Oil Surplus and Violation of Your Rights 014

The traveler asked the woman “please, would you bring me a little water in a jug? I need a drink.
And while you’re at it would you bring me something to eat?” The widow answered I don’t have
so much as a biscuit. I have a handful of flour and a little oil. I’m making my last meal for my son
and me. After we eat it, We will die. “ The drought in the land had caused much hardship.
Today the Virus is causing much hardship. Many of us are running out of essentials, some of us
didn’t get a check, or may not get a check to tide us over. Some of us are living in areas where
our evil rulers have put extra unnecessary burdens on us. Is there any hope? Should we be like
the widow and eat our last meal and die? That is exactly wha the enemy, the destroyer wants
you to do. I hope that is not your plan. God has a plan for your life, a plan to enjoy eternal life
with you. I pray you find peace and a reason to fight to live. Life no matter how harsh on earth is
priceless; it is worth living and fighting for.
A disabled 97 year old man locked away under quarantine, with no one to talk to, no computer,
no books, and 1 channel on the TV said “I want to live to be 100” Wow he has nothing, he
fought in WWII for our freedoms, and has lived thru many wars yet he still has hope and a
dream. There are always answers, even when we can’t see them. God’s ways are far beyond
your ways. The traveler told the widow “The jar of flour will not run out and the bottle of oil will
not become empty before GOD sends rain on the land and ends this drought.” Thus for several
years the widow and her son never ran out of food. God sometimes provides in the strangest
ways. You could say she had too much oil. I’ll come back to the story of oil and how it applies
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How important is the constitution of the United States during this lockdown? Brett Kavanaugh
was asked a question by a senator, and the senator said “are you going to look it up in that little
black book you carry around?” Supreme Court Justice Kavanagh said I am, and that little black
book I carry with me all the time is the Constriction of the United States. It is the law of the land.
Very important that the Supreme Court justice of the United States know the law and follow it. It
is also important to you. You have rights under the United States constitution, even if you don’t
know what they are. 1st amendment = freedom of speech, 2nd amendment = right to bear arms.
There are a lot of unemployed lawyers right now, I hope you are listening. Some of our evil
governors have said it is against the law to say anything bad about the way they govern, so
according to them I can’t use my first amendment to open my mouth. Some of them think that
carrying guns in public is a violation of other people’s security, yet the 2nd amendment allows for
this. Honest people who carry weapons in accordance with the state laws are some of the
safest gun handlers out there. Many can hit a dime at 20ft, some can even hit a dime at 1000
yards. Some say we can’t peacefully protest when government is over ruling. Well that is well
within the rights of the constitution. One governor was asked directly if they knew that they were
in violation of the Bill of Rights. They replied I don’t care; this is the way it is going to be. Almost
like it is my way or the highway. Openly acknowledging that his orders were in violation of the
Bill of Rights. I see a law suit on that one. Wow they all took an oath to uphold the constitution,
and yet they don’t think it is important enough to even acknowledge when challenged that they
could be in violation of the oath and the constitution. A well know retired judge stated “there are
a few governors that are walking a fine line in violating the US Constitution, and the Bill of
Rights. They should be very careful, as they could be facing civil or criminal charges and find
themselves behind bars. A judge said that, and they know more than most governors. One
governor was even heard telling the law enforcement officers to take pictures of all the license
plates and send each person a ticket for violating the stay at home orders. There is no doubt
that the constitutional lawyers could have these governors behind bars if they wanted to follow
up on these violations. Wait, some of those people work for essential organizations. How do you
separate the ones who belong from the ones that don’t? Especially since they are told to cower
behind the camera and mail out the ticket. Lots of people in essential businesses actually have
letters stating they are allowed to be on the road.
