Enjoy the Journey

It’s no surprise to anyone that the journey of life takes us on all kinds of twists and turns hills and into valleys. There are times of abundance and times of lack, times of hope and times of despair. It is important that we realize we are on a journey and the best thing that we can do is enjoy the process of the adventure of growing in faith. There will be some successes that we will only achieve in life by first experiencing failure, but we can still learn from the experience and enjoy the process of growth.

One of my testimonies is my daughter. A highlight of my life, but what a lot of people don’t know is prior having her I had a miscarriage. In that moment in life I couldn’t imagine why God had forgotten me or was I being punished? Struggles  of agreeing with the whispers of the enemy. Through loss there’s gain. I gained knowledge of realizing it wasn’t my time to become a mother at that time in my life. Through loosing a baby I gain strength and wisdom.

Today’s scripture: I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.- Philippians 4:13

Family I ask you in this journey of life; what challenges/ struggles/ lost/ failure are you facing? Know this without failure there’s no success, without lost there’s no win, without break there’s no breakthrough.



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Enjoy the Journey
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