he would not enforce the dictators law. He is one of the growing number of sheriffs across the country that realize they are in violation of their oath they took. Don’t think the oath is important? Well I can assure you there are people behind bars for violation of the oath they took. The oath is actually required to be taken  by certain individuals (congress, judges, governors, military, police, etc)  as written in the US Constitution Article 6. So almost everyone involved in one of those fields has taken the oath.

This action of rebellion of course made Half Whit blow her top, and now she needs a hairdresser. Of course she could shave her head and wear a swastika or upside down cross and it would have the same effect. We can’t get our hair done, but she can.  Don’t you just love the lies of those who were elected to serve us? So the local police force pulled the barber’s license today. I’m calling for all you smart lawyers, I’m not one, but at least a few of this gentleman’s civil and constitutional rights have been violated. I even question if the local authorities have the power to pull his liscence which is most likely issued at a state or federal level.  I never support violence, but we need 10s of thousands of Americans to open their business and see what the local government can do about it. OK, I expect I’ll be getting a lecture and a phone call from our local mayor to discuss this topic. I just saw the past mayor of our city today as both of us were out and about. We had a nice discussion about the current state of our state.

How bad can a violation of US Constitution Color of Law be? In a recent example of violation of 18-242 a few days ago on the East Coast.   A Dr. has been indicted (charged, awaiting trial) for 7 counts of violation of The Color of Law.  If convicted on any 1 of these charges, he faces 1 to 10 years in prison for each offense. He will never practice medicine again. He could lose his pension, and a whole lot more. His live is basically ruined at this point. He chose to ruin the lives of 7 other individuals, now he gets to know what it feels like. Yes, vengeance is mine says the Lord, but our laws sometimes bring justice while we are still alive.

I understand the dilemma that the police officers face. Do they listen to their dictator bosses, or do they respect the Constitution of the US?

Let’s take the first example: they are more concerned about their paycheck then they are about the Constitution. They arrest someone for violation of the dictators orders. So they keep their paycheck, well maybe. Since they violated another US citizen’s rights by enforcing an illegal law, they are now subject to violation of “The Color of Law”. So a good lawyer, even a person who just passed the bar exam might win the case. So the Law Enforcement Officer now could face 1 to 10 years in prison, loss of their badge, loss of their paycheck, loss of the ability to ever work in law enforcement again, loss of their pension, loss of integrity and honor. If they think that their Government or Chief, or Officers Association is going to come bail them out, they are severely mistaken. No other Law Enforcement person wants anything to do with them.  They suddenly become the scum of society. All for a paycheck.

OK, so what about the second case: The officer refuses to follow the dictators unlawful orders, Upholds the US constitution, and is fired by the department. A good lawyer might get them their job back. They are an American hero. They still have their honor and integrity, and there will be hundreds of Law enforcement agencies looking for people that will actually stand up for the Constitution and the oath they took.

So the question to ALL law enforcement officers: Are you willing to violate the US Constitution for your paycheck and your career? Or are you man/woman enough to join us in this battle for our freedoms against dictators in our Government.  Let me remind you of the oath you took, as required by the US Constitution, it isn’t just words: “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Our country and our Constitution are under attack, in this case foreign (China and the Corona Virus) and domestic, all those evil rulers that keep attempting to grab more power by creating illegal and stupid laws. They can be found all across the nation.

So how are you enjoying the lockdown?
How are you enjoying the restrictions on your movement?
Are you enjoying your newfound distancing from all your family and friends?
How are you enjoying the hour wait just to get into the grocery Store?
How are you enjoying being told what to do, where to go, and when to do it?
How are you enjoying being told what you can buy and what is off limits?
How are you enjoying being classified as non-essential?
How are you enjoying the police watching over you with illegal drones? In open violation of the 4th Amendment!

