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Healing: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The United States of America needs all of these now. We need to help each other overcome the devastation that this Virus has caused. God tells King Solomon “If I ever shut off the supply of rain from the skies or order the locusts to eat the crops or send a plague on my people, and my people, my God-defined people, respond by humbling themselves, praying, seeking my presence, and turning their backs on their wicked lives, I’ll be there ready for you: I’ll listen from heaven, forgive their sins, and restore their land to health.” We should listen to God’s plan, his promise and allow Him to heal our land, which includes We the People of the land.

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Call to the lawyers in Michigan or even AG Barr. The governor is trying to give out personal medical information to 3rd parties. Two contracts were already signed and revoked.  This is in violation of HIPPA laws. Someone needs to file a court order to stop this immediately.

Why are there no cures for diseases that have been around forever? Like the common cold?

In the 1950s some cures for diseases were discovered by individuals. These people  didn’t work for Big Pharma. These cures were cheap and Big Pharma didn’t make any money on them. Yes, once again it boils down to MONEY. To stop this from ever happening again, Big PHarma got in bed with the FDA and corrupted them. They made agreements that the FDA would take at least 2 years to approve anything, Big Pharma would pay the FDA big dollars during this testing phase, and eventually the FDA would approve it. Big Pharma knew if they were the first to get FDA approval, then they would be able to set the prices, control the availability, and thus earn big incomes from their drugs. The FDA from that time forward has been controlled and influenced by Big Pharma. The Sales pitch was that if it was FDA approved, it would be safe. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, the FDA has been lying to the public for a very long time. Test have been falsified, tested drugs were different from the released version, and all sorts of cheating has gone on so that Big Pharma could make MONEY. Sad but true. Just in the last 2 months a drug was pulled off the market because now that it has had millions of test cases in We the People, they found it had really bad side effects. Proves the FDA test were all a lie.

So why can’t we find alternatives to prescription drugs? Alternative and homeopathic medicines have been around for a few thousand years. The Bible actually describes some of these in the form of healing oils. Asian herbs and spices have been used for centuries. There are hundreds of books about eating right and using other natural remedies to cure the body. None of these make any MONEY for Big Pharma.

There are actually laws that say unless it is FDA approved it is illegal to claim it as a cure. I believe in Divine healing. I’ve seen God heal knees, backs, cancer, ulcers, diabetes and many other physical ailments.  I’ve even seen a leg that was 2in shorter grow back to match the other leg. It took about 45 minutes, but  God’s divine healing is absolutely amazing. He can and does still heal. If I pray for you for healing, and God decides to heal you, according to the FDA law, neither you nor I can claim that a cure happened. If we do we are in violation of the law and can be arrested. Go tell that to the person who had their leg grow 2in, I’m certain they would disagree with the FDA. Divine healing is real!

So the same goes for holistic medicine. The FDA and their watchdogs are very good about arresting the good guys and keeping them from letting out or talking about alternative methods for healing. Especially when those methods actually work. Just yesterday a clinic was shut down for giving intravenous injections of Vitami C. In Europe they have been using intravenous injections of both vitamins and Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 for years. But in the US it is frowned upon, maybe even illegal. Why? MONEY. Big Pharma and the medical complex don’t make any money on these alternative procedures.

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In the last few days there has been a lot of stir about Ultra Violet lights, and frequency. People act like this is the new thing on the block. Well both of them have been around since the 1950s. These cures have a proven track record to work. Coincidence that they are not available to the general public even though they came out in the 1950s or about the same time Big Pharma and FDA got together?  I don’t think so.

Since I’m not a medical Dr. I can only tell you what my research has shown me. Some things work in a short period, some are more to keep your body tuned. Someone asked me shouldn’t we be building up our immune systems during this time of crisis? I said absolutely, but why wait for a crisis. You should have started years ago. OK, it took me a few years to find much of what I’m sharing, so I’ll simply encourage you to start now, just in case the bad guy with the initials BG (Now 65 years old) decides he wants to start world depopulation next week. His micro chipped solution for the Corona Virus may give him the ability to do that! Stay away from it! I’d rather be dead then have anything BG makes in my body. If God wanted me to have a microchip, he would have given me one. I do not want to be assimilated!

