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Power! Pure, infinite Power! Power beyond what you can comprehend! Power to heal, power to provide, power to control nature, power to create and destroy. Isn’t that the kind of power everyone wants? Well this ultimate power belongs only to God! Yet thru the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, He passes that power on to us! Where there is true power, there is also the false or fake power tying to imitate the power of God. Many evil people fall into this trap and associate themselves with this fake and evil counterfeit. God warns the people in power, both evil rulers and evil religious false leaders “Great sorrow awaits you religious leaders and evil rulers—frauds and pretenders! For you are obsessed with peripheral issues, like insisting on paying meticulous donations on the smallest herbs that grow in your gardens.[m] These matters are fine, yet you ignore the most important duty of all: to walk in the love of God, to display mercy to others, and to live with integrity.[n] Readjust your values and place first things first. 24 What blind guides! Nitpickers! You will spoon out a gnat from your drink, yet at the same time you’ve gulped down a camel without realizing it!

Time passes, but the striving for power has been since before time began. Satan wanted to be God, wanted to be in charge. So Satan challenged God along with 1/3 of all the other Angels. Satan lost, and God won. God always wins.

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There are some really evil leaders today. The human part of me wants to see them destroyed. I never promote violence, and God says pray for your enemies, pray for those who persecute you. Wow that is a really hard thing to do, my pride and self-righteousness gets in the way. I want justice and I want it now! Believing God over my own emotions, I’ll pray for all these evil people, I’ll pray that God uses whatever He needs to use in order to bring them to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. No matter how bad their lives may get, or how much pain they may go thru I’m leaving it in God’s hands. God says “vengeance belongs to Him” and I’ve learned that only He is qualified to judge any of us, only He has all the facts, only He is righteous enough to make the correct judgment.

That’s really hard when evil people are all around us. Evil prevails when good men and women do nothing. So does praying for these people actually do any good? Well in our story, Moses prayed that the plagues would be lifted; God answered his prayer and removed the bloody waters, the frogs, the flies, the gnats, and the darkness! Yes God heard and answered Moses prayers and all 9 of the plagues were lifted. God’s precision on judgment was so accurate that God’s people and livestock were not harmed, but the first born of the evil ruler’s people and livestock all died. God could simply say the word and the Corona Virus would be gone. That is the power I’m talking about, no drugs, no special bad injections, just the Word of God has enough power to heal the world. God often allows evil to run its course so that people can reach a point of repentance, accept Jesus as payment, and live in the resurrected power we were given when Jesus rose from the dead.

So some evil rulers are more puppets then rulers. They want power, control and money so they sell their soul to get it. A puppet does what the puppet master wants, or that power is cut off. Some of these evil rulers worship Satan directly, including participating in all the satanic rituals which demand human sacrifice. So that they get the counterfeit power, and they use that evil power to try to control us. Human sacrifice by evil people has been around for over 2500 years, it has simply changed how acceptable or unacceptable it is in society. Sometimes it is forced to go underground; sometimes it is in the open. It has always been an abomination to God. I’m repulsed that people actually do this to another human being. You think it is hard for you to listen? I know too much, I’ve seen too much, and It is one of the most difficult topics to share. I hope that by me doing the research the truth will be exposed without ever having for you to know or experience how bad it really is. Veterans that are in battle often express that what they have experienced, no human should ever have to see. People die all the time from, disease, war, famine, accidents and old age, but to simply take another person’s life because of Satanic ritual is absolutely disgusting. Some of you just tuned me out, Sorry the truth isn’t always roses and I’m not one to sugar coat things. Trust me you don’t want to research this topic. Why would a loving God allow this? God gave us the freedom of choice. This is one of the most important gifts He gave us. We are not puppets, we can choose. The point is that you should know that this is a worldwide problem. The truth will set you free, and awareness of the evil that surrounds you allows you to see the truth and avoid evil. It allows you to do something about it, even if that is praying against it. God talks often about praying against evil and reminds us the battle is not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual forces! We really are fighting an invisible war.

So some of the governors across the United States are receiving their evil power by being puppets and receive their fake power from satanic worship. Kim Cartrel said “they are trying to put a witch in the white house” He was right. So the bad guys and girls didn’t manage to put one in the white house, but they did manage to put witches and warlocks in all levels of government, even some governors.

