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Yesterday I wasn’t certain what I would talk about today. God had other plans and last night He provided some eye opening information. So much information that I decided to present it in 2 parts.

False flag – what is a false flag. Many years ago pirates would see a ship on the horizon. They would identify which country the ship was from. They would then raise a flag that was friendly to that country. So now they would be sailing under a false flag. They would then sail right towards the ship. The other ship would see the friendly flag and avoid getting ready to fend off an attack. At the last minute the pirate ship would raise the Jolly Roger and attack the ship.  This allowed pirates to attack while the other ship was caught off guard. Thus the term False Flag.

How does a false flag work today? Do people actually die in a false flag? First let me assure you that false flags are real enough that people actually die. It is not just an exercise. So today evil people still use this tactic. The bad people accomplish something while appearing to be doing something else.

Although we all have “freedom of speech” there are certain topics that get you in trouble, or you end up dead. Don’t believe me? Research Seth Rich, he ended up dead because of what he knew and was going to talk about. Telling the truth is always a challenge, just look what happened to Trish Regan last week.  I’ve always said I will tell you the truth. Today I’m going to venture into that danger territory and share some of my theories. You may never see if they are right or wrong, but I would like to have you think about a few of them. I was so distressed about what I found out I couldn’t sleep, and that is highly abnormal as the Peace of God in any situation never keeps me from sleeping. Telling the truth may cause you to lose your job, cause financial hardship, lose friends and family, and sometimes even gets you killed. I can assure you that the truth will set you free, and the truth of God will truly set you free.

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One example of a recent false flag was the Boston Marathon bombing. Yes, people died.  The 2 people who placed the bomb were from another country. They were paid to do it. Why would they want to kill us for no reason, what did they gain? Well the bombers gained nothing, except bragging rights and a few dollars.

The corrupt evil people gained the removal of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. This act limits the powers of the federal government by prohibiting the use of military forces on US soil against US citizens. Yet, right after the bombing, US military was brought in to search door to door (in direct violation of the 4th amendment, which prohibits search and seizure without a warrant/court order).When a false flag is successful, then the bad guys have basically pushed the envelope and accomplished their objective. With the Boston bombing, they removed the Posse Comitatus Act and removed your 4th amendment rights at the same time. Of course everyone was scared, they wanted the bombers caught and brought to justice. The people willingly gave in, setting the stage for easier future use of US military forces on US soil against US citizens. The government tried this during Katrina, and received a lot of push back as people’s guns were illegally confiscated, so now the Boston bombing changed all that. People would be more willing to cooperate with a different type of crises; one they thought could be controlled. I’m not here to prove the Boston theory. If that is the kind of event that interest you, go and research it. As I look at it in retrospect, it really did help the bad people take away your rights of the Act and your 4th amendment. The Virus is also being used by evil rulers to take away your rights. Just look at all the evil actions by bad governors and congress.

So now I’m going to tell you what I see as going on. I always want to bring you the facts as best I can with verified information. I’m going to deviate from that, but at least I’m warning you that what I’m about to say may turn out false. Unlike the MSM who knowingly hype the fake new. I might be in the weeds, but there is substantial circumstantial evidence and small truths to at least paint part of the picture. If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it. Time will tell, and your own research will add to or debunk what I’m saying.

Step 1 – If I can control the media and the narrative of the story, I can control the people. – Author unknown
Step 2 -Give me control of a nation’s money and I can control the nation-I think it was stated by Rockefeller in the late  1800.
Step 3 – eliminate the good people that you can’t control, or financially ruin. Hitler was a good example

Yesterday I mentioned that hat we are in a silent biological war. Taken from a book written in 1954.

So are we under a false flag? I saw at least 20 recent videos last night that say we are. I didn’t watch the other  45 videos that said the same thing. Before you tune  me out, please listen and decide for yourself. I was uneasy about what I saw that I literally couldn’t sleep. If the black suits come knocking on my door and haul me away or I end up dead, then you will know for certain I’m onto something, something really big! There are a lot of people talking about bits and pieces, but I have yet to find someone talking about all 3 steps to control a country. Or in our case all 3 steps to take our country back from evil rulers.

One of the videos was produced by a reliable source. This young lady recently posted a separate video on YouTube about the dangers to human beings of the new 5G wifi system being deployed worldwide. She had over 1 million views before SnobTube decided it was too truthful and they took it down. Send me an Email and I’ll send you the alternative location for the video News@worshipradiointernational.com . She did the research, the hard work, and now her neck is on the line, so she deserves the credit and support. So last night she released another 13 minute video. What did she show us? Someone started #filmmyhospital tweet, she showed us challenging video from this project. If I didn’t already know she is a credible source I would have just ignored it. Today I found hundreds more simply by searching #filmmyhospital

A citizen journalist approach to what is going on in hospitals around the world. They are empty! These hospitals are in big cities, like NYC, LA, Florida, Boston, Germany, Netherlands, and then some comments from medical staff in various hospitals worldwide that confirm the same thing. Lots of staff, no patients. I thought we were in the middle of a pandemic! Someone came back and said it isn’t the volume, but the severity of the outbreak. Yes, the severity could be very bad, but there is still no proof it is anywhere near as bad as they say it is. I have talked to medical people that work at hospitals that say they work 12 hour shifts, and there are only 2 patients on the floor. Don’t know how many beds there are, but logic tells me there are more than 2! Something very wrong is going on, and we are being fed more lies.