How are you enjoying the powers to be controlling who lives and who dies? Yes, they are murdering people just because they can! Especially older people! Just because you are older doesn’t imply you are any less valuable! We are all equally valuable in God’s eyes!
How about the medical control? Are you enjoying the powers to be giving away your medical records to total strangers in direct violation of AMA and Hippa Laws?
Yet all this tracking stuff and mandatory testing is in direct violation of both laws and your rights! Do you really want your medical records out in the public? This is happening on a daily basis, more rights are being taken away. More personal information is being disclosed to those who have no legal right to have it!
Warning, In some states delay having a heart attack! Oh I see you are having a heart attack. You may die! Sorry there is no room for you at this hospital we are overwhelmed with Corona Virus.  But at the same hospital: You want to murder your baby and have an abortion? Ok come right in.
Again there are two sets of standards! Two sets of laws, the word equality has also been butchered.

Welcome to SOCIALISM. You have now been exposed to it first hand.  How does it feel to live in a socialist country?
Although there are good people in both political parties, if you are in the Democratic party  you are a SOCIALIST. Do you really want all these liberties that you have lost for a few months to become permanent? If you don’t you better vote for those people who can actually help you regain and maintain your freedoms!

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What about the former special forces veteran / police officer in Washington State?
Yes, there is an Police Officer in Washington State that stood up for our rights, and got fired. I love his spirit, his desire to help We the People. So I salute him and the Barber. I don’t know if this Barber served in the military or not, if he did it would most likely have been Vietnam. So this Barber may have been defending Half Whits rights of freedom before she was even born. She should not only appreciate him for his wisdom, his desire to feed his family, while standing up for his rights, but for laying the ground work for her own freedoms. Yes, I still need a haircut, maybe since Half Whit’s is still working, I can sneak in and get my hair done too!

So who can arrest these Governors, Mayors and other elected officials for violating our civil rights and the US constitution? Sheriffs in the county where the person is located, FBI agents, US Marshals, US Secret Service and the US Coast Guard! Yes surprise the USCG can enforce federal law on US soil! I bet you didn’t know that about them. So it is totally possible to have all these evil people removed, it will take some action by lawyers, citizens, or the congress of that State where the person is located. AG Barr can also issue orders to have them arrested for violation of the US Constitution. In many cases the AG of the State also needs to be arrested as they are in cahoots with the evil dictators.

One of our listeners asked “What is OBAMAGATE, and what do you know about it?” I have been studying it for over 3 years. It hit 4 million on Twitter the other day.  I couldn’t really talk much about it until some documents were released. No I didn’t know what was in those documents before they were declassified, but I knew enough that the documents confirmed what I already knew.

This is a very lengthy topic, so I’m going to try and summarize it.

FISA is the document that allows the government to spy on US Citizens. It is run by a secret court. That is another topic, SECRET COURT? Why do we need a SECRET COURT? There are safeguards in place to keep it from being abused. During the Obama administration, the FBI and the DOJ bypassed these safeguards, lied to the court, and illegally spied on US Citizens. The most known FISA document  is the one on Carter Page. However, most people don’t know that there was a FISA on General Flynn. It is estimated that this FISA was actually illegally put in place in early 2016. As soon it was announce that General Flynn was  joining President Trump’s administration, the former administration realized they needed to remove Flynn from office. So they set a trap, and then he didn’t fall into the trap, so the FBI closed the case and issued a 302 document stating the case was closed. The following day a high ranking FBI scum bag decided that he was going to reopen the case. Another trap was set for General Flynn. The prosecuting attorney Van Crack head made a deal with Flynn’s corrupt lawyers. They basically threatened General Flynn’s family in order to get General Flynn to enter a guilty plea of 1 count of lying to the FBI. Thus he would be permanently removed from the Trump administration. General Flynn is a patriot thru and thru. I’d follow and fight with him any day in any battle!. General Flynn knows too much about everything, including OBAMAGATE!  After he pleaded guilty, the corrupt lawyers on both sides issued a gag order. He was not allowed to talk or disclose anything!. So they thought they had him, first they blackmail him into a guilty plea, and then they prohibit him from talking to anyone about it. Since both sides of lawyers and the judge were all in this roués together, General Flynn was  left in a very bad place. Finally General Flynn got a new lawyer, and She started tearing everything apart. There are 10,000 to 20,000 documents that have been submitted to the court about this case. Why so many documents for 1 case of lying to the FBI? Any document that is obtained thru legal methods/procedures and submitted to an active court case can then become evidence in other court cases.  Obama does not want these documents declassified, they contain evidence of all the corruption in his entire administration. Remember “the administration that was scandal free”? That is one of the biggest LIES!

