Good Friday 010


“Crucify him!” “Crucify him!” What’s that all about? The evil rulers and the false religious leaders were inciting the crowd to ask for Barabbas to be freed and to have Jesus killed. Yes, sometimes those in power give bad leadership to the people. They often are the ones that are screaming the loudest, just like little children that scream when they don’t get their way.

We have been lied to by City officials, State officials, Governors, CDC, Drs and the MSM. Nothing new under the sun, they want power, control and your money. Some of those people you trust the most have lied to you and mislead you. Why did evil Governors deny access to their state for
Hydroxy chlori qwin and allow people to die when they knew it could save lives? Some of our evil rulers are screaming “Crucify You!” they really don’t care about the people they serve, they just want to get more control, more poser, and more money.

It all boils down to power. They want to change the voting system. They couldn’t win by manipulating the GS owned voting machines, so now they want to instill a corrupt electronic voting system all so they can manipulate the results to win the election. Yes, one of the hidden agendas behind all this death and the Virus is to own the election system. They can then mold the election to their benefit. No longer what the people want, but what the evil rulers in power want. With social security numbers from dead people, illegal aliens, they can electronically vote. Sold under the guise of convenience and security. That is one of the biggest lies I’ve ever heard. They can’t keep your bank records, credit cards, or personal information secure and now they want to implement a less secure voting system. They scare you to keep you inside, then they offer the convince of voting from home to stay safe. Meanwhile they are turning our country into another Venezuela, or Italy. Yes, even Italy has been corrupt and sold out to China starting around 2015.

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All of you have recently lived under a mini police state. Your freedoms have been taken away. Stay inside, don’t socialize, businesses closed, roadside checkpoints, I think you know what I’m talking to. Do you really believe that the bad people who are implementing extreme measures in your state are going to provide a fair electronic voting system? Corruption around the world is rampant, and the big bad guys like BG and GS along with CCP don’t want to give you any liberties. They know that by keeping you in FEAR they can control you, they can manipulate you into doing what they want. Just the other day one of the MSM TV stations was again caught using fake footage to instill fear into the population.

Here is a how it works. Having produced video on national television, I know firsthand how the MSM lies to you. If the camera is pointed at a group or people having fun, that is what you see, that is what you believe. Meanwhile behind the camera there could be a war going on, but since the camera doesn’t show that all you see is the people having fun. In the case of the MSM they would have the camera pointed at the war! So what the camera sees becomes the news. Add the right music and sound effects with a hysterical hyped up reporter and the MSM can take the calmest of days and turn it into a day of fear. They feed you this garbage all day long on all the stations that are owned by 6 corporations. None of it real! This is exactly what is transpiring. They are feeding you FEAR, FEAR, and more FEAR.

Take the empty hospitals for example, the MSM says they are overwhelmed, while in reality they are empty. What the camera and MSM show you becomes reality. OK, I’ve been tracking hospitals. Some are packed, some are still empty. So there is some truth to hot spots, but I’m still hearing about more empty hospitals then full ones. Obviously the 2.2 million US deaths they predicted was to scare you. Current 427,460 cases , deaths 14,696 = .034 % of people who catch it die from it. Up from .02% a few days ago. We also know that they are classifying none Corona Virus deaths as corona deaths, which just skews the numbers again a big lie causing us to not believe a word they say. Nurse says: He flew thru the windshield, was trampled over by a herd of cows, and then run over by a tractor.” Dr replies Corona Virus death. OK maybe that is a little extreme, but that is what is happening in real life. Places like Italy have another couple of diseases that are severe, but are all counted as Corona. NYC has been falsely reporting since the beginning and the Dr in charge of the math models was paid by Bad Guy BG to put in false data. I’m just telling you that there are very few people you can trust, But God is still in control, He knows exactly what is going on. I trust Him!

Many of you are feeling frustrated, anxious and without hope. I know that God gives us hope. I certainly don’t have all the answers; in fact from a scientific point of view I have way more questions than the scientist are providing answers. So how do we get thru this? Prayer works, it can give you peace. We know we can’t trust our leaders, but for the short next few weeks I’m still allowing President Trump the freedom to do what I believe is a bigger plan. I’ll listen to his guidance, all the time questioning everything. Yes, I said Allow, like I can influence President Trump… well actually all of us influence President Trump’s direction. He still makes his own decision, but I know he is listening to We the People. Over the last 3 years, I have seen him change direction or strategy after “hearing” from We the People.

After all God gave me a brain to be a unique individual creation of God, not someone’s slave. When I express my thoughts using the brain God gave me, I never know who might be influenced. I always express myself in a non violent way, and I know I’ve actually seen results of influence on Admirals, General, and VPs of major corporations. When we are united, putting aside race, religion, color, gender we have way more influence then we may ever realize.

How did this terrible virus develop? In 2014 the DHS shut down research on this virus at the University of North Carolina deeming it too dangerous to continue. The Chinese Dr from China packed up all the research and took it to Wuhan China, where she continued the work. Remember the Chinese government can get their people to do anything simply by threating death for non-compliance. So in Oct 2019 it was released, allowed to grow and multiply. In Dec 2019 Wuhan made an announcement that in a few days the city of 15 million would be locked down. People left Wuhan in droves, traveling all across the globe, taking the virus with them.

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China has infiltrated and taken over much of Italy. They are attempting to do the same thing in the US. There are pockets of Chinese people scattered throughout the US. There are some really nice and good people from China, but many of them still work for the Chinese Communist Party. Take the reporter who

lied to President Trump the other day, she works for a company that is wholly owned by China, yet she said she worked for a private company. China’s reach for death crosses bolders. I’m certain that is what she had to say, or risk death.

