Train Wreck Governor 007

Governor off the Tracks


According to Ecclesiastes “there is nothing new under the sun!” During war time there have been several reports of ships taking out trains. I think there was even a case of a submarine taking out a train with its gun. I’ve never heard of a train trying to sink a ship! Yesterday some guy decided that he needed to take out the US Navy Hospital ship, Mercy, with his locomotive. He ran it off the tracks, thru a few barriers, and fences, across a parking lot and stopped 250 yards from the Mercy. Even if he had gotten close, the train would have had to travel 60ft thru the air across the water to hit the ship. Maybe while he is spending his life in jail for terrorism, he can take a physics or geometry class. The Mercy is safe, and we learned in real life how far a speeding locomotive can travel once it leaves the tracks. So I guess there are still a few unique things in life!

Moving from LA and the Mercy to NYC and the Comfort. There are lots of rumblings about the 600+ children that were saved in NYC, but nothing confirmed. These rumblings put the tunnel only a few blocks from the Comfort, so if true they can be well taken care of.

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Yesterday we talked about the plague of frogs and how the evil ruler couldn’t wait to get rid of them. Then when the frogs were all dead and rotting across the landscape, the evil ruler changed his mind. Our Governor issued a nasty letter to the Dr.s and pharmacist in our state that they were not allowed to prescribe 2 Malaria medications in conjunction with Z-Pak to help stop the Corona Virus. A Dr. in NYC at the time had used it on 350 patients and no one died. Our Governor even threatened our medical personnel that if they issued this prescription the Dr.s and others would lose their license. That is a pretty strong threat coming from someone without a license to practice medicine. Although these drugs were approved by the FDA for Malaria, have been around for decades, have little side effects and were actually having great results our evil governor decided to make up a law and not allow them. The FDA then approved the drugs for use to treat the Corona Virus. Now our Governor is begging the Federal Government to send the 2 malaria drugs. Once again Dr.s and pharmacist are confused. The order which to my knowledge is still in effect and has not been rescinded says they cannot prescribe these medications. The Governor has requested to have quantities shipped to our state. So I guess our Governor is still practicing medicine without a license, and now she has violated her own orders. So theoretically those smart lawyers out there could sue her for both accounts, maybe even charge our evil ruler with intent to sell or distribute an illegal substance, since our evil ruler made them illegal. Sounds like a King who by his own decree was forced to convict and attempt to execute one of his most trusted advisors. You might know the story of Daniel and how he survived the lion’s den. What you most likely don’t know is that this good ruler was tricked into signing a decree that would force him to throw Daniel into the lion’s den. In the end both the good ruler and Daniel survive, but those evil people that tricked the ruler… well they became a tasty snack for all those hungry lions. Over 120 evil people along with their wives and children were eliminated by God in 1 quick bite. I’m still waiting for an apology from our Governor to our wonderful medical people who are on the front lines. Maybe even an explanation, right

or wrong, the good people of our state deserve that much. I’m not a lawyer, so this is far short of legal advice, but if you are a Dr. or other medical professional, you should remember your Hippocratic Oath and do what is best for the people. During this time of this evil bio-engineered Chinese weapon, we need to put aside our differences and continue to work on saving lives. There will be plenty of other trivial issues to disagree on, but now a united front against this invisible enemy is important.

If you take your car to an auto mechanic and they do a lousy job, do you continue using them? Or if you have bad service or bad food at a restaurant do you go back? We don’t have lions dens anymore, but what we do have is a political system that allows you the people to vote people out of office. It also allows you the people to express yourself in a non violent way so that when enough of us unite, we are able to influence the law and our elected officials. We the People have forgotten that power we hold and need to remember it is our country, our elected officials serve us, not the other way around. We pay their salary, yet they keep wanting to treat us like their slaves. Dr.s, Lawyers, UAW workers, and every citizen of every state remember these evil people when it comes time to vote again. Vote them out of office.