Dr. Clark discovered 4 things that cause disease: Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites, and Pollutants. The good news is that if you can get rid of 1, then your body already starts working on the other 3. Pollutants come from stuff you put on your body, or put in your body: soap, lotion, cleaners, deodorant, toothpaste, mouth wash, food etc. Around age 40 most people can no longer get rid of these items and thus other problems start. Dr. Clark has a complete regiment of eating correctly to properly cleanse the body. I’ve seen many other protocols that help cleanse the body. Dr. Clark also talks about building up the immune system by eating specific foods, and eliminating viruses by also eating certain foods.  Speaking of food, did you know that the FDA has approved junk in our food that actually makes us fat and unhealthy? I’m not referring to junk food, but food with junk in it. For all we know it may even cause cancer. That shouldn’t surprise you once you find out about cancer that I talk about later.

Why do we suddenly get sick? Well in most cases it takes a while before a virus, bacteria or parasite can make you sick. Do you know that Dr. Clark found the cure for the common cold? She looked for the root cause, and then figured out how to eliminate it. Why is the common cold so elusive to Dr.s? Well treating the cold generates Billions of dollars to Big Pharma. Why would they have any reason to give you an inexpensive solution? Cold medications in most cases cover the symptoms while your body takes care of the ilness, thus you feel better.  The cold Virus hides inside of another bacteria or parasite. It is there all the time. When that bacteria or parasite dies for whatever reason, the cold virus is released and you suddenly have a cold. So kill the host parasite, then kill the cold virus, live healthy, be happy. Should be easy.

Dr Clark discovered the cure for Cancer. Now most people have been programmed to accept some form of drug, shot, chemo, radiation, etc to be cured. Did you know the Cancer industry drugs alone is a $150 Billion dollar a year industry. That doesn’t even count the cost for: time in hospitals, radiation, chemo, oxygen, or other therapies.  According to Dr. Clark Cancer is caused by certain pollutants in our body that destroy the immune system and allow the Cancer cells to multiply. She wrote several books on this topic alone. Most cancer treatments have about a 13% success rate. That really isn’t that great. Dr. Clark claimed to have an above 90% rate. Here is the dilemma: Option 1 you spend $100 of your own money and possibly end up Cancer free with no major side effects but it is not prescribed by Drs or approved by the FDA. Option 2 you go thru chemo, radiation and anything else to try to get rid of it, and it cost you tons of money even with insurance. You have all sorts of side effects, and it may come back.  Most smart people would try option 1. If it didn’t’ work, they are out $100 and it took 1 to 2 weeks from their scheduled lengthy treatment.  Most of these treatments don’t start for a few weeks, so in reality no time is lost.

I had a very good friend who took option 2 for 2 years because at the time she didn’t know about option 1. After the Two years she was Cancer free, had no hair and her immune system was almost completely destroyed. She died shortly after beating cancer from heart disease. Did the cancer treatments cause the heart disease? Don’t know but I wish she had known about Dr. Clark’s option 1.

Dr. Clark discovered that a Frequency of 30 KHz at around 5 to 9 V DC would kill almost all the viruses, bacteria and parasites in your body. Her book The Cure for all Diseases describes everything, including how to make your own devices. Download your free copy at ZAP ME HEALTHY .com
Some people may not have the electrical experience required to build their own devices, that is why our sponsor provides them built to Dr. Clark’s specifications. Dr Clark proved the success of her product in her research, most of which is documented in the many books she wrote. You can purchase them from ZAP ME  HEALTHY .com our sponser is more concerned about you living a healthy life then taking your money like Big Pharma.  Hearing testimonials of success stories is wonderful. It doesn’t matter if it is you or your favorite furry friend that has a better quality of life. They love to hear them all. Yes, there are stories of furry friends that have a health improvement using Dr. Clark’s protocols!

So frequency and UV light in the 222 nano meters  UVC has proven for years to be effective against bacteria and viruses. What have Drs and Dentist used to clean their instruments for years? UV light. Yes, Sunlight also provides UV light. Recently it was disclosed that sunlight and humidity help kill the Corona Virus. We have known this for years, but the MSM makes it sound like some new break thru. Big Pharma doesn’t make any money from these treatments, so they want to keep it quiet.