Someone sent me a picture of half brain and half whit sitting next to each other. I asked what would our country be like if these 2 which are most likely the democratic candidates for president and vice president, ended up ruling our country? Well at first it made me want to puke, and then I realized history would repeat itself. 2500 years ago Israel had evil rulers that promoted and did evil in the eyes of God. The country went from a prosperous nation to a war torn dictatorship. This culture openly sacrificed humans to false gods. To make matters worse I know that half brain and half whit would be puppets to GS, who stated “I want to destroy the US” we would be headed for destruction, in a constant state of war, under a full controlled police state and become worse than Venezuela.

Half whit has a poor track record. As prosecuting attorney serious charges against another powerful person were never filed. So the victim never saw any justice. Now as governor, Drs in the state were denied hydroxy clori qwin to fight the Coroana Virus. How many people died while this fake power was illegally put over us? Some people are more concerned about political career then people dying. Hopefully some smart lawyers follow up and file suit. Most of you are not working, so you’re not getting paid, so now would be a good time to remember the little guy and fight for justice.

Half Whit then went on to shut down the state, all in the pretense of slowing the spread. That is great, and I believe in social distancing to help stop the spread. But telling people they can’t work. That is close to a police state. Some guy in the middle of nowhere who may see 2 people a week suddenly can’t work. How does that help stop the spread? Global laws simply show that leaders don’t think for themselves, but are puppets to someone else. So the same GS who owns the voting machines, and the biolab in Wuhan China, and wants to destroy the US owns Half Whit. Yes, he is governor half whit’s puppet master and GS wants to destroy the economy, the US and all we stand for. He wants to be “king of the Mountain” Another evil person I pray is removed from our midst by divine intervention.

Half whit wasn’t finished, more strings got pulled. Half whit now says that a person on a boat is disobeying the stay at home mandate. One step away from dictatorship. Sometimes I’m geographically challenged, but last time I checked several of the Great Lakes share an international border with Canada. So that makes those lakes Federally Controlled waters. Who controls those waters? The United States Coast Guard. So once again half whit is trying to overrule federal law with state law. Check the constitution, Federal law always Trumps state law. So a single boater is 500ft from shore and most likely 100s of ft or miles from the next boater. How does this help slow the spread? There is no ryme of reason to some of our leaders decisions, except a power grab. I’m sorry I almost forgot they want power, control and your money. It always comes back to those three things.

So a friend of mine lives on a boat. He has no other home. So now does that mean he can’t go home because he is in violation of half Whit’s orders? Good question for one of you lawyers. So how are these bizarre laws going to be enforced? Well the sheriff’s department could, or the State police, but usually they are only concerned about boaters near shore. So on federally controlled waters the main enforcer is the United States Coast Guard. I can tell you for a fact they are guarding our northern boarder, they have no desire or interest in trying to enforce a state law that goes against a federal law. That in of itself is against the oath they took, and causes other conflict of interest. OK calling on all you lawyers to speak up, file suit, start tearing down the fake and counterfeit power that half whit thinks they have. The lawyers in NYC have filed suit against their governor, are you going to let them be the only ones fighting.

In the latest round of senseless laws… half whit now says it is illegal to buy an American flag. Talk about being anti United States and none patriotic in a time when we need to be unified. Sounds like another law suit. So maybe we should send half whit as our personal support for bad leadership 5000 American flags, attach a note that says this flag is being donated to the State. As a donation it is not allowed to leave the state, it cannot be destroyed, it cannot be sold. As an asset of the state it must be cataloged and documented on the state books and an accurate record of it’s location must be identifiable at all times. Some lawyer can send me a template letter and I’ll send it out to anyone who wants to participate. The laws against destroying the United States Flag are stiffer then the laws against destroying the US constitution. Oh that’s right our previous federal administration destroyed most of the US constitution, or at least made a major attempt at desimating our rights. Fortunately the constitution has survived for a very long time and some people still believe it is the law of the land written for WE the People. Yep many evil leaders forget that we the people are the ones they work for, and simply respond to the puppet master’s pull on their strings. The thing about being a puppet is that

when the puppet master gets tired of you, they simply toss you aside and play with someone else. So all that counterfeit power you thought you had suddenly disappears.

I had an evil boss once. He thought he was in charge. I suffered under his evil dictatorship for 2 years. I prayed a lot. Suddenly he was brought down from power, he became a nobody. How did this happen? Well no one in the organization wanted to challenge him. We knew he was dirty and running two sets of books even though this was a huge corporation with lots of checks and balances. We were all young and needed our job. Jobs were scarce so was it worth risking ours to fight corruption? Today no one is working so maybe there is less risk going after these false power hungry leaders. The downfall of my boas was simple. His mistress/secretary accidentally left a fake document on the copy machine that was turned into the appropriate people. The irony over the entire thing was that it was a fake document for a parking pass. A lousy parking spot! So this lead to a full blown investigation and the second set of books was uncovered, and he was history. The power of God acts and works in strange and mysterious ways. There are hundreds of stories both in the Bible and more recently about how God used his infinite power to destroy evil. God’s power and justice goes beyond our understanding.