So We the People are being severely limited, and we are caught in the middle. We are not the
only ones caught in the middle. I want to commend all the law enforcement officers who have
publicly stated that they will not enforce certain laws that violate the constitution. Most sheriffs
are elected, so they can be voted out of office just like the bad governors and mayors. Keep that
in mind when you go to vote, how did the Sheriff respond. Did they stand up for your rights
when you were being violated, or did they take the hard approach and back the mostly illegal
laws imposed by the evil rulers. I understand that they have a fine line to walk by protecting the
constitution, and often you as well as keeping order and peace. Most law enforcement officers
are careful to walk that line. However, lately a few power grabbing officers are making the rest
look bad. They are not above the law. Ignorance of the law even for Law Enforcement Officers
is no excuse. Should you choose to obey your evil governors direction, and you are found to be
in violation of the law, or in violation of the way you execute the law, you may find yourself
behind bars faster than you can read someone their rights. There are lawyers and judges that
will file and prosecute against you. Think that badge will protect you? Wrong, no one is above
the law. Some law enforcement departments have been told by the courts to seize and exist, to
stand down, that what they were doing was against the constitution, and that they could be held
liable for their actions. Unfortunately Law Enforcement Officers in the United States have gotten
a bad name. Some law enforcement has been targeting certain groups. This is called
discrimination. Some crazy law enforcement officers have emptied the jails of hardened
criminals, yet arrest people for walking their dog. How many police officers does it take to
remove someone from a bus for not wearing a mask? Big law suit if some lawyer would step
forward and take that case.
From the FBI, DOJ, Sheriffs, State and local police have all had more than a few bad apples to
spoil the bunch. Sorry to say but these bad people in high places have caused much distrust in
Law Enforcement Officials. Just the other day a Chief of Police was arrested for child
pornography, using the power of his badge to commit crimes against children. So I commend
those officers that are doing a tough job, they are trying to protect us and our rights. I expect to
see several class action suits against governors and Law enforcement departments for wrongly
enforcing illegal laws. Let’s see 50 million people in 1 state, 10 million in another 8 million in a
3rd, the list goes on. This is a warning to be certain the laws you are enforcing are not in
violation of the United States Constitution. To all you officers who are uncertain, is it worth
losing your badge, your pension, and maybe end up behind bars? Remember the warning didn’t
really come from me, but from a retired well known judge who has called out states by name for
violation of the US Constitution.
I love the fact that some departments are actually taking the oath they took seriously. I will do
everything within my power to make their job easier, to encourage and promote them. All of the
front line people that are working to keep us safe deserve our support and respect; I hope you
give it to them. In return We The People who pay their salary also deserve their respect. It
would be fantastic if during this time of trials more Law Enforcement departments would
remember that at one point they were to protect and to serve, not to Enforce ridiculous laws.
Power goes to people’s heads. Evil Governors, Mayors and Law Enforcement, and they want to
control you. If I wanted to be controlled I’d move to China where they tell me what to do, how to
do it, and when to do it and I don’t even have to think. For all those evil and ridiculous laws and
restrictions I’m calling on you lawyers to sue them. Free We the People from these tyrants.
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Crazy laws and how they drive us to insanity. I love our veterans; they gave us the freedoms we
may have to fight for again. Maybe not with bullets, but in the courts. I hope not. Once people
get power they want more and often as we have already seen overstep their authority. In
support of all the military, the first responders, police and fire, the people who work at hospitals,
the ambulance drivers, and even the people who build vehicles to support these first responders
I’d love to fly an American flag as outlined in the Laws of the United States of America. In my
state it is against the law to buy an American flag. So the United States Law grants me
permission, but the state law says it is against the law to buy one. OK, I have a 48 star flag from
WWII I can fly that. Well I could, but the Law that allows me to fly a flag states that flag is no
longer valid to fly. Some Law Enforcement Officer practicing the legality of the law vs. the spirit
of the law could now arrest me for flying the wrong flag. Charge me, and maybe even throw me
in jail. I know I’ll go borrow one from my friend’s boat. Well first off that would be in violation of
the stay at home rules, which most likely is in violation of the US constitution. Second that would
be in violation of getting on a boat in our state. So the crazy orders issued by our Governor have
taken away my right as granted by the Law of the land to fly a flag. Maybe I should go walk the
dog? Oh waitE I better check and see if I’ll get arrested for that. I heard it is now legal to smoke
grass, but illegal to mow grass. What is a person to do? I don’t know about you but as a law
abiding citizen I’m sticking with the US constitution, the Amendments, and the Bill of Rights. As
far as bad governors go, I’ll continue to pray they get a brain, or get overturned and removed
from power by vote or divine intervention. Maybe I should go back in time to 1939, move to
Kansas and ask Dorothy to take care of our evil rulers. President Trump has a face to face
meeting with one of those evil governors today, maybe he will meet scarecrow while he is at the
White House. Or maybe AG Barr will give him a copy of the US constitution and point out areas
he should study? One can only hope and pray that evil changes it’s way.
