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In 2017 President Trump signed into law National Vietnam Veterans Day. These vets went to fight a war no one could describe, a war with unseen enemies, a war without clear objectives, and a war without proper support. These wonderful Vets came back to a country that was influenced by the MSM in a very negative way. They were rejected, spat on, demoralized and disgraced. As fellow Americans these brave soldiers fought for our freedom. There are big bad evil forces always at work trying to take those freedoms away. I appreciate my freedoms because of our Vets. All Vets regardless of the war they fought in should be appreciated. I salute all of you, each of you is a hero. !and am saddened how Vets across the US have been treated. When you see a Veteran, thank them, appreciate them, maybe even by them lunch. The same goes for the war we are currently fighting. The people on the front lines need support from their friends and home towns. It is extremely important. They also need support from the cities where they are deployed. This invisible enemy doesn’t care about race, political affiliation, religion, or gender. Please support all the people that are fighting this war for your freedom. Speaking of front line, the US Navy Ships Comfort and Mercy have arrived at NYC and LA to treat non Virus patients.

Lies, lies, lies, lies, and more lies. Wow there are so many lies we can’t even debunk them all. In fact there are so many lies and disinformation out there the Department of Defense established a web page to help confront all these lies. That is how bad the MSM is working against our government.

So I’m going to summarize what we do now about the Corona Virus
4 possible ways to slow the Virus
1) Divine intervention – Prayer works, there have been many reported cases
2)The Zapper – from our sponsors ZAP ME , where you can download the book and see for yourself how it works
3) herbal remedy – Sweet Wormwood
4) combination of 2 Malaria drugs prescribed by your doctor, and approved by the FDA

Social distancing does help prevent the spread, Taiwan is the best example where they were able to drastically reduce the spread of the virus. They closed their boarders and started social distancing right away. Too bad the evil people at the WHO, totally controlled by China, won’t include them anymore in their agenda or meetings. I think the methods that Taiwan used to help stop the flow should be shared with the world.

Wash your hands, clean surfaces, standard health precautions really help slow the spread.
the 2 models used to predict the spread have both been proven wrong. Both models have since been revised. Several scientist have provided alternative models that based on the current data appear far more accurate than the 2 models used. At least 1 scientist, I think he has 5 degrees, actually proposed an alternative model, with a plan to get people back to work, and save the US economy. I pray that our President listens to this expert. As well as other scientist. Although some of the people on the Virus takas force are brilliant people, sometimes they too need to keep an open mind about other possibilities. Knowing some of the bad history with some of those people in power on the task force I’d

recommend to our President to check his people’s history better. Our president may be getting bad, outdated, or unreliable data. These alternative models prove that there is more data available, and maybe more modern ways to analyze it.

At some point in the invisible war the bad guys posing as the good guys are going to try to force a more permanent solution to the Corona Virus. In the past many of these permanent solutions actually worked, but in today’s society the bad guys add a bunch of accessories that are not required, or may cause further problems.

Let me tell you a joke. We neither condone or condemn drinking, it should all be done in moderation. A man walks into a bar
Bartender says you look awful what’s wrong?
I have that beer flu, and so do my children. I’ll have a whiskey, one of those small glasses

Bartender says no, what you need is the special drink designed just for the beer flu Bartender goes off and makes this drink, and brings it back to the man.
Man looks in the small glass and sees a worm on the bottom! He says what’s in it? Bartender says we call it our sports drink

Man says oh, why is that?

Bartender: it has a little cat and mouse, a bat and a ball, a little hot dog, a little of ugly bags of mostly water, a little polo pony, then to top it off it has sort of a glow in the dark stuff, kind of like radiation but different so you can tell how many you’ve had and don’t overdo it.

Wow, that’s quite a mixture! Is that hot dog pork or beef?

Bartender It has a little bit of both!

What about alcohol? I didn’t hear you mention that?

Bartender: Actually there is a small amount of alcohol included! But not enough so we can’t serve it to children, so even your children can try it.

Really that is amazing, you got all that in that little glass! OK, but why the worm?

Bartender : Oh, that’s just for looks. It encourages people to ask what’s in it, then challenges them to swallow it in one big gulp.

Wow that is either going to make me better or kill me! And with the special glow in the dark stuff it sounds like I might grow another eyeball or something. My children are already weird enough; I don’t think it would be smart of me to give them something that might make them stranger.

Sounds great, but I don’t eat pork, so I think I’ll take my beer flu and just go home. I heard there are some pills that are easier to swallow and digest.

Yep, I’ve had a few products in my life that really never did what we were told they would do. Some of them even had really strange after effects.

Back to news of what we know
Ford and GE have promised to produce 50,000 ventilators in the next 100 days.

GM on the other hand had to be ordered by law to start production. Yes, this is the same GM that closed US plants and sent manufacturing oversees, laying off thousands of US citizens. This is the same GM we the citizens of the US loaned money to in order to bail them out of financial trouble. This is the same GM that agreed to make ventilators, then changed their mind. The list goes on.

