Defensive Posturing 009

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Ok, my friends I’m still here. Today I’m going to tell you some stuff that you may not want to hear. The bad guys don’t want me talking about it, and the good guys are operating under cover, so I don’t want to expose their cover. I have no secret inside source feeding me information, just lots of information and the God given ability to connect the dots. I want to say thank you to those who research material and verify it then send it to me. It saves me time and allows me to focus. Sometimes what is sent to me fills in the missing pieces. No I’m not a prophet, and I don’t have a clear picture of everything that is going on . If I did I would be too frightened to talk about it. If I was that accurate in what I’m presenting I’d be working for some intelligence organization, either voluntarily or by force. There is a lot of really bad stuff going on. I’m not here to frighten you, but to give you hope and peace. True hope and peace only comes from God. So sit back, watch what happens all the while know God is in control relax in His peace.

I promised you that I would talk about step 2 of retaking the country, the financial return to economic stability. While this is super important for basic human survival, and I’m in the same boat as many of you, I think it is more important to go back and talk about who benefits from this false flag? The financial stuff would hopefully give you assurance, but if you don’t survive this immediate threat the future won’t matter.

I think the Virus is a False Flag. What are the bad guys trying to accomplish? Power, control, money. Yep always the same three things. So let’s first look at it from the bad guys perspective. They crash the economy; they cause you to become more enslaved both financially and personally. After all we need money to survive, so we borrow money using whatever we have as collateral (hmes, boats, cars, stocks, etc). They remove our President from office, giving them power to control and do what they want. That gives them the ability to steal more of your money, homes, and other things. You think the 2008 housing bubble and collapse was an accident? How many people lost their homes, a real physical asset, to foreclosure? And who got all those hard assets? The bad guys. Why do you think they call it a bubble? Because it eventually burst! It actually is sickening seeing how they cheated hard working people all over the world out of their homes. OK, I admit, I lost my beautiful home as well. God is still in control and I have learned to be content. Hopefully I can keep some of the stuff that happened to me from happening to others. I didn’t lose anything because I was stupid, but because I fell into their trap! Most traps are invisible, until you are caught and then there is no way out.

The next forced bubble is in the corporation market. Companies also need cash to continue running and to continue growing after this disaster. They can borrow it with interest and pay it back as the economy grows. Who benefits? The bad guys. First they get interest; second if the company fails to pay it back the bad guys take the physical assets of the company. Yep another bubble, designed so that the bad guys win. So this Virus is designed to attack the financial resources of individuals, small business and large corporations. Fear not, I think there is another plan going on behind the scenes. God is always working in ways we don’t understand. Should after this crisis you decide you never want to go thru this financial stress again, then simply take God’s Word to heart and diligently work towards implementing it every day of your life: Don’t run up debts, except for the huge debt of love you owe each other. When you love others, you complete what the law has been after all along. Rom 8:13

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The virus also helps the bad guys implement world population reduction, global ID, and global tracking. This week the world population will reach 7,777,777,777 Do you know that the elite decided many years ago that there should be only 500 million people on the planet? In fact one of the founding statements of one organization says “Maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature.” How can they do this? Virus causes panic. Virus causes people to want a permanent solution. The bad guys like initials BG FORCE you to take the permanent solution against the virus. The bad guys fail to tell you that they decided to include a bunch of other accessories inside the solution. In Africa the permanent solution the bad guys (including the WHO) gave to prevent a different disease caused all the young women to become sterile.

So you because of your fear take the permanent solution and receive the accessory of a permanent chip or mark that completely controls what you can buy or sell, or even what medical treatment they choose to give you.

The Gates Foundation is all about this. They make the test kit, which 50% of the time says you have the Virus. They make the permanent solution with all the added accessories. They want you to have a permanent ID that they can read, and then control.

The founder of Microsoft is behind it all. He even paid for the false model reports that were being used all across the US to hype the problem even worse then what it is. I have a lot of computers which have multiple layers of protection. I still have to be very diligent to avoid getting a virus. So the people who can’t prevent my computer, an inanimate object from getting infected now want to protect my body? I would rather die from the Virus then trust these people to give me a permanent solution inside my body. I know that they plan on including all kinds of accessories along with the permanent solution. Oh and those permanent solutions cost more money than the current solutions, so Big Pharma makes more money in the process. Next week, next year, whenever they decide they need more control, the bad guys release another crisis on the world. Sorry I’m not buying it!

The bad guys use the MSM to instill fear in you, to control you to manipulate you. The MSM is the voice of the bad guys designed to brainwash you into believing the message as true. Remember MB was upset about not being able to tell people what to think. If I’m supposed to be told how to think, Why did God give me a brain? The Bible talks a lot about this plan.