I promised you I would talk about oil, too much oil. In 2019 the US became oil and gas
independent. They no longer needed to import oil or gas from other countries, but produced
enough to sustain and actually export oil. We had the capability to do this for years, but people
in power wanted to keep that power. Give me control of countries oil and I will control the
country – Rockefeller. Give me control of the food and I will control the people – unknown. So
how does the worldwide oil supply work? If a country outside the US wanted to buy oil, they had
to use petro-dollars. So they would take their currency, convert it to petro-dollars and then
purchase the oil they needed using petro-dollars. Yes, petro-dollars are tied to the US Dollar.
Now a days it is all electronic, but it used to be paper transactions. So everyone had to buy oil
via petro-dollars. Enter the BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China who decided to start
selling oil between themselves and to others, circumventing the Petro-Dollar. Bad news for the
US as it affected the US economy. Middle Eastern oil was to some degree sanctioned, so it was
more black market then actual open market to buy. The BRIC countries tried all sorts of things
to crash the market and the US economy. China had a sweet deal where you could trade oil for
gold. Well most of that gold came from the US, as former administrations were distributing US
gold to China. Yep, the US got cheated on that deal too. That is another story. Israel has large
untapped oil reserves that have not entered the equation yet. . Enter the Corona Virus which we
now know was an attempt to crash the US economy, the crash of the world economy was a side
benefit, which would allow powerful evil people to rule the world. The Virus failed. I know people
died, many of you have lost loved ones and other things, but the Virus did not wipe out huge
amounts of the population, but did drastically affect the economy. I’m sorry for those that have
lost loved ones. I’m right there with you. Only God gives us peace for those we have lost. We
still miss them.
Someone asked are we entering the end times as described in the Bible? Wow powerful
question. Many areas of the Bible are lining up and we could easily be entering the end times. I
hope to do an entire segment on how today’s news is lining up with the Bible. Now I think it is
more important to give you some idea of how I see things unfolding. I have no idea if I’m right, is
the glass half full or half empty? Here is what I do know happened with oil. In March President
Trump asked congress for money to purchase oil to fill the US reserve tanks. We have lots of
huge tanks to store oil in, and the President wanted them full in case of an emergency.
Congress said no. Is there a tie between oil and stocks? Well stock brokers say “NO WAY” yet
as soon as oil went down, so did the stock market. Coincidence? With less people
working/driving and factories running, the demand for oil has dropped. President Trump has
been negotiating with several countries to reduce the total worldwide production. You can’t just
turn off the faucet, it takes time to wind down production. Yesterday for the first time in US
history production exceeded demand. No one wanted oil, thus the price goes negative. Wait I
just told you that the faucet is still on, and it will take some time to turn it off. Companies now
have oil they need to get rid of. These companies are now paying the US government to take it
off their hands. Yes, we are getting the National reserves filled up, and the US treasury is
getting paid to take it off their hands. Wow that is weird, but it works in our favor. At some time
in the future the demand will go back up. Just as shutting down production takes time, ramping
back up takes time. So where is that oil demand going to come from? The US National
reserves. So the US is still in a position to be oil independent. How does this affect the petrodollar
since the world revolves on the petro-dollar and the US Dollar is still the reserve
currency? America first, then we start taking care of the world again. Sounds cruel, but in the
past the US has taken care of all the other countries while ours went into the toilet. Look how
bad our infrastructure is, look how many dollars that were tagged for infrastructure were illegally
stolen and redirected. Several costal states come to mind. Bridges and trains to no where ring
any bells. Dams and roads failing?
So the US has enough oil, Prices will rebound, and in the near future the US will own the oil
market. Wow lots of changes for the benefit of America First.
What about food? First let me assure you there is enough food for the US citizens. It is the
delivery mechanism that is currently broken and being modified. Also some evil governors are
prohibiting certain production of food types; yes this is another power grab by power hungry
people. Remember if they can control the food, they think they can control you! To them, food
isn’t important it’s just another weapon to use against you! During WWII a very young boy tells a
story. They had very little to eat. A stranger knocked on the door and asked for a meal. His
father brought the stranger in and fed him the last of the family food, potatoes. The stranger left
and now the family had nothing. The next day the boy’s father felt led by God to go to a certain
location near their home. He found a partially demolished warehouse. Inside he found a truck,
and on that truck he found potatoes, lots and lots of them. The family now had enough food
(potatoes) for themselves and many others for several months. God’s resources are limitless.
