Corona Virus – FEAR is What They Want 004

FEAR! That is what we are being fed! FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL! Yes, my friends the world is trying to cause FEAR and PANIC. The evil governors and politicians are putting politics ahead of our lives. Real leaders work on solutions and lead by example while fake leaders use FEAR to try to control us. Real leaders don’t need to worry about power, control and money. People naturally follow them. So what happens to people who always lead by FEAR and Intimidation? Well unless they achieve the status of dictator they eventually are removed from office and have no power. So the power, control and money they strived for is taken away. World history shows many examples of this happening.

So those evil politicians that are trying to control “We the People” remember there is always someone more powerful then you. For those Governors that are trying to practice medicine without a license by stopping Dr.s from prescribing certain medications that help stop the Corona Virus, and actually threatening Dr.’s you LOOSE! In case you haven’t heard the FDA, That would be the Federal Drug Administration has approved those Malaria drugs for the treatment of the Corona Virus. Just in case you forgot, let me remind you that Federal law Trump’s state law. So your Executive Order and threatening letters are null and void. For those states that are hoarding badly needed medical equipment, you really are short sighted and your self-contentedness has been exposed. Shame on you for not considering the other human beings in our great USA. Ventilators in warehouses are not saving lives!

For those of you who think the Federal Government should feed everything to you on a silver platter, you are mistaken. The US government has paperwork for everything. Every I must be dotted and every T crossed in order for it to be processed. The current Virus task force has done an excellent job in cutting this process down to a minimum. Remember also that fulfilling orders has a cycle, especially in an emergency. Some companies not related to this crisis have an 8 to 12 week cycle, so if you order it today you wait that long to receive it. Emergency supplies via FEMA or other Federal organization is the same way. Learn to work with people during this time of crisis and your political career will be enhanced. Work against them and the people who are suffering will vote you out of office as fast as they can. Human health and human lives are at stake. Just for once put aside your political differences there are plenty of other non critical things to argue about later. Pointing blame and lying to your constituents does no good and in the end harms everyone during an emergency.

I’m reminded of another politician that tried to play God. He actually believed he could control people as his slaves. Yes, generations had gone by with these people held in slavery. They were slaves for 400 years before being liberated. I have no idea how God is going to use this Corona Virus and all these evil people for His glory, but God always wins, so it will be exciting to find out.

Allow me to tell you a story: “‘Free my people so that they can hold a festival for me in the wilderness.’”” The Ruler replied ““Why on earth would you suggest the people be given a holiday? Back to work!” The slave-drivers and their underlings went out to the people with their new instructions. “Ruler’s orders: No more straw provided. Get your own straw wherever you can find it. And not one brick less in your daily work quota!” Freedom never comes easy!

As we fight this invisible war we also have to remember that there are evil people that think we are their slaves. Since we are at war, can these evil people be charged with war crimes, crimes against humanity

for their evil deeds? Maybe a person who is versed on the Constitution can answer this. I’m happy to report that at least 1 lawyer in NY has stepped to the plate and is suing the NY governor for overstepping his authority. I hope several others ban together across the US and do the same. This isn’t about money; it is about our rights granted to us by the Constitution. Even Marshall Law, which hasn’t been declared, has limits.

This isn’t about race, as we are all in this together. The Virus doesn’t care what race you are, and evil people don’t care either. Evil rulers just want power, money and control over you. They are attempting to get this by FEAR and INTIMIDATION! They are feeding us LIES, LIES, AND MORE LIES. Many of these lies come from the Main Stream Media (MSM) or sometimes referred to as FAKE NEWS. At one time in the history of the USA it was against the law to report false or fake news. Several of the Federal Communications Commission licenses issued to the MSM had it written right in the license, and the consequences of reporting false information was revocation of the license. Someplace along the path the MSM lost their way and started reporting false information, never bothering to Vet the story.

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So what’s up with the numbers on the Corona Virus? Laura Ingram reported on Fox the other day that the numbers didn’t add up. She even had an expert on to quantify the numbers. Most current US numbers: 122,653 cases, 2112 deaths equals .017% of the people who contract the disease die from it. Or put another way 99.98 % who catch it live to tell about it. Statistics starting Jan 21, 2020 or 69 days. That equates to so 30 people per day across the entire 50 states and 5 territories dying of the Virus. There are approximately 350 Million people in the US, so that Is a really really really really small number. For comparison in 2017-2018 a non election year and a high flu season death rate the total deaths by flu in the US was 80,000. Putting this all in perspective at the current death rate of 30 per day * 365 days the US deaths in a year will reach 10,950. That is how out of proportion these numbers are. We also know that hospitals are reporting deaths caused by other reasons as Corona Deaths. I’m certain this is illegal, but who is going to check all those records. Numbers from CDC website

