A NEW Name in Makeup & Beauty: Haydee Cosmetics

DETROIT MI- No one could have imagined that a young Hispanic girl with Mexican and Guatemalan heritage would one day grow up to launch her own makeup line. As a first-generation American Haydee was born in the Queens NY and raised on the south-west side of Detroit to immigrant parents who spoke little english and had very little financial stability.

For most of her young life Haydee was raised in a pentecostal-catholic household but later identified as an Agnostic. Haydee lived a homosexual lifestyle for much of her young adult life but it was not until she experienced God that she encountered FREEDOM. Haydee talks about how God began to speak to her and promise her things that her natural mind could not even begin to comprehend. It was during one of these intimate sessions of the supernatural abundance of God that HE promised Haydee that he would give HER a makeup line of her own. While skeptical at first she held onto this promise int he back of her mind.

In 2018 her husband had been physically attacked by the enemy and was sick and unable to work but in the hope of pushing his wife he did what he knew best and that was too encourage her but due to limitations on his physical and mental health he could not help his wife accomplish her dream and the promise of God.

Eventually her prophetic husband got better but the damage seemed to have been done and her desire for her makeup line dwindled away. In early 2020 while Haydee was sitting doing her annual vision board she remembered Haydee Cosmetics. “I always knew when it was spoken out loud that it would happen but I just never knew how. I figured it would happen later in life when my husband and I were a lot more established” God however had other plans and while in lockdown and quarantine in Michigan God gave Haydee a sudden burning desire to establish her makeup line. She began working around the clock every second she got to establish her business, get her website up and get her promotional products ready. With limited product on hand God told Haydee “Launch it” The enemy began to speak to Haydee and try to discourage her but just like David she encouraged herself and so did her husband (as show in the video) It was during this particular car ride that God began to show up.

So that very same night despite the previous marketing plans Haydee Cosmetics was launched for her initial PRE-ORDER offering but again God had to show up and HE did. Over the course of the next 24 hours the Haydee Cosmetics website began to receive order after order. The orders just seemed to keep streaming in over and over again. When the makeuprenuer finally realized what had just happened it was too much for her to bare. All of her previous disappointment, all of her hurt, al of the tears were suddenly washed away by the PROMISE of God.



Haydee Cosmetics was born from a promise given by God. Haydee Irving, the owner is a lover of makeup and used makeup during her darkest hours to escape. The creativity became an outlet for her anger, anxiety and depression until God gave her a brand new perspective.

God expressed to Haydee how her creativity could bring forth healing and restoration.
He showed her prophetically that he would bless her with her own cosmetics line, a collection of pure products that would embody the boldness and strength of God.

The birthing of Haydee Cosmetics could not have been possible without Abba, Jehovah 

Right on the homepage of the corporate website Haydee has no shame in glorifying God. She boldly states that her makeup line will bring forth healing and restoration to all who use it. There are many makeup lines and many christian entreprenuers however it seems there is a new name emerging and getting ready to dominate the beauty industry but this one is quite different. Boldly proclaiming the name of God.

To order The Summer Collection you can visit Haydee Cosmetics Website

A NEW Name in Makeup & Beauty: Haydee Cosmetics
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