What else helps build your immune system and helps you stay healthy? There are a lot of things, but in my research I’ve never found as much material in one place as Dr. Hulda Clark’s book. That is why our sponsor offers it for free, so you can do your own research, use the brain God gave you, and come to your own conclusion.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the Corona Virus was not as severe as they had hoped. The bad people did not want the easy and cheap cures released. They wanted more death, more fear, and more money fed into their pockets. Yes, power, Control and your money are always the bad people’s driving force. Fortunately for us there are smart Drs. and scientist outside the Medical Money making machine and they figured out some cheap alternatives so the bad guys lose. Unfortunately the manmade design of the Corona Virus has designed the template for a far worse attack. I have no intention of adding fear and frustration to an already bad situation, but that is the truth. They developed a master key for viruses to access and open the cell. As smart as the human body is, it will be difficult to detect the real key from the fake one provided by the virus. The cells may eventually figure it out, but it isn’t going to be easy. The technology they plan on implementing for the vaccine is almost scarier than the virus. The vaccine will attempt to fool the body so the body can learn which key is the virus vs which key is a nutrient being delivered to the cell. The problem is that while the cell tries to learn the real from the fake, it shuts the door to everything and in this process could starve itself to death. When the cells die from starvation, even though nourishment is right in front of them, the body dies. Not a pleasant prospect. I’m praying God sends wisdom to the bodies so that they can develop their own antibody to the fake key.  Of course theoretically Dr. Clark’s protocol should kill the virus before it has a chance to grab hold and spread.

So keep your immune system up, kill off the existing viruses, bactereia, jparasites and cleanse your body from harmful pollutants and toxins. It can be done! Dr. Clark shows you how. Don’t like her book, well there are several others out there to research.

In case you want to read or print this information for future reference it can be found on our sponsor’s web site under Truth Vs Lies section where all the news broadcast can be heard or downloaded. ZAP ME HEALTHY .com You can always email us or use the contact form on our web site.

At one point in my life I suffered from allergies. They were devastating. The Dr actually told me “as long as I didn’t eat or breathe I would be fine” Thanks a lot Doc! I went thru all kinds of treatments, shots, inhalers, food, you name it. I even tried eating every other day so I could survive.  All it did was help me control the symptoms. I got stranded in LA, and without any treatment or an inhaler, I thought the smog was going to kill me. I could barely breathe. It was then that I decided that there had to be a better alternative. I started researching, and eventually gave up the shots, the special diet, and the inhaler. I am happy to report I need none of that anymore!

The problem with many items that you purchase is that they are not properly produced, or don’t have enough potency to be effective. I decided to list brand names, only because I have found them to work. There are other ones on the market that may be as effective or even better. Since I started using Dr. Clark’s stuff about 6 years ago I have been less reliant on other alternatives.

Back to other alternatives: Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother still in it. Yes, it must have the mother still in it, which is the enzyme that helps all kinds of things. There are only a few manufactures: Bragg is the most common and most available, but there are other ones out there. There is a lot of information about it on the Internet. Search for apple cider vinegar mother

Quinine found in tonic water provides low doses to help keep you healthy. Most of these tonics have too much sugar, corn starch or other stuff, so they are more harmful then beneficial.  Look for the ones that don’t contain most of this other unnecessary stuff.

Oil of Oregano: Won With Nature has proven to be effective in helping control seasonal sinus problems
There are many oils that help with various parts of the body. Many books have been written about how to give the body the right nutrients to help weak parts recover. Heart, liver, eyes, kidney, stomach, skin, lungs, muscle, etc.

We have had tons of rain lately, and the best thing is the air actually smells good after a good rain. Why is that? The rain contains Hydrogen Peroxide and is nature’s cleansing for the plants and ground. Providing you don’t live in an area that produces acid rain. That is one reason why sometimes walking in the rain and getting soaked is a fun and good thing to do. I would have done it the other day, but the temperature was about 32 and I decided I was smarter than that.

Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 is very effective. You need to buy the food grade usually around 30 to 35% and dilute it yourself with distilled water. There are entire web sites that describe the 1000 different ways to use and how to take Hydrogen Peroxide internally. In Europe they inject it, but in the US people get arrested for that. Yep, blame it on the FDA. H2O2 is cheap, thus it is not approved.