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So what happens if half whit and these other evil rulers of our country don’t change their ways? Same thing that happens to all evil. God wins. There is no getting around the Judgment they will face when they die. They are either in the book of life, and go to heaven, or they are doomed for all eternity to torment in Hell. Think I’m kidding? Well are you willing to risk eternity in Hell to not at least use your God given brain to investigate it? Many evil rulers and sometimes ordinary not so evil people are willing to risk eternal damnation just because they are too stubborn to listen to God’s message, to acknowledge God’s power, his love and his forgiveness. Don’t fall into the parking pass trap and lose your chance to know God and the infinite power that comes to us from the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

His dying on the cross was the Pass Over for our faults, payment in full so we could spend a loving life in heaven. His resurrection completed the process s to allow Jesus to instill power into our lives. We must believe, and allow God to intervene. God the father says to Jesus “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.” The right hand has always been a symbol of power. Jesus says to us “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” But what authority does Jesus have to give us this power? Then Jesus came close to them and said, “All the authority of the universe has been given to me.

Wow that is a lot of authority, a lot of power! I’m thankful that Jesus who has this power and authority is trustworthy and just, He is fair and knows how to use it. He never abuses it. My life is secure in heaven!

So what would it take for you to sell out your brother, sister, family, city, state or country? Can you be bought, no matter how many people are hurt in the process? There is a Dr. on the Federal Virus Team who may have sold us all out. Apparently he may have a 100 million dollar Microsoft problem to explain. Details still being released so it is unconfirmed, but still interesting. I’m going to use my God given brain to research and figure out before I make wild accusations. Time will tell how deep these evil people

have gone. We will find out the truth. Did they commit treason against the United States? Treason is still punishable by death. That would be earthly justice, but they still have to face God’s judgment. Just the other day the US Supreme court upheld that the death penalty was still legal. 2500 years ago the laws allowed death by hanging, stoning, and various other methods. I don’t believe in violence, but I also know that WE the PEOPLE have a few ways to change our circumstances: Peaceful protest, petitions, using the full power of the law in the courts, and voting. People who have accepted Jesus as lord and savior have a hidden power against all these invisible enemies. A power that exceeds all the ones I mentioned. Prayer! Yes, my friends prayer works. You can believe all you want that there is one true God, that’s wonderful! But even the demons know this and tremble with fear before Jesus yet they’re unchanged—they remain demons. The demons know the power of God and flee. They are doomed to eternal damnation, they have no redemption. Knowing about God and his power and accepting God into your life are two different things. Don’t be like the demons that know and tremble.

All of us have faults, little bits of evil in us. All of us are separated from God, and will spend eternal damnation in Hell with the demons. You think the Virus is bad! You have no idea how bad spending eternity with the demons will be. They will torment you forever. So what is the solution? How do I earn my ticket to heaven? There is no way to earn your trip to heaven, but God in his infinite power and love provided a free gift to pay for your ticket to heaven. I know that sounds strange that we don’t have to work or earn our way. Working and earning is Satan deceiving you, the free gift from God is God’s way. Acknowledge that you have done wrong in the eyes of man and the eyes of God. Accept that you need someone more powerful to pay the debt of your evil deeds. Accept that debt was paid by Jesus Christ on the cross so that you will be passed over during final judgment. Accept Jesus as the good ruler of your life, turn from your evil ways. Accept God’s eternal gift of peace on earth and for all eternity.

Let me pray for you

Lord Jesus, I am thankful for your death and resurrection. Thankful for the power you have over people, places, events, sickness and this virus. We know you are able to destroy this evil virus by simply saying the word. I pray for those who have lost loved ones, comfort them. I pray for those that are suffering bring healing and hope to them quickly. I pray for a speedy recovery to the economy, May people take this time to grow closer to each other and closer to you. May people learn to work in unity. I pray that you would vindicate us and quickly take care of our enemies. God, you have to do something! Don’t be silent and just sit idly by. Can’t you see what they’re doing? All your enemies are stirred up in an uproar! They despise you, Lord. In their defiant arrogance they rise up to host their secret council against your people. They conspire together to come and harm your cherished ones—your hidden ones.

May divine peace fill your hearts and may the power of the resurrected Jesus free you and fill you with hope and love to overcome. In Jesus Name I pray Amen

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Power – Infinite Power 011
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