Sheltering in place is a challenge for many of you, relax do some of those task around the house you never had time for. Read the Bible, pray, and stop trying to figure out what is really going on. I’ve been studying this for decades, I’m still missing large pieces of the puzzle.

What was the death of Jesus all about? Why did the evil rulers insist on killing him? He was innocent. Was there a connection to the previous story of the evil rulers?

Back to our story of snakes, bloody water, frogs, Gnats, flies, plague on evil ruler’s livestock, but not touching the people’s livestock, boils on people and livestock, hail which destroyed everything, but it spared the people , animals, crops and trees in Goshen where God’s people lived. Wait hail in Egypt? That’s really weird, isn’t Egypt mostly desert? So the evil rulers land, crops, animals, and people were mostly destroyed, yet the evil ruler would not listen and refused to let the good people go. So God released the locust, what wasn’t destroyed by the previous plagues, God finished off with the Locust.

Once again the evil ruler would not allow the people to take a short trip. Just like our evil rulers are not allowing us to take short trips. In fact one evil ruler’s wife was found out and about and issued a ticket. Most evil rulers think the law applies to us, but not them. Hopefully that is all changing. In our story the evil ruler and then all his people were subjected to 3 days of darkness, but God’s people could still see. Yes, God can be and often is selective in His punishment. Two people standing next to each other, one can see te other, the other is in total darkness. The power of God is amazing.

Finally the leaders of the people asked to go on a short trip, Of course the evil ruler said NO. So God sent the final plague. ‘About midnight I will go throughout Egypt. 5 Every firstborn son in Egypt will die, from the firstborn son of Pharaoh, who sits on the throne, to the firstborn son of the female slave, who is at her hand mill, and all the firstborn of the cattle as well. 6 There will be loud wailing throughout Egypt— worse than there has ever been or ever will be again.” God’s plagues are very precise, man made viruses run rampant.

God also told his people that he would protect them, but they must follow his directions and slaughter a male lamb or goat. They must then put the blood over the door and on the post. Then the Angel of death would see the blood and “Passover” and skip that house and it would be protected. So God’s people were passed over from this evil plague, while the evil ruler’s people and cattle were killed. The evil rulers yelling “Crucify Him” is all about the continuation of the Passover that started thousands of years ago in Egypt. God didn’t kill his people, but eliminated the evil rulers’ first born. So Jesus becomes the Passover sacrifice. Jesus died in your place, so that you can live eternally. It cost Jesus everything.

OK how does this work? Jesus died 2000 years ago. Just as in the ancient time of God’s people, they needed a substitute so that God would not kill them when he killed the evil ruler’s people. The lamb was the substitute, and the blood on the doorpost was the mark so they would be passed over. We all have done evil of some sort, so we cannot be connected to a Holy and perfect god. We are separated from

Him. So Jesus is the substitute sacrifice, his blood on the cross provides payment for our evil deeds just like the lamb paid for these deeds many years ago. Jesus is the Pass Over, so we are passed over when it comes to death. Man is spirit and body. Our physical body dies, but our spirit lives forever. So Jesus paid for us, allowing us to live eternally in Heaven with him. You must individually accept the free gift , acknowledge that nothing you do on earth can earn your way into Heaven, and that Jesus is payment, and redeemer of your spirit. Celebrate being passed over!

Evil rulers will come and go, they will always try to gain power over you, to control you, and to steal your money. There are even evil rulers that want to steel your soul. You have a choice, eternal life in Heaven with a God who loves you, or eternal damnation in Hell with a being that wants to control, have power and torment your soul.

Here on earth we are being tormented by evil all around us. We have the choice to follow those evil rulers, perpetuate evil, or we can follow good rulers that lead us to a peaceful life. Now no man/woman is good, but some have a better vision for your future then others. Who are you following?

I chose to follow God, accept His Son Jesus as my savior. I know that I am at peace for all eternity. Life isn’t always great, but knowing my future is in heaven I have peace on earth. I carefully follow and listen to some human leaders who I believe have good intentions, but trust only God. President Trump has been on an active campaign not for self-seeking purposes, but for the health and welfare of every American. President Trump has been attacking evil on many fronts, hopefully all of you will discover the truth and what has been happening behind the scenes. The virus is an annoyance compared to the real battle being waged. Great leaders like Moses, King David, Daniel, Solomon were all attempting to do good while fighting evil.

On this day of recognizing that some will be Passed Over, will you be among them? The Virus is nasty, evil, quick, and deadly. It is also being hyped just to spread fear so that the evil people can get more control, more power, and more of your money. In all honesty there are forces of evil, and forces of good. Right now I honestly believe the good guys are winning. In the end God wins, and it doesn’t matter what happens today, as my peace and trust is in Jesus, who is the Prince of Peace.

Let me pray for you

On this day we celebrate the Passover, may each of you find the true meaning and be passed over. May you find peace and strength in this time of struggle. Most of all may you find the saving power and love of Jesus Christ. May the evil people be swiftly brought to justice, and may Godly men and women leaders be put in place. May these leaders guide us away from lies and evil May they guide us in unity and love. in Jesus name Amen

Or sponsor The Zapper wishes all of you a happy Easter weekend, for after the people were Passed Over, they were liberated from the evil rulers. May all of you also find liberty from eternal damnation and find life eternal in Jesus.


Good Friday 010
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