Several years ago Motorola developed a tattoo dye that would use your body as a battery. This dye was so sophisticated that they could tattoo a cell phone on you, and you would have a permanent cell phone for communications. Very convenient. In 2000 while traveling in Europe, our guide said “I have one card for: medical, debit, credit, and ID. It is very convenient. “He had volunteered to join the one source of all his information in the name of convenience. So we already have all the technology, both in chip form and in ink. The new permanent Virus solution will have special markers with identification. Allowing your entire life to be available to anyone with a reader. It will be disguised as the permanent solution to the Virus. Fear causes us to bow to the evil masters faster than anything else. Add convince to the package

and we humans who are basically lazy will jump at the opportunity to solve the problem. You have been warmed.

Alright so the bad guys gain power, control and money.

How can the good guys fight back? Well first we identify it as a false flag. Based on what our President has been doing I think he has identified the problem and is working it to our advantage. I cautiously trust very few people. So I look at the big picture. What key elements are out of place? Paraphrazing our Secretary of State Pompe said “If any of you countries think about attacking us during this time of vulnerability, think twice!” Another General sent a strong message to the drug cartel’s and stated “you will not enter our country” and then he deployed extra forces on our southern boarder: land, air and sea. He isn’t messing around.

President Trump has activated 1 million reservists across all the branches of the Military and the USCG. What is all this about? In addition to these strong statements, and enacting of these forces, President Trump has erected emergency medical equipment all over the US. There has also been a lot of movement of US military equipment in the last 6 months. While the world watches all the MSM Fake News, I’ve been watching this stuff for decades. Patterns out of the ordinary always get my attention. So the other day I noticed several Navy ships out of place. I said to my friend, why are these ships in these strange locations. Not a designated anchorage, not normal, and not their home territory. All this is very strange, what is going on?

Someone recognized the pattern and informed me. The US has taken up a standard defensive posture. The ships out of place are part of the Prepositioning program. There are actually about 50 US Navy ships worldwide that are part of this plan. Each service of the military has a preposition program. It looks like they are all being rolled out. Why would we need to take up a defensive posture? Well it is better to be prepared and not need it, then get caught by a false flag and risk sinking the ship!

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It may look like a police state being rolled out, but there are still too many freedoms to be a police state or martial law. Some governors have pushed the police state to the limit, thinking that they are in power and that they have control. I’m laughing at them, only God has control.

If this was a police state the first thing the government would shut down would be the right to bear arms, as defined in the 2nd amendment. Yet one of the first actions was to guarantee to keep the 2ndamendment active by insisting that gun stores stay open. Hold off on locking and loading, we are not there yet, and violence harms all of us more than helps. The bad guys want a police state, so if they can crash the economy, and instill fear in people, then they can force a police state, force violence, force chaos and eventually control the people and the country.

President Trump keeps talking about an invisible enemy. Yes my friends the war which has been raging for 3 years is coming to a major battle. Stay calm, I believe the good guys are still in control. I ask who is

going to attack us? Well the bad guys don’t care about human life. The good guys do. So we are fighting good vs evil on two fronts.

Is it possible that the world wide evil leaders were attempting a major attack on the US disguised as a virus used to weaken us? Anyone who serves in government or the Military takes an oath: “I solemnly swear to support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies Foreign and Domestic” Notice those last words Foreign, as in people from other countries & Domestic as in those who are US citizens, or reside in the US. Evil knows no boarders and these evil people are a global cancer who attempt to destroy anyone who gets in their way. Unfortunately they have infiltrated everywhere.

So I honestly believe that the US could be fighting some real physical battles against these evil people and evil countries. We have already seen that there are groups that start violence in the streets. China has infiltrated many sections of the US. Long Beach CA is actually described as a beach head with foothold since the Chinese control the port, the airports, the shipping and a few other key components. For all you people who don’t believe me, go do the research. It wasn’t until last year that the lease on the port of Long Beach was transferred away from Chinese control.

The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo in Feb 2020 told the governors in all 50 states that we had been infiltrated by the Chinese, and that many people in their own organizations were working for the Chinese against the governors directly! Wow if that doesn’t scare the socks off you and wake you up, I don’t know what will. One of the most powerful and most informed people about world affairs is telling us to be cautious.

So the false flag is designed to take over the country, yes that is the United States of America I’m talking about. The plan was to try and do it without violence, but the bad guys don’t care how many people get in the way, people to them are expendable. Pure evil these bad guys and girls. The stay inside order is not a police state, it is for your own protection. NO not against the Virus, although it helps control the spread of the Virus This battle is against this invisible enemy President Trump keeps talking about.

