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Listen my children and you shall hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere. One if by land and two if by sea famous poem  by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The famous ride of Paul Revere April 18 1775. So once again as we fight this invisible enemy we may hear those words. The battle is real, the battle has been raging for a very long time, but I’m expecting victory very soon. I already mentioned that the Virus was a false flag, designed to physically weaken us, to kill our hope, and an attempt to cause violent civil war against our government due to the economic crash that we are experiencing. Violence isn’t the answer, as peaceful protest all across the nation have resulted in evil rulers changing their minds.

Power to protect and power to provide. In our story we saw the evil ruler get hit with 10 plagues, frogs, bloody water, flies, gnats, darkness, locust, and finally death of all first born humans and animals. God’s people were not affected, only the evil rulers’. The evil ruler said go get out of here! Go worship your God. So God’s people left and headed towards the Red Sea. They set up camp along the sea. Meanwhile the evil ruler said “What have I done, letting our slave labor, go free?” I’ve allowed my entire work force of slaves, all 1.5 million of them, to leave. He told his army to go after them and bring them back. God’s people saw the massive army approaching and again complained “Weren’t the cemeteries large enough in Egypt so that you had to take us out here in the wilderness to die? God in his love protected the people. The pillar of cloud that had been leading the people shifted between God’s people and the approaching army. God’s side was full of light, while the evil ruler’s side was complete darkness. Again a very distinct separation between God’s people and the evil army. Meanwhile the waters of the Red Sea had parted and God’s people were able to march across on dry land. When the evil ruler’s army entered the dry land, it turned to mud. The chariots and horses got stuck. When the last of God’s people had safely crossed to the other side, God suddenly dumped the waters back over them. God had guided them by the pillar; he had protected his people by the separation of light and darkness. Finally God had destroyed the enemies of his people by drowning them in the Red Sea. God’s people were now safely on the other side to begin a 21 day journey to the Promised Land. However, God’s people revolted against God and that journey caused them to wander for 40 years in the desert. During that 40 years of wandering God protected them, gave them water, and fed them every single day. That is the equivalent of providing for The entire population of  New Hampshire every single day for 40 years! That is a lot of provision, a lot of water, and a lot of food. So the love and power of God is more than able to provide for us today.  God’s resources are never exhausted. The Virus has changed how we view the world. What is really important? Eternal life at peace in heaven, eternal protection, and eternal provision are three that come to mind. Then you can add family, friends and freedom here on earth.

Many of you live in states that have been put under very strict orders. Evil will always be dealt with. Sometimes not as quickly as we would like it to be. Some states are starting to open up under controlled circumstances. Since the release of the Virus we have had more than ample time to determine how it is spread, what kills it on the surface, how long to mature, when is it contagious. Unfortunately most of those smart Dr.s have been told to withhold their research, and the MSM has been lying all about it. There are still evil people/organizations like the WHO that are attempting to control the flow of information. Eventually we will know the answers, meanwhile avoid letting fear influence smart decisions.

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Will you trust that God is still in control? That He knows exactly what is going on with the Virus, CERN, and all the other evil things in the world. Just as 1.5 million people had to receive food from God every single day for 40 years, we have to receive peace from God every single day. If God gave us Peace on Earth forever, then We might forget where that Peace comes from. There will be a day of
Peace on Earth forever, just not today.

There are some really weird things going on in the financial market. I’m no financial Guru, but the weird worldwide behavior tells me we are in for some big changes. I hope I’m right and the next wave of financial changes will benefit the citizens of the United States of America.

My friend asked “Why would God choose to bless us when we have been so evil? “That is an excellent question, and I can’t speak for God, so I’d rather hope for a blessing and the best possible outcome vs dwell on all the negative outcomes. Either way, we will know when the time is right.

Here are some of the indicators. Interest rates from Federal Reserve almost 0, President Trump has been asking for this for 3 years.  Loans, loans and more loans… haven’t ever seen this behavior before. The Federal Reserve appears to now be controlled by the US treasury, which would be the first time since 1913 that the US government took back the illegal control that the Federal Reserve had. The amount of money in the US treasury is going up. That is the weirdest of all. When I’m not receiving an income, I still have expenses, my bank account goes down. BUT the US Treasury accounts keep going up, and none of us are paying taxes right now, plus the economy is declining. I wish my bank account would go up while not receiving an income. It isn’t just  up a little bit, but a significant jump. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) is also behaving very strange. They are closely tied to the Dederal Reserve.