In reality the news has beat the Coroana Virus to death. There is not a lot of new information, just the same stuff over and over. The MSM was wrong the first time they told us, why do they think that if they tell it to us 10 time we will believe them? Numbers across the US are starting to level off, however, several models predict the peak death rates will be in the next 10 days. That is why President Trump has extended the social distancing guidelines until the end of the month. Remember models are just an educated guess especially with a new flu strain like the Corona Virus. There is an organization in Washington State that has produced a model that appears to reflect the real world data. No idea if it is correct, but the patterns seem to be more realistic then the other models. They too are predicting peak death rates April 1 to April 10.

So what about the numbers? China is admitting that they are lying on the numbers; China is also accusing the US of releasing the virus in china. Funny how they twist, distort and spin everything just like the MSM! Oh maybe I’m mistaken and the MSM really works for China. There are documents with the Chinese Dr’s name and her research who came from China, researched in the US, then took all her findings back to China to finish/perfect the Corona Virus. There are numerous warnings from other scientist to refrain from this research, how dangerous it would be to human life, yet warnings were ignored. Dig deep enough and the only logical conclusion is that this was a bio-engineered weapon created in China. You will even find the address of the lab in Wuhan where it was created, how it is connected to the Chinese university and several other interesting connections. The US has to tread carefully for if they publicly announce that without a doubt the virus was manufactured in China, they could start a global war. China wants political change in the US. President Trumps sanctions and tariffs have stolen China’s free piggyback allowed under previous administrations. It doesn’t take a PhD in economics to see how china manipulated cash vs sales to influence the world economy. It has been gradual, so most of the world just ignored it. The strong US military stance in the South China Sea has curtailed China’s conquering and ruling those international waters. They can’t control shipping and taxing of the ships/countries that are using that part of the ocean. They are getting some help from other evil forces in causing chaos around the world, but bottom line is they need the food, they need

unfair trade with the US, there economy is failing, and most importantly they are losing control of the people (although the threat of death is still a great motivator). They need their people to believe that the virus came from the US so that they can create major support against us.

Look at Hong Kong, why is China so set on controlling a little island with 7.4 million people? Hong Kong was under British rule for 99 years which ended in 1977. Hong Kong = money! Hong Kong has always been a center of money. Also if China can force Hong Kong under their control, then they hope it will be an example to the rest of the population to get in line and stay in line. Hong Kong has it’s own governing system, but is still part of China. It is a strange arrangement. China is trying to extend it’s influence over Hong Kong by attacking the Hong Kong citizens. Another power play by China.

So why do we get a virus in 2020? What is so special about this year? To answer that question we can ask why we had virus/disease in these years: 2004 Sars, 2008 Avian, 2010, Swine, 2012 Mers, 2014 Ebola, 2016 Zilka, 2018 Ebola, 2020 Corona. They are ALL election years. The plan has always been to release a virus to sway the elections, and blame someone else.

So what about the other numbers? Total cases in the United States 213144 total deaths 4513 = .02 % of the people who catch the virus die from it. Up slightly from yesterday which was .019%. As long as I have been tracking infected vs deaths, it has always been in this range. The next 10 days will tell how the numbers relate to actual deaths as we enter the peak days of death.

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What does all this have in common? China, world economy, US economy, Syria, the flow of money, politics, even the report of found children. THEY ARE ALL RELATED. If I lived another 100 years I would still be trying to figure out and explain the relationship. However, I don’t need to. God has already got it all planed out. His accuracy of prediction to actual happening of an event as described in the Bible is perfect.

We are in a war. In this case an invisible war of good vs evil. The Virus and attempt to crash the economy are only a small portion of what is going on. There is corruption and evil in every part of our country, and in the world. The evil people will stop at nothing, including killing people to try to maintain power. For decades they did as they pleased. Now with the help of God a few individuals have stepped in and are trying to stop the evil. Throughput the Bible, when good men and women stepped in and fought evil, God fought right by their side. But when good people did or do nothing, evil prevails.

Good vs evil is not new, it has been going on since the creation of the earth.

Now a short article: This publication marks the 25th anniversary of the Third World War, called the “Quiet War/’ being conducted using subjective biological warfare, fought with “silent weapons.” This book contains an introductory description of this war, its strategies, and its weaponry.

