WPKM Spearheads For The Next Move of God.

The COVID19 pandemic left many in panic and dismay. Churches were closed down due to lockdown orders from governors nationally(depending on where you live) However here at Worship Radio we found that one ministry in particular stood out. World Wide Prophetic Kingdom Ministries (WPKM) from Lincoln Park Michigan USA delivered during to COVID19 challenge. While many churches struggled on what to do next and others tried as hard as they could to perform “service as normal” virtually WPKM spearheaded a brand new wave of originality in reaching the people.

As original founding members of  Worldwide Kingdom Network of Churches and Ministries, WPKM brought together all the member son WKNC for daily midnight prayer mandating that all members pray and refrain from prophesying, not to be controlling but to insure that what was going forth was pure unadulterated prayer. WPKM also built on a spontaneous momentum everyday providing solid teaching and bringing forth creative ways to help keep finances flowing throughout the lockdown. After all we all know that the church is essentially a charity in lament terms and runs on finances just like everyone else.

During such uncertain times as COVID19 we all knew one thing and that is nothing would ever be the same again but especially not church. WPKM has proved itself as being a pillar in the christian community and above all else being able and willing the keep up as the times change. Jesus didn’t stay in the walls, he went out and in the same way WPKM is quickly laying the groundwork the spearhead this next great move of God in the region and possibly the nation.

To find out more about WPKM visit their website here.

WPKM Spearheads For The Next Move of God.
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