To paraphrase what General Flynn said “ we have an entire army of digital soldiers. They are doing what the MSM refuses to do, and they are citizen journalist reporting the truth of what is really going on. “

I personally have seen enough evidence to believe we are under a massive false flag. The trusted model from Washington State admitted yesterday that there model is wrong, and they used bad data. I apologize that I actually almost believed them. Remember I said the numbers just didn’t work out. Again we are lied to by what should be trusted sources. These empty hospitals just add more credence to the lies.

So I have to ask does our President know? Has he been duped like the rest of us? I already know that 2 Dr.s on his virus team are feeding President Trump a line of bull. I think he knows, but if he doesn’t I hope someone finds out and tells him. I was never interested in politics. Too many lies. Before the last Presidential election started combining world politics into my study of what God was doing. I suddenly found a lot of missing pieces and connections. I honestly believe that President Trump has been fed a large pile of bull from his own staff. I also believe that he is smart enough to use it against the bad guys. Did you know he has an IQ higher than almost any previous president? Oh, and his weird tweets with misspellings, wrong words, missing letters, etc. They are all code! That my friends is an entire different topic!

So here is what I see the plan being, right wrong, doesn’t matter. How could this potentially work for good? The economy is in trouble, people are sick and dying, the country is locked down, the stock market is falling, and there are a lot of bad things going on! We know that the enemy of the people is the MSM. Since the early 50’s they have been controlled, so that they can control us. At first only small changes to the narrative were introduced. Lately they blatantly try to steer the narrative thru false and fake news. Remember the famous TV reporter on MSNBC with the initials MB who said “He (Donald Trump) is trying to undermine the media… He could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. AND THAT IS OUR JOB” Yes the MSM actually believes it is their job to control what we think! God gave you a brain, not so you could be controlled, but so you could identify good from evil, God also gave you freedom of choice! MB is also deeply connected to the New World Order, which is a part of the One World Government. That too is talked about in the Bible.

The MSM are trying to get us in panic mode. Since 2015 right after the radio station started, I have been praying and thinking about how to change the MSM. We call it conquering the Media Mountain.

If I can control the media and the narrative of the story, I can control the people. Have you figured it out yet? The MSM believes it is their job to control the story, shape the narrative and control you. I must be really stubborn, because I never bought into that lie even though it has been told to me all my life. Actually I believe God protected me from buying into that garbage.

The current false flag is the Corona Virus, yes deadly, yes spreads rapidly, yes bio-engineered, yes people are actually dying. My entire family falls into that high risk category. Am I concerned? Yes, but I know God is in control no matter what happens! I have peace.

So how do we conquer the Media Mountain? The fake news. God knows, and I believe it will be done by all the citizen journalist that keep reporting the truth like these empty hospitals. Once these 100’s of videos that show empty hospitals are exposed the MSM will be known for the biggest lie ever.  I’m certain that by the end of the day Snob Tube will have removed them. I’ve already seen many deleted in just a few short hours. Email News@worshipradiointernational.com and I’ll send you the link where these videos can still be watched. We have taken steps so that these videos should always be available, even if all the social media and the MSM ban them. I sill believe in the first and second amendment.

The MSM are hyping the severity of the Virus and showing all this bad footage. The MSM took footage from Italy, and tried to repackage it as NYC hospital. They were called out on this lie! They still think we are stupid and will believe everything they show us. The MSM will stoop to the lowest of lows to control the narrative, to control you.

Taking back and controlling the narrative is a critical balance between civil unrest, panic, anger and outright violence. I never promote violence as the answer. So citizens of the World, go ahead and check out #filmmyhospital and see for yourself the hundreds of videos about empty hospitals. They say we haven’t reached the peak yet, while that could be true, you would still expect to see a lot of people at hospitals.  People getting tested, people having trouble breathing, people in distress, bodies, and people being released.  These videos show none of that, and some of these hospitals are located at the epicenter of the outbreak. These videos were taken all across the globe.

So this false flag virus may just be the way that the MSM falls and fails completely. Their lies are being exposed!  Step one of controlling a country is to control the narrative, which controls the people. The demise of the MSM would certainly liberate many Americans. Those of you who are addicted to the Fake News, maybe you too will find the truth and the truth will set you free. Many of you may be in shock once the truth is exposed. Seeing all these empty hospitals during a pandemic is only the start of the revelation of truth.