Fast forward to the last few months. An independent US attorney, not associated with the case was asked to review General Flynn’s case by Attorney General William Barr. This independent attorney found that there were many missing documents, so he began getting these documents. Some of these documents had been asked for by General Flynn’s new attorney for almost a year. Even the Judge ordered them, yet the prosecution refused to release them. This US attorney discovered that there was not enough evidence for a case and recommended to AG Barr to drop the case. AG Barr dismissed the case, well sort of.

Last week Obama stated that dismissal of the Flynn’s case was wrong, it was against rule of law, and there was no precedence for dismissing a case like this. It was unheard of!  LIE LIE LIE

Here is the story that set precedence: Under Obama, a certain senator Stevens was up for reelection. He had been a senator for 40 years. Obama wanted him gone. So they filed false charges against him. He lost the election. The Judge thought that there was some illegal activity that started the case in the first place. The Judge appointed a special prosecutor to investigate Justice Department lawyers who repeatedly withheld evidence from defense lawyers and the judge during the month-long trial. Stevens was convicted in October of lying on Senate a form. The Judge on the case had been a Judge for 25 years this was US District Judge Emmet Sullivan. 2009

A short time later Obamas , AG Eric Holder looked at the case and thru it out of  court. The grounds for dismissal prosecutorial misconduct! He determined that the DOJ had not provided the evidence as required by law.

So back to General Flynn’s case. The prosecutors withheld documents, they manipulated the system, they repeatedly denied Brady evidence. And that 302 that would completely exonerate General Flynn, it went missing! So the pattern repeats itself.  Thus AG Barr dismissed the case, but the most interesting coincidence is the Judge that handled General Flynn’s case for 3 years was  US District Judge Emmet Sullivan who has now been on the bench for 36 years. Yes, the very same judge that allowed the previous senator trial to continue, and it got thrown out of court allowed General Flynn’s case to continue.

The twist and turns in General Flynn’s case get even more interesting, or stupid depends how you look at them. Judge Sullivan has denied orders from AG Barr to dismiss the case. So who is Judge Sullivan a puppet to? Well the proof is obscure, but his strings are being pulled by Obama himself! They are trying to buy some time to come up with a game plan. Obviously their first choice is simply to execute General Flynn, but make it look like an accident.  So in an unheard of move the US Judge Sullivan who has 37 years on the bench has made a general call to all novice lawyers to help him decide the case. That is like a successful CEO calling in his latest hires and asking them to help him run the company. It is ridiculous. This type of notion is unheard of in a criminal case which is the US guided by Van Crack Head,  against General Flynn. The Judge is so compromised that he doesn’t even have the guts to make a decision. If he admits to the truth that there was no evidence, and that he allowed the case to carry on for over 3 years, he admits he is incompetent. If he denies the truth, which he is doing by calling in outside people, he transfers all his power to some unknown source. So with 10,000 documents that are not available to the public to defend General Flynn’s case, some great lawyer is going to swoop in and make a decision on hearsay! I think you get the picture how messed up this case really is, and not only is there prosecutorial misconduct; there is defense misconduct, and US Judge Sullivan misconduct. This Judge has the right and the authority to declare the case null and void and throw it out, but refuses to take action. While he prepares to take a nice Cush job in the private sector, I hope General Flynn, and all the others who have been subjected to these judicial abuses return the favor and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law!

