Art Making A Comeback In The Kingdom

Art such as paintings has been the one thing that we have been very good at ignoring over the last century or so that is unless of course you are a part of the elite or ultra rich and famous. Then it almost becomes like an unofficial written rule that you must collect and buy up as much art as you can possible find to ad to your collection, often at a massive premium. But for the “normal” people or rather the middle to upper middle class outside of cheap Ikea paintings few invest in any kind of “real” art,

But what I keep wondering is what if there is more to this art thing than many zeros, colors and some type of canvas. Should we be asking ourselves “Does God use art as a prophetic display of what the future holds? Is art simply a way of decoding or interpreting the future?

Many would argue that art is just an expression of what we as humans feel but in the end the proof is in the pudding and like many of you I like hard evidence and that is exactly what we found.

It turns out in fact that not only does God use prophetic vessels to paint but he has a whole army of then in all shapes, sizes and ages. One such example is a young artist named Jordan Cook.

For years Jordan has been painting prophetically and has clearly broken the belief or thought that you have to be older in order for God to use your gifts. From a young age Jordan has seemed to commune with God on levels that many would only dream of but is that by choice of by Devine calling.

Many have been left wondering does God speak his people through prophetic painters. Its a good time to dive deep into what seems like unchartered territory but you will be happy to know we have an answer.

Ever since she was a little girl Jordan could hear the voice of God but more so she seemed to have a natural ability to paint. As the painting continued eventually people around her began to take notice that her paintings are in fact prophetic and depicts prophetic events or prophetic symbolism for what God was going to do. Prophetic paintings are actually prophetic displays of Gods kingdom.

But what if we could take art from many of these great prophets who paint Gods plans and use them to decode the future and what is to come. The biggest problem with this is that there is not a huge amount of prophetic art on display or available to the public for that matter. That is because with the exception of a few small local churches across the globe prophetic painting has not become “main stream” It at times almost feels like a foretelling of the future because it almost feels like the prophets themselves (the painters) almost seem like they are in hiding but that doesn’t mean God hasn’t spoken.

Isn’t it time that we give these painting prophets the platform and stage to prophesy?

Art Making A Comeback In The Kingdom
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