The stuff you put on cuts and sores is about 3% but often contains other junk that you don’t want in your body. Hair dressers use 6% to lighten your hair, and rocket scientist use it for rocket fuel at 90%. Yes, it is very powerful stuff.  30% FOOD GRADE will burn your skin, and could kill you if taken at full strength. So to be safe buy the FOOD GRADE (30 to 35%) and learn how to dilute it. One formula is 1 drop in 6 OZ of distilled water. You must use distilled water so that the H2O2 doesn’t react with minerals or chemicals and become useless before you consume it. Search for Hydrogen Peroxide therapy and you will find what you need. It will tell you how soon after eating, what not to mix it with etc.

There are many vitamins, minerals, and metals that your body needs. The hard part is getting quality products and getting the right combinations. The reason why hdroxyclorquine and zink is so effective together against viruses like the Corona Virus is that the hydroxycloriquine opens the cell door, and the zink takes care of the virus. There are many items that work in conjunction with each other and as you read books like Dr. Clark’s and others you will learn what is needed to work together.

Certain types of silver are good for the body in the correct dose. No don’t swallow your silver earrings or rings! Copper and magnesium are also required, but putting a penny in your mouth is not the answer. Just as your car can’t run on raw oil, which is thick like mud, your body needs chemicals in the right format to accept. There is enough information, both good and bad on the internet to keep you researching these combinations for many years. Everyone wants to sell you their product. So how do you know which ones to trust? Patterns of what works and what doesn’t can usually be found on forums. Everything I use has either been recommended by a friend, or I’ve tried a few to find the one that works. Just because something is more money, doesn’t imply it is better. Big brand names are not always the answer either. I just received another offer to purchase a $50 book on health and healing. I’m certain that it is well worth the money, but just by reading the free pages I discovered a product that grows in my back yard. Never knew that weed had alternative uses. No, you can’t smoke it!  But it is great for scrapes and cuts. So the information is available, you just need to sort thru some of it.

Remember God loves you, and wants to heal our land and you. His love for you is constant, and although sometimes he is not happy with our actions and there are consequences for our mis behaving he still loves you. So prayer works. It is the starting point of all healing.

What if I don’t know this God you are talking about? Well I didn’t’ know him either, yet his love for me drew me to him. I realized he had a set of standards that no matter how good I was or how much I worked I could never meet those standards. Wait that isn’t fair! God sets the bar so high I can never reach it! In his love he realized that he needed to pay for my faults, to remove my debt. He sent Jesus to pay for all my faults, a standard I could never achieve. What do you have to do? Jesus and his payment was a free gift to you. Accept you can’t make the standard, accept that Jesus paid the debt and allows you to reach the standard. Accept that Jesus is now Lord and Savior of your life, allow him to show you his love. For the only way to be healed: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual is to allow Jesus to do it.

Whenever we’re sick and in bed, God becomes our nurse, nurses us back to health.

I trust that this message on health has enlightened you to alternatives to Big Pharma.  Living a healthier life free from disease is a wonderful blessing from God. Be thankful for all that he has blessed you with.

Because many of the topics that were discussed are often on the due not discuss list, to keep our Sponsor The Zapper, ZAP ME HEALTHY .com in the clear form legal issues I’m obligated to read their disclaimer notice.

Our statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat cure, or prevent any diseases. Please note that reference to Dr. Clark protocols or production methods does not imply that our products can be proven to be any better than other similar products when using US government approved science.

Let me pray for you:

Lord Jesus thank you for being the master healer. The one who can mend our bodies, fight disease, give us peace of mind, and save our soul from eternal damnation. Thank you for being in control, for knowing all about us even in this time of trial. May we learn to look to you and be content no matter how bad our circumstance. You know our needs and we know that your resources are unlimited. May we know for certain that we have eternal life in heaven with you. Thank you for your love and care that you give to us. Protect us from evil that tries to destroy us, evil leaders, evil diseases, evil enemies around us. May we know your kindness and grace. Give us health, in Jesus name I pray amen.


Health and Healthy Ideas 015
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