I know I told you I would talk about OBAMAGATE! How is it connected? Well let’t start with the fact that the General Flynn FISA was most likely illegally obtained. Who knew about it besides AG Holder, Obama, and the dirty FBI agents? Well apparently there is an entire handful of people, along with the Judges that had to sign off on it. A document that was declassified today shows who helped in this horrible scheme to frame General Flynn.  The list is quite long. Are you surprised there are that many evil people in the US? Why does the FISA on Genearl Flynn matter? It matters because there is a direct connection as revealed in declassified documents between the FISA on Flynn and the illegal coup attempt to remove the duly Elected President of the United States, President Donald Trump. Yes, you heard me correctly! There is a direct link between the FISA on Flynn, the attempt to remove Flynn, and the attempt to overthrow President Donald Trump. Russiagate is tied to Flynn and the attempted overthrow. Ukraine is tied to Flynn and the attempted overthrow of President Trump. There are so many corrupt ties in this attempt to overthrow President Trump that it takes hours just to lay the ground work. Sedition, treason, and the attempt to overthrow a duly elected President is clearly defined in the US Constitution. That is why it is so important that Law Enforcement Officers respect the power of the US Constitution. It is the LAW of The LAND. It Trumps all governors, mayors, county executives and any other dictator in the United States.

So why OBAMAGATE? Obama knew it all. He approved it all, he supported it all. The full measure of the CIA, State Department and DOJ. FBI were unleashed against Donald Trump. John Brennan initiated operations against the Trump Campaign using the Italian, British and Australian intelligence services. So not only did we have a large number of US citezens attempting to overthrow the President of the US, we had a large number of forign countries involved in this coup. Mutiny on the Bounty has been attempted on US soil with the aid of forign countires! Remember the OATH that all polititians are required to take? They repeat this oath each time they change jobs, it’s called swearing in. So Obama and his team violated the oath they took to defend the US Constitution and is actually declared in the Constituion they swore to protect. They could care less about the US, the US Constitution, or We The People. Remember they want POWER, COJNTROL, and Your MONEY!

Back to Obamagate: Obama and his administration are guilty of the following crimes: Uranium 1 (selling 20% of our uranium to our enemies), IRS manipulation, Benghazi, Wire tapping, spying on US citizens on US soil, Boston bombing, military deaths (over 200 people disappeared from the military), violence, insurance manipulation, violations of the Hatch Act, illegal Recess appointments, DHS ammo purchases (hollow point bullets), Fast and Furious (giving guns to our enemies, and US citizens died), Solyndra (solar power money laundering), DHS release of criminals, EPA and Freedom of Information violations, etc. Last count there were over 1000 crimes against the Obama administration and counting. You and I, we get arrested for walking the dog!

So OBAMAGATE is only the tip of the iceberg of the crimes against the US, it’s citizens, and against humanity. The can of worms has been opened. There is an abundance of evidence that confirms these crimes in the recently declassified documents. This is our chance for We The People to peacefully take back our country. To return to a true Rule of Law, and True Justice. This war has been raging for over 3 years, the Virus just added to the fronts we fight on.

Are you fighting on a personal front? Do you find yourself pregnant during this time of lockdown? Undecided what to do? There are people who can assist you; they will love you no matter what your circumstances. Call their toll free number and talk to them. I personally know how caring and loving these people are. Call 800 712 HELP that’s 800 712 HELP            800 712-4357

We are fighting a war on many fronts: China, and yes the threat of real war with real bullets is right there in our face. That is why our military has taken up a defensive posturing position. We fight all the past corrupt political individuals and there Global Agenda, some are still in office and are causing a lot of pain and suffering to We the People. These evil invisible people are at every level of government. Finally we fight for what is right in God’s eyes. Do we follow the commandments? Do we kill, steal or destroy? Those are the 3 major traits of Satan, but we have often in the United States done all three. We change the name to make it sound better, but murder by any name is still murder.