Written May 1979

So if we subtract 25 years we end up in 1954 when the first edition of this plan to rule the world was revised. Maybe it is a stretch, but the Korean War ended in 1953. Sounds like the bad guys decided that they needed another approach, and started the silent war. We have been in this battle for a long time, 66 years, the evil people just didn’t tell us we were at war. They have 3 objectives: Gain power over you, Control you, and spend your money.

Continuing our evil ruler story: we have seen snakes, river s and water turned to blood, and frogs. We have seen the evil ruler ask for deliverance, then when the crisis went away change his mind. Once again the leaders of the people went to the evil ruler and asked to take a short trip. Again the evil ruler said NO. So when the leader of the people struck his staff all the dust turned to gnats. Gnats everywhere, all over the people, the animals the ground. The evil rulers’ magicians could not duplicate this and they told the evil ruler “This is God’s doing” We don’t know if they were the biting type of gnats, but either way they were a giant nuisance. You would think by now that the evil ruler would say yes! Go take your trip! As most evil rulers that want power, control and money He still refused. Who wants power, control or wants to spend your money? Those are the people who you should seriously consider the enemy. Who wants to help you achieve more freedom, operate within your own control, and make you more money legally? Those are the people you should follow.

All of us want to have our own power, yet God says yield that power to me for I am all powerful. I admit I often want to control my own life and destiny. I also admit that I do a really bad job of it compared to God. Most of us think of our money and our stuff as ours. I learned a long time ago that it all belongs to God, I’m just the caretaker. I also learned that God loves me and wants to send His power into my life to do His work. I can’t see the big picture, but God can so his plan is always better than mine.

Does God provide even material things? Yes, God often blesses us beyond our own understanding. Sometimes God also withholds things from us. But He never withholds his love. I wanted a convertible, red with a tan top. It had to have at least a few options, low miles and the right price in good condition. Ok, I admit my budget was pretty small at the time. I had connections with a place where lease cars were turned in. I drove to the lot often. One trip out I found that there were 4 convertibles on the lot. One of them was blue with a white top, didn’t have any options, had more miles then I wanted and cost more money then I wanted to pay. I’d been looking for months. The next day I decided I would just ignore all my requirements, pay more money for what I didn’t really want and buy the blue one. I convinced myself it would be fine. I called the lot and asked about it. The sales person said “I don’t know what happened, but someone came in and bought all 4 of them yesterday after you left!” I knew exactly what happened. God intervened in my haste to get what I wanted. A short time later I called out in the afternoon, it was late for me to call as the lot closed early. The sales person said yes, I have one it is red with a tan top. I drove right out. Low miles, good condition, more extras and bells and whistles then I wanted, talked to the previous owner/driver and found out all about it. Best of all it was priced cheaper than the blue one! Yes, I bought it and drove it for over 10 years before I got something else. God knew what I wanted. Did I need a convertible? Well no, any transportation would have done. However, God blessed me with this one, and I enjoyed it for many years. I got spoiled with some of the extra stuff, but it was a constant reminder of how God loves me so much that He even provides special things that make my life a little easier. For you folks out there that ask have I always had a nice car? NO

I have not! In fact one car was such a clunker that it had a hard time making it up big hills! It became an embarrassment to drive, but that is what I had and that is what I was grateful for. I thought I would have to push it to the dealer to trade it in, that is how bad it had gotten!

I’ve learned by now to be quite content whatever my circumstances. I’m just as happy with little as with much, with much as with little. I’ve found the recipe for being happy whether full or hungry, hands full or hands empty. Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the power of Jesus who makes me who I am.

During these times of turmoil have you learned to be content? Do you know your eternal destiny? Is it heaven or hell? Learn today to be content, trust Jesus as payment for your faults, and accept Jesus as lord and savior. After all His death was a free gift to you and me. I’ve accepted with gratitude the free gift, what about you?

Lord Jesus in this time of turmoil, please show us your peace and love. Show people your presence, your power and your grace to forgive them. Give our leaders wisdom that they may lead the people and not rule over them. I ask that you heal those affected by this outbreak, that you comfort those who have lost loved ones, and that you protect those on the front line. May your goodness and power overcome the evil that is tormenting the world. In Jesus Name I pray amen

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Train Wreck Governor 007
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