We never know how or when He will show up.
Due to a broken distribution system here are some sickening facts: 1 chicken egg farmer is
destroying 750,000 eggs a week, millions of gallons of milk are being dumped each week,
thousands of pounds of beef are waiting to be slaughtered, tons of onions and potatoes are
being turned back into the soil. How do we fix it? Well control of the oil is a start, because now
the US can set the price, and can set the production schedule for total output. There are also
contracts in place for oil purchases, these contracts called futures must be adhered to, or
companies incur steep charges. So the oil will start being used over time. I know I was talking
about food, I didn’t get off track. There are already procedures in place to help fix the distribution
system. Food is being packaged for grocery stores vs large commercial use. Add to this that as
we go back to work, and restaurants open, farmers will be able to once again deliver their
products to their normal customers. Subsidies to farmers will help during this supply and
demand balancing. Truckers are taking various routes to aid in equal distribution. Thank God for
our truckers! Men and Women who are literally moving mountains, and working many hours to
keep us supplied. With restaurants and truck stops being closed and food only available via
drive thru, many truckers can’t get their big rigs into takeout places. Some cities have set up a
way for truckers to park and then order/pay while people volunteer to bring food from the fast
food place to the trucker. Consider helping these mountain movers out. For the NYC cops that
issued tickets to truckers for parking to get some rest, you should be ashamed of yourself. I’m
surprised someone hasn’t pulled your badge, but then there are all those corrupt cops that spoil
it for the good Law Enforcement Officers.
Back to oilE I know all the financial idiots on Wall Street, the same ones that claim there is no
tie between oil and the stock market are losing their minds, yelling and screaming the sky is
falling, the sky is falling, the sky is falling. Well maybe if Dorothy’s house comes crashing down,
that would be true. The evil powerful people in the world are fighting against We the People of
the United States of America, and I honestly believe we are winning. So the US has control of
the oil, control of the food, The US treasury is gaining control of the US economy, and maybe
the world economy. We have taken a defensive posture with military forces to protect our land
from attack, just in case some other power grabbing group or country wants to try to take
advantage of us. There is great hope that as the Virus passes we will emerge a much stronger
and much better run country. Together in unity we can overcome all the evil that is against us.
What else is a major obstacle to making the United States successful again? Stop foreign
invasion, forign occupation, foreign insertion. All of these have quietly been going on for years.
Last night President Trump announced that he was closing the boarder to all immigration. Wow,
this is huge. While we are rebuilding from the Virus and putting people back to work, foreigners
can’t come in and steal our jobs. I had someone complain about the fact they are working the
same amount of hours at half pay. I said you should be happy you are working. There are
millions of Americans who are not working, they may not know where their next meal is coming
from, and they may experience heavy financial losses. Some people will have no job or
business to go back to. It is sad, but I honestly believe that after we overcome these giant
mountains together, there will be great hope. It is just during the steep climb we lose site of the
hope that is within reach.
I know for certain my hope lies in heaven for eternity. The rest of all that is going on here on
earth is just a few speed bumps along the way. I’m right here with all of you.
I look up to the mountains; does my strength come from mountains? No, my strength comes
from God, who made heaven, and earth, and the mountains. He won’t let you stumble. Jesus
says “I know them, and they follow me. I give them real and eternal life. They are protected from
the Destroyer for good. No one can steal them from out of my hand.”
Do you know you have the protection of Jesus from the Destroyer? Ask Jesus to forgive your
faults, ask him to be your protector and provider for all eternity. Find Peace amidst all the turmoil
on earth.
Let me pray with you,
Lord Jesus thank you for paying for out faults, for protecting us from those who can destroy us
for all eternity Thank for giving us food, shelter, family and friends on earth that help us and
give us hope. May we focus on your abundant resources and see your hand working in our
lives. May the evil people around us be found out, may their evil deeds be placed out in the
open for all to see. Bring us fair and righteous leaders who care more about people than they do
about their personal agenda. Teach us to work with each other, to support each other in unity
and to love one another as you have loved us.
This day is the beginning of new life for all of us. Life is precious. It doesn’t matter if we are 2 or
100 each of us is unique and precious to you. May we be a blessing to you as you have offered
to be a blessing to us. In Jesus Name amen.




Oil Surplus and Violation of Your Rights 014
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