So what is my take looking at the muddied waters, and strange behavior? The US treasury is using the assets of the Federal Reserve a private illegal bank since 1913, to buy back its IOUs. The US is buying back its debt. Smart money people buy back their debt when they get the chance. The picture is much deeper, but wait 6 months  to find out what actually happens. If by chance we suddenly have dollars that say US Treasury Note, instead of Federal Reserve Note, you will know that the plan is working as it should. God says owe no man a debt, except the debt to love one another. After all the things of this world will soon pass away, as the Virus has shown they can be gone in an instant. Loving each other, forgiving each other and helping each other is about all we have left.

President Trump has asked us to listen to our leaders, governors, mayors on re-opening the country and getting the economy back on track. It doesn’t matter if you like him or not, I’m going to encourage you to follow their guidelines for another 30 days. Some states will be back sooner, some might have to be persuaded in a nonviolent way to open up the state.  We shall see who is working for We The People, and who is on a power grab.

So did God stop his protection of his people after they entered the Promised Land? There are actually many occasions where God protected or provided for His people. Here is just one example “Then the Angel of God arrived and struck the Assyrian camp—185,000 Assyrians died. By the time the sun came up, they were all dead—an army of corpses!” God’s people didn’t lift a finger, they were delivered by God. Another story talks about the enemy destroying itself, the list of God’s provision and protection is lengthy.

Jesus was threatened, but his time to die had not yet arrived “When they heard this, they picked up rocks to stone him, but Jesus concealed himself as he passed through the crowd and went away from there.” So God protects his children even today. God also provides the things you need to survive. God may not give you things you want, but He does provide the things you need.

I dislike shopping for shoes. I had worn my work shoes out both on top and on the bottom. One day I was working for a client who happened to have just closed up his business and retired. He had owned an athletic shoe store. He saw my worn out shoes and said I think I have something for you. He walked to his truck and pulled out a brand new pair of really nice shoes, just my size, right color, and even the sole that was needed for my work. He gave them to me. OK they weren’t a pair of $300 shoes, but they were still around $100. Just what I needed, when I needed them. So God continues to provide and protect, have you seen God’s hand in your life lately? If you haven’t, maybe it is time to stop and look for it.

There are some other bizarre things going on. Remember the MSM isn’t going to tell you, so we have to use our God given brain and figure it out. There is a 75 minute video on SnobTube that tells you all about the MSM, how it is controlled, how it is influenced, and how it has tried to brainwash you. It hit
8 million views in 8 days, which tells you how quickly it is spreading. I’m surprised SnobTube hasn’t taken it down yet, but it is also on at least 4 other platforms. So it has had way more than 8 million views. The name is Out of Shadows, Out of Shadows, there is no THE in the middle.  Search SnobTube and watch it before it is censored and removed. After watching it, you will understand why we at
Truth vs Lies are so upset at the MSM. Soon we will be adding these kinds of links to our web site WorshipRadioInternational .com  If you can’t find the video email me to news@worshipradiointernational .com

Last week I asked my friends if they knew of any significance of the fact that all 50 states were under a State of Emergency. I just sensed something else was going on, as certain leader’s behaviors started changing. I see a lot of leaders that are snakes, and once a snake always a snake unless redeemed and changed by Jesus. They were trying to be kind and friendly… or at least not visually stabbing people in the back. So the following information was copied form the research of others. I have not taken the time to verify it, maybe someone who likes this kind of thing can reply back. It looks accurate, but you can’t believe everything you see on the Internet. Email to news @ worship radio international.com

First the Federal Reserve merging with the US treasury, which theoretically puts President Donald Trump in charge of the Federal Reserve.  This would explain their change of behavior to support the people, instead of steal from them. It also explains the increase in the US treasury accounts, and the strange behavior of the IMF. There is reasonable evidence that this is true. The full outcome of all this is yet to be determined.

Next: Some people call April 10, 2020 DJT day.
April is the 4th month or letter D in alphabet; 10 = letter J; and 20= letter T.