So for now the quarantine is working, but it is time for many of us to go back to work. Unverified, but they have no reason to lie: Queens NY, AOC’s district is one of the hardest hit areas. However, there were a few videos posted of people at the park. 100’s of people, sitting around, children playing, and people working out on the workout machines. No mask, no social distancing. How can we believe any of the information the MSM is reporting. NT is supposedly under lockdown, the video if true shows otherwise. It’s hard to develop trust when people have a background of associating with evil people. In many ways our President needs to practice those famous words “You’re Fired” and surround himself with people who tell the truth instead of some of the people on the Virus team. These people have associated with bad and evil people for decades. One of the Dr. respects the leader of the WHO, which the world is quickly finding out is feeding us lies. The WHO, not the rock band but the World Health Organization was the one who fed us these big numbers in the first place and started the panic/shutdown and FEAR. I know it’s the government and everything takes much much longer. I do

give the current administration my support for they really are going outside the system to try to stop this quickly. Anyone who reads the MSM gets a tainted picture. Now none of us are perfect, but the Virus team has been doing an excellent job of cutting red tape and taking control of the situation.

So why is the suburb of Milan, Italy so drastically effected? Well they do a lot of business with China, specifically Wuhan China. Wuhan China allowed between 100,000 and 500,000 people to travel after they discovered the outbreak. Doesn’t matter if accidental or intentional that many people were bound to carry the bioweapon around the world. Milan also doesn’t practice any of the items put in place that help slow the Virus: social distancing, self isolation, etc. Before someone goes screaming that I’m against the Italians, I’m part Italian!

Speaking of Wuhan China, they just stopped reporting the number of deaths. However, someone said we can count the urns. So since Oct 2019 when the outbreak started in China in Wuhan there have been approximately 35,000 to 45,000 deaths based on the number of urns. So 45,000 deaths in 5 mounts is 9,000 a month! Sounds like China does have a big problem until you realize that Wuhan has 15 million people, so the death percentage is .003% which is way low for a pandemic. Wuhan is also one of the cities that has millions of 5G wifi sites. Maybe you have seen pictures/videos of people who just fall over? This is caused by fainting, yes, lack of oxygen to the brain! 5G causes the oxygen molecules to get excited. These excited oxygen molecules cannot be properly absorbed by the blood, so people in 5G areas suffer from oxygen deprivation to the brain, and pass out. Yes, oxygen is still important, and the Virus also helps block the intake.

Back to Fox News. Yes, they lean right, and tell more truth then others only because the MSM owned by 6 corporations needed at least one station that was allowed to speak more truth. I say allowed, because even Fox is owned by the same 6 corporations. They are still controlling the narrative. Proof about censorship and controlling the narrative can be seen by the firing of Trish Regan, who was also on Fox. She stated ““We’ve reached a tipping point. The chorus of hate being leveled at the president is nearing a crescendo as Democrats blame him and only him for a virus that originated halfway around the world,” the host told viewers at the time. “This is yet another attempt to impeach the president.”

“Many in the liberal media using, and I mean using, corona virus in an attempt to demonize and destroy the president,” she added. Even an experience reporter could no longer contain the truth. I’m happy she spoke out, for it is people like her that educate the world about the corrupt people in the world.

I’m sorry she lost her job for speaking the truth, but the MSM needs to CONTROL the Narrative so they can CONTROL YOU! How does it feel to be controlled? Ready to be set free and use the legal system in a non violent way to take your freedom back, and our country? Here is more proof they want to control us. A well known MSNBC reporter stated “Controlling what people think ‘IS OUR JOB’

At Truth vs Lies we try to tell you the truth so that you can take back control of your life! We believe you should make intelligent decisions with the brain God gave you. Otherwise we would all be identical. Each of us is a UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL MIRACULOUS CREATION OF GOD. Enjoy your God given uniqueness!

I understand many of you are filled with fear, FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL! I know what fear is, I have experienced many real instances: like staring down the barrel of a machine gun in a foreign country because the government had been overthrown; or having to avoid execution squads or being kidnapped because I am an American; or bomb squads that were very precise eliminating entire families; what about not having a roof, or food or a job? The list goes on, but I’m still here. I’ve lived thru earthquakes, tornados, bad storms and even a hurricane all the while I’ve learned that God is still watching over me. Don’t fear. Don’t hesitate. Don’t panic. God, your God, is right there with you, fighting with you against your enemies, fighting to win.”

I have no fear of death because I’m assured of eternal life in Heaven. How do I know this? I realized I’d done evil in my own life. I realized that I was going to Hell. I accepted that Jesus paid the price for my evil, my spiritual debt (which we all have) was paid in full. I trusted the FREE gift of Jesus to pay for my faults. I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I found PEACE.

You too can have assurance of eternal life in Heaven. Acknowledge you have faults, accept Jesus as payment for your faults, ask Jesus to forgive you, turn from evil, accept Jesus as your savior. HAVE PEACE!

This man made bio-weapon Virus will take Divine intervention to conquer. I pray that Jesus Christ who is watching over the world protect those on the front lines from harm. I ask Jesus to send His healing love to those affected by the Virus. Most of all I pray the Peace of Christ fall on each of you as we work together in unity to overcome the hardships this Virus has caused. May the people of China who are victims of this terrible outbreak find the truth and the truth shall set them free!

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Corona Virus – FEAR is What They Want 004
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