President Trump has called their bluff, and has put In place a multi tiered solution to defend against this false flag. “You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass” Admiral Yammoto WWII As much bad blood as there is between Japan and China, both the bad guys on our soil and the Chinese government should head the wise admirals warning.

Friends this is a battle. This battle has the physical aspect, and the spiritual. We see the physical attacks; we often forget there is a spiritual side to this. Yes, the battle in the heavenlies rages between good and evil. We humans have created much of the evil we experience on earth. We often suffer the consequences of the evil we release on ourselves. The Corona Virus is a perfect example. It didn’t occur naturally, it is a Chinese manufactured bio-Weapon. This would be enough to declare war. The bad guys want war with lots and lots of bloodshed. It gives them power. The good guys want to eliminate the bad as quickly as possible with as least amount of bloodshed as possible. Oh, and the word is to boycott 3M and all their products. They make a lot of them, but they put money over the lives of Americans. That is a form of treason in my book. They sold needed medical supplies to the highest bidder, and the winner was not the US. So if you happen to see the 3M logo, just move on and buy one of their competitors’

products. Don’t think your single boycott will make a difference? There is a well-known company in my home state. A few thousand of us were able to severely change their bottom line by simply starting a boycott against them. They are still recovering and we started the boycott 2 years ago.

A very wise and kind man said “there is No political solution to spiritual problems “ Philip Haney former DHS He is now dead! The bad guys eliminated him in the last year. I’m saddened by death. God is still in control. It is hard when you lose someone close to you. It is hard and heart breaking when you lose 6 or 7 people that are close to you in a few weeks. Most of these from the Virus. The Virus can be very deadly. The cures are out there. The permanent cure could be more deadly than the Virus itself.

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In the Bible, an angel was dispatched to give Daniel a message. The Angel tells Daniel that he started on the journey to tell him right away, but was detained 21 days by the evil forces. We are told “Put on the Armor of God” This is no afternoon athletic contest that we’ll walk away from and forget about in a couple of hours. This is for keeps, a life-or-death fight to the finish against the Devil and all his angels.

The cause of this major spiritual battle between good and evil will soon be revealed, and I hate to admit it, but we humans are responsible. The Virus is just a distraction with deadly possibilities brought to us by the evil people in the world. So you can fight in the physical and you can learn to fight in the spiritual. The end prize is your soul. Will you be tormented for all eternity in Hell, or will you spend eternity in heaven. The choice is yours. God sent Jesus to pay the price for any wrong you have committed. Accept the free gift of payment for your debt, accept Jesus as savior, live life for all eternity in heaven. The Virus may be strong, but the love of God is stronger.

This false flag is real, the battles are real, death is real, the evil people infiltrated in all areas of life are real. Some of the people you may have trusted the most are evil, they will betray you. The 2 Dr.s on President Trumps Virus Task force have already proven they are on the side of evil and destruction. In the end I know that God wins, but there is never any battle in the physical without some loss, which also affects the spiritual realm.

The self isolation is for your own protection, please be cautious when venturing out. Finally I’d like to warn you of the possibility of limited communication for 3 days in the next 20. I know that is vague, but rumblings sometimes have some merit. If it never happens, then great. Better to be warned and take action, then be surprised without it. It is highly possible that your cell phone will only be allowed to call 911, that the Internet will redirect you to a few specific web sites, that your TV and cable may be turned off. Before you go freaking out because you can’t Fakebook your friends, or twatter you thoughts, remain calm. I can assure you that if this happens the good guys are still in control. Just know this too shall pass and we all will emerge stronger on the other side.

I know that I have given you a lot of information. Some of it is hard to believe. Some of it may prove false. If what I said proves false I will be rejoicing and very happy. I hope I’m wrong! I’ve struggled for

days how to tell you what I have deciphered as going on. My decades of research convinced me I needed to tell you, and warn you so that you can find peace.

God is my peace, God leads, God protects, God provides, God forgives. God says he will go before you, he will watch your back, and his love will be a banner over you protecting you.

So allow God to give you peace. Search for answers with the brain he gave you, learn to distinguish good from evil.

Let me pay for you. Peace, wisdom, protection, provision, wisdom, understanding, discernment between good and evil, and identification of those evil people in your midst.

As we enter this holy week may God reveal himself to you in new and exciting ways so that you may realize his love, protection, and power in your life. In Jesus Name amen

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Defensive Posturing 009
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