Now here is the info gathered from several other sources. Use your brain to verify it.
What BIG thing happened on 4/10/20? Did you miss it?
It was the day Donald J. Trump became the most powerful president in U.S. history. If this is all true, The United States of America just jumped leaps and bounds forward. If we get our economy back on track before the rest of the world, we will own much of the foreign trade.

Last Friday, 4/10/20 (Good Friday), Wyoming became the 50th and last state to issue a State of Emergency declaration due to the Chinese virus. (The first state to do so was Washington State, on Monday March 2.) This is the first time in American history that EVERY U.S. State… and Territory has been under a State of Emergency declaration simultaneously.
What does this mean? Yes, the question I searched for and never found the exact answer. Thus I’m giving you what I found out.

During this unique National Emergency, the authority of the President of the U.S. is unquestionably absolute, meaning that his authority is expanded beyond normal boundaries. Normally this kind of power would scare me. We have fought too many wars to give a single individual or small group of people this kind of power. That much power in the hands of the wrong people is extremely dangerous. However, as much as I dislike violence, the 2nd amendment (which the governor of VA is trying to abolish) is there to protect against evil government takeovers and control. Do I explicitly trust President Trump with all this power? NO WAY! But for now I’m taking a lets watch and see approach. So far he has not abused his power against We The People.

What does the President now have control over?

(1) He can regulate all commerce and business transactions (National Defense Production Act), e.g. — he can order GM to make ventilators. Sometimes referred to as the “P” act

(2) He can regulate ALL finances in the U.S., including all international transactions (Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917) – add to this the control of the Federal Reserve, DJT controls the US banking system, which is closely tied to the world banking system.

(3) He can take control of ALL MEDIA IN THE U.S. (Communications Act of 1934). He can establish the Office of Telecommunications Management which… oversees all media and telecommunications. President Kennedy did this through Executive Order 10995 in 1962 – That would be He can tell the MSM what they can and cannot say. He can shut them down, or have only his story told.

(4) He can capture ALL manpower and resources (Kennedy Executive Orders 10997, 10999, 11000, 11001, 11002, 11003, 11004, and 11005) Put in coordination with the P act he can control what is made and where. Bring manufacturing back to the US

(5) He can deploy the U.S. Military within the U.S. – like the 1 million troops he has called up

(6) He can suspend the U.S. government – like he has threatened to suspend both houses of congress for not doing their job, and falsely using the Congress in Recession section of the constitution

Sometimes people ask, “Why is President Trump waiting and waiting and waiting to drain the swamp?“ The reason is that he needed all 50 states under emergency powers to have full control. Now he can even bypass Congress.

The President’s hands are no longer tied and he now has full authority to complete the enormous task of draining the swamp!! For the time being I’m going to trust him to use that power wisely.

Wow that is a lot of power, good thing I know a God that will protect me from abuse of that power.

As I said I didn’t verify, but I challenge you to research it and if wrong, email me at news@worshipradiointernational .com and I’ll look at your data.

Only God knows the future. Only you know your relationship with God. Do you know him personally? Have you accepted Jesus as payment for your evil deeds. Maybe you are not like some evil rulers and you don’t participate in Satanic rituals, but any evil is an abomination to God. There are some evil rulers and evil people who will one day face the judgment for their evil, either in this world or the next. Are you following the ice cream lady, the nipple pierced, the dictator, the WHO, or the gun grabber down the path of evil? You think they are going to provide you with provision and protection?

There is only one who has the POWER to provide, protect and forgive. That is Jesus Christ. Choose wisely, who you follow and how you end eternity. For you never know whether it will be one if by land, or 2 if by sea when your time has come. Your days are all numbered in the eyes of God. For all the other nonsense this Virus showed us, is that we never know when our day is up.

In all this madness, you can have hope.

Let me pray for you

Lord Jesus, we know that you are the provider and protector. That you know our individual needs. That you understand exactly how to give us peace and take away the fear. We thank you that you really are the hope for each individual and for the world. We thank you that you lovingly draw each of us to your truth, that you know when our time is up, and tha you are in control. We thank you that you have already shown us many of the evil people in the world, we can avoid following them down the wrong path. Give us all wisdom to find you and your peace each and every day. We thank you for paying for our evil deeds, and giving us eternal life in heaven. Thank you most of all for your provison and protection that arrives just when we need it most. May you continue to fight for us and destroy the evil all around us. In Jesus name amen

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Power Protection 013
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