Speaking of corruption in the auto companies, as recently announced the corrupt leaders of the UAW stole millions of dollars from the UAW workers. Let me remind the UAW workers that you have far more power over your corrupt leaders then you realize. You even have more political power over the governors of your state then you realize. The UAW workers have enough political clout to not only sway a local or state election, but you can sway a national election. I never want to see violence, but the political clout the UAW workers hold is amazing. UAW workers, ask yourself who is willing to support you in this invisible war? I know how the UAW leaders try to run the show, they try to control you. Even our governor stands with the corrupt UAW leadership.

With this crisis, and the UAW leaders having stolen so many millions of dollars, how long before the money runs out? How long will the UAW workers be paid during this shutdown? At some point all you unemployed UAW workers may need to use that political clout and get the State of Michigan and other states back to work. No violence just unified pressure on those evil people who are playing with our health and our lives. Don’t count on your leadership to lead you. There are people all over the US that don’t have the benefit of being paid while not working. So UAW workers count your blessing and when the time comes, help out your neighbors. We are all in this together.

Back to our previous story:
The leader of the people goes to the evil ruler and ask the ruler to let them take a short trip. The evil ruler says NO! Then to make it worse the evil ruler says “I’m no longer going to supply you materials to complete your work. You must get your own supplies! Your daily quota is still the same! You are my slaves!” The laborers were then beaten. They said to the people’s leader “you’ve made us stink before the evil ruler and his servants! You’ve put a weapon in his hand that’s going to kill us!”

The leaders of the people goes back to the evil ruler and says “Let us take a short trip.” The evil ruler asked him to prove himself. One of the leaders of the people threw his staff on the ground, and it turned

into a snake. The evil ruler said that’s impressive, and then his magicians did the same thing. Snakes everywhere, but the first snake from the leaders of the people ate up all the other snakes. The evil ruler was very stubborn, and said NO you can’t take a short trip!

The leaders of the people went to meet the evil ruler the next day at the river. They said to the evil ruler ““Release my people so that they can worship me in the wilderness.” Since the evil ruler was stuborn, the leader of the people with God’s power turned all the rivers to blood. Everything in the rivers died, the pitchers and pots and pans that held water all turned to blood. Yet the evil ruler still told the leaders of the people that they could not leave or take a short trip.

So remember no matter how powerful, or big and strong you may think you are, there is always someone more powerful.

Our world is being subjected to forces that are bigger and stronger then all of us put together. The Corona Virus is just a small threat.

On the good news side of things, states need supplies, and if people would stop hoarding, or stealing the supplies at this point there maybe enough for everyone. One of the teams on the front lines has delivered 130,000 N95 respirators, 1.8 million face and gowns, 10.3 million gloves, and 70,000 thermometers.

Please support our sponsor: download for fee Dr. Clark’s book “The Cure for all Diseases” find out how you can live a healthier life. Dr. Clark wrote many books, this one is the most comprehensive. Go to ZAP ME HEALTHY .com to download the book and learn all about The Zapper

I can assure you that working together while supporting those on the front lines, and those behind the scenes, we will get thru this together. Although sometimes we don’t see the big picture, support and encourage those who are making good decisions. Challenge those that make questionable decisions for why they did such a thing. If they are willing to give you an answer even if you don’t agree with their answer at least maybe they thought about the big picture. I can assure you that those who are challenged and don’t give an answer, that they are hiding something, or made the decagon based on insufficient information, or political bios. This is about human lives, about staying alive and moving forward. When politicians put politics above people, they should be voted out of office as soon as possible.

The story about the workers, God is still in control. The story about Divine healing, God is in control. The story of 39 million mask suddenly found (being hoarded) in a warehouse, God is in control.

This is a tough time for all of us. I’m a healthy able bodied person. I have more work than I can handle. Where I work I see one person all day long, the guard who lets me in the gate. However, I’m in the same boat as 90% of the people in my state. The governor has denied us the right to work. I pray for all of you during this tough time that you will realize that God is still in control, no matter what happens.

How do I have this great peace? For decades, I’ve seen God work thru situations I’ve encountered that were way beyond my abilities in ways I couldn’t understand. One year during the offseason, I was running low on funds and food. I try to stock up while I’m working so I have enough to make it thru till spring. This year I didn’t quite have enough. Someone knocked on my door. They said I have some frozen fish for you. 30 LBS of it! Just like God provided food for 40 years in the dessert I had enough to last to mid-summer. Several times, one of my regular clients during the off season said “I know how hard this time is financially on you. I’m going to pay you in advance because I know you will complete the work. “ I’m talking to the tune of several hundred dollars, paid in advance. Neither time did I ask for it, or suggest it. God knowing I needed it, in his love and wisdom simply provided it,.

So do you know God and His son Jesus Christ? If you don’t’ during this time of crises it maybe time to meet him. God loves you so much that He decided that He would pay for all your faults, even though it cost him, so that you could spend eternal life with him in Heaven. Acknowledge your faults, Accept the free gift of Jesus Christ as payment, accept the free gift that Jesus loves you, and that He is your lord and He has the ability to save you from eternal damnation.

We are thankful to our sponsor ZAP ME HEALTHY .com

Lord Jesus who has known me and every person on this planet since before our birth. Please heal those who need healing, protect those who need protecting, give wisdom to our leaders, and with your divine love bring your justice to those evil people who are responsible. For we know you are still in control!


Corona Virus Special Sports Drink 005
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