WOW if we can remove the MSM you will experience freedoms like you have never known! Even if you stop believing the MSM you will find freedom from all that negative influence. Try it!

Step 2 – So what about the economy, the stock market, the small business, the people out of work. How does that fit into the big picture? All true, all really good questions.  I assure you that all this bad stuff can work for our benefit. Listen to part 2 tomorrow to hear the answer.

Two steps to control a country, Two steps to retake our country and give it back to WE The PEOPLE

First is – conquer the Media Mountain, destroy the Main Steam Media (MSM). They have had years to change their mind and report the truth, but since they are controlled by 6 evil corporations, the only way to conquer the Media Mountain is to destroy them. I’m certain God has a plan, and he reveals the steps day by day. Maybe that plan involves  citizen journalist uniting together in the attack. The demise of the MSM has already begun, pray about how you are called to be a part of it.

Second control the money – Well based on the odd behavior of the Federal Reserve, I’d say someone else is pulling the strings. More on this tomorrow.

When the Israelites decided they had enough of the evil kings and took action God fought for them. Often after the battle, God then blessed them. Sometimes it was spoils of war, sometimes it was years of peace and prosperity. We are in an invisible war against a Virus and a world full of evil people. Which side are you fighting on? Although the Israelites wanted to get rid of the evil, they still had to fight!

Sometimes the battle was easy and God simply destroyed their enemy, sometimes they had to shed blood. This battle for your freedoms and our country is real. Blood has already been shed as 239,279 US citizens have caught the Virus. Fortunately only 5443 have died, giving us a ratio of .02% which is the same as yesterday.  In case you didn’t know the original death rate for the US was predicted to be several  million. Current death rate is 73 per day for the entire USA. OK, that is 27,000 for an entire year. Keep in mind that a bad flu season year will have 80,000 deaths across the US.

There is great hope that all 3 of these steps will be accomplished in the very near future. We will have to wait and see if I’m right, or if I’m out in the weeds.

Want access to those videos that Snob Tube removed? Email news@worshipradiointernationlal.com

Continuing our story: we have seen snakes, bloody water and rivers, Frogs and dead frogs,  and gnats. We also learned that the evil ruler had been told the truth “God was behind it all” the evil ruler ignored his wise men and the truth that God was in control. When the leaders of the people asked to take a small trip, the evil ruler again said no. God warns the evil ruler that if he did not allow the people to take a small trip, so that they could worship God, that God would release flies across the nation. So when the evil ruler said NO, God released flies on the evil ruler, his house, his land, flies everywhere. Swarms and swarms of them. At the same time, God kept all the flies out of Goshen, where the Israelites lived. Not a single fly in Goshen. Yes, that is the Power of God and the love he has for his people. Don’t think this is relevant to today? Snob Tube had videos of Israel. On one side of the chain link fence, the Palestinian side there is a giant sand storm, on the Israeli side it is perfect calm. Having edited videos professionally I know this was not artificially generated. God was showing his sovereignty and protection of Israel because no chain link fence is going to stop a sandstorm. The evil ruler said Go on your short trip! So the leaders of the people warned the evil ruler to not play games and change his mind. The leaders of the people prayed to God, and the next day all the flies were gone. Now that the crisis had passed, the evil ruler again changed his mind and said NO you cannot take a short trip!

We all have been in crisis. Many of us have called out to God, and God intervenes. Shortly after His intervention many of us go back to our old lives, forgetting about the crisis and how God intervened. After 911 many Americans turned to God, only to forget about Him a few short months later.

God realized a long time ago that since we have the freedom of choice, we could ignore Him; we could continue in our evil ways, we have faults. A Holy and perfect God also realized that we would be separated from Him for all eternity. Our soul is what matters. God created Man in His Image so that God could enjoy our company. We could not enter the presence of a Holy and perfect God since we were no longer Holy. God gave us a free gift in Jesus Christ. God said I’l have Jesus pay for your faults, then you can enter Heaven and live forever with me. Since we have the freedom of choice, we need to decide that we accept the free gift as payment for our faults. Then and only then can we be guaranteed to enjoy eternity with God In heaven.

What about you during this crisis? Are you going to be a 911 person, or are you seriously considering where you will spend eternity. Think the Virus is bad and unpredictable?  Even with the empty hospitals, You are correct it can strike rapidly and without warning. Tomorrow you may die, but if you honestly accept what God has given you as a free gift you will have assurance of life eternally in heaven. Believe me when I tell you Hell is a real place, the virus will look like an annoying mosquito bite compared to Hell. Use your gift of free choice, choose wisely.

Let me pray for you,

May the God of all peace grant peace to all of us, may he give wisdom to what has been revealed, may we act in God’s power to remove the evil from our midst, may God be Glorified and may the Vengeance of God fall on those evil people who have caused so much hardship. Give our leaders wisdom, expose the lies and allow the Truth to set us all free! In Jesus name amen.

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False Flag

False Flag Empty Hospitals 008
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