From Jan 1 2020 until the end of April, 2020 Coraona Virus and Malaria worldwide have eliminated by death the equivalent of the state of Wyoming. HIV and Traffic Accidents have eliminated by death the equivalent of the state of Delaware. Alcohol deaths have eliminated by death the equivalent of the state of North Dakota. Smoking has eliminated by death the equivalent of the state of Hawaii. Cancer, that should be a big one has eliminated by death the equivalent of the state of Kansas. Not as big as I expected. Communicable Diseases have eliminated by death the equivalent of the state of Oregon. Where does your state fit in this chart?

Finally worldwide since January 1, 2020 Murder has eliminated 13,543,000 or the equivalent of the entire population of the state of Pennsylvania and South Dakota combined. Yes, this murder comes in the form of ABORTION. In the old testament Israel did evil in the sight of God by sacrificially offering their children to  false Gods. Today we offer our children on the altar of convenience and we call it abortion. Do you realize that in 4 months nearly 40 million peoples’ lives were directly affected by voluntary murder?  That’s 10 Million a month, or the entire population of Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia  and Ohio affected since January. Unemployment starts looking like a drop in the bucket! Abortion has risen 400% during this time of lockdown. Stop the madness! If you are pregnant and undecided, please call 800 712-HELP to find some answers! Compassionate loving people will talk to you no matter what your circumstances.

We as a nation spit in the eye of God and wonder why we are being attacked on all sides? Israel 2500 years ago did the same thing. What did God do? He judged them! We as a nation may be fighting for We the People, but more importantly we are being judged. How will we do over the 7 year period that God is currently judging us by?  Only God knows if we truly change our hearts, if we truly turn back to His ways, or if we continue on the path of evil and self-destruction. 2500 years ago God called a small army to get rid of evil in the land, and to return to the ways God commanded.

God is still gracious, He still forgives, He still loves, and He still brings us back into fellowship with Him. We wander away, we lie, cheat, steal and commit murder, but God gave us a way back. A way out of the mess we get ourselves into. Everyday I’m thankful that God forgives, guides, loves, and gives peace.  I’m a very patient person, but calling down lightening from heaven crosses my mind against these evil people every day! Then I’m reminded how forgiving and patient God is with me, and you. God gave us the Free gift in Jesus Christ to pay our debt and to return us to fellowship with him. I know I am forgiven, that I will spend eternity at peace with God in Heaven. What about you? Will you choose to enter that peace and loving forgiveness with God today? Ask God to forgive you, no matter what the crime. Turn from you evil ways, seek God’s direction and purpose. Find Peace.

Let me pray with you

Lord Jesus, Thank you for forgiving us for all the evil we do. No matter how evil we have been, if we have lied, stolen, killed, you can forgive us. Help us pray for those evil people who are making our lives miserable. Help us to know the right way and the peaceful way to resolve the many conflicts that are arising across the nation. Protect those who are fighting both in the physical realm, and the spiritual realm. May the power of the resurrected Jesus neutralize the power of the evil forces fighting against us. You Lord are always victorious, may your victory go forth simply by you speaking the word, just as you destroyed your enemies in times past, destroy our enemies. Show us how as a nation to return to “One Nation Under God”.  Provide for us in health, food, shelter, family, friendship, clothing, and a roof over our head. May we always remember that you are still in control, that no man made item can come against you. Thank you for eternal life of peace in heaven. In Jesus Name we Pray Amen

Our sponsor VOTE BIBLI CALLY .com wants you to know there is always hope. God can do some amazing things, sometimes it is as simple as asking Him! That number for undecided pregnant woman again is 800 712-HELP.

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Color of Law – Murder – Obamagate -017
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