Rest At His feet

At this time in the world where we should have tons of time freed up due to a lot of distractions are unavailable. We are still being forced to stay home. But what are you doing with that extra time? Working on that business idea and making it into a plan? Self development and improving? Soaking at his feet? Or Netflix and chill? What you are doing you have the choice, and you are making that choice apparent.

Today’s scripture: And after Boaz had eaten and drunk , and his heart was cheerful, he went to lie down at the end of the heap of grain; and she came softly. uncovered his feet, and lay down.-Ruth 3:7

This scripture speak to me, when you want something or someone you make it apparent and lay at their feet. The devotion Ruth made to lay at Boaz feet regardless of the what happened in her life loosing his husband having nothing. Full transparency at times I allow the business of the day take my focus off my number 1 love God. Sometimes I focus on my timeline of the way my life should be in my mind rather than focusing on what he is doing in my life in this season. Actually lay at his feet pouring out everything and just laying there. While he speaks to me.


Family I ask you what things are you putting before God? I’m not calling out sin but if that comes to your mind place it at his feet. I’m speaking of good things ministering , serving, wife/ husband duties, parent life, work life. Day to day things that easily build up and can block you from being at his feet to be intimate with God.


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Rest At His feet
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