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Coraona Virus and the death toll. I’m sorry the basic number still don’t add up. We know the numbers in China are far worse than they are reporting. Italy has admitted to skewing the numbers. The CDC admits that the way the numbers are reported skew the results. People dying from other sources, or with pre- existing conditions are being reported as Corona Virus deaths. China admits it sent faulty test kits to the EU. The World Wide corruption runs wide and deep. Multiple Dr.s have confirmed that the numbers don’t add up, or look like a pandemic. .04 to 3.4 % of the people who test positive die from the virus. There have been 597000 confirmed cases in the world. With 27000 deaths worldwide. Although none of these numbers can be trusted that is still only .04 % of people who died which is really low. Remember that is only since they started keeping track of it in late Dec 2019 and the virus was first released in Oct 2019 in China. World wide deaths by car accidents in 2019 were 1,300,000 or about 3,287 deaths per day, or in a 3 month period 325,000. So you have a far better chance of surviving the Corona Virus then you do of getting in your car and driving down the street. There are people who want you to live in FEAR.

We at Truth Vs Lies want to report the truth, however, no matter how much research we do we can’t find anyone who is providing accurate and truthful numbers. We can say that there are powerful and influential people who are trying to scare you, to cause panic, to disrupt the economy of the US and the world. Please refrain from buying into these LIES! God is still in control!

Jezebel was an evil queen. She had an evil influence on the world. Eventually the good people took care of Jezebel. in a way that was approved at that time. They threw her out a window. Now I’m not advocating violence, however, I hope there are some lawyers, Dr.s and individuals who will rise up and use our legal system to remove some of these evil people from power. Make them accountable for their actions. Several governors across the country are not only causing economic hardship, but are doing other things that are most likely against the law. I’m not a lawyer, but hopefully some great lawyers will ban together and stop this nonsense. Can a governor practice medicine without a medical license? Can they tell Dr.s what they can and cannot do to aid people? What about the hypocritical oath Dr.s took, can they tell you to violate that oath? Can they push things on you that are against your believe system? Can they restrict what medicines a Dr. can prescribe even though they have no license to practice medicine? Governors are threatening Dr.s who prescribe Malaria medication for the Corona Virus. These medications are having great results in curbing the effects of the Corona Virus. Is threatening Dr.s allowed?

What about the federal law “free to try”. Can governors override the federal law? There is no shortage of these Malaria drugs, so using that as an excuse is not acceptable. If a governor denies people access to a drug that could heal them, and that person dies, isn’t the governor liable for accidental death charges? Yes you lawyers, Dr.s and citizens that are effected by any of these negative laws /Executive Orders/State of emergency orders put in place by governors should be all up in arms. You should be banning together against them. They are outside their authorized power and authority even if they have declared a state of emergency. Stop sitting around and being pushed around. I ask you to use that LAW or Medical Degree to fight these evil people.

OK, what about governors/states that are receiving medical supplies and ventilators from the US government and stashing them in warehouses all the while screaming that they need more. That evil process of hoarding should immediately be stopped. Hopefully a court order is not required. Some governors are even accusing the US government of doing nothing, or saying they are last on the list. If some of these evil people would simply learn to swallow their pride and stop worrying about control and learn to work together all our lives would be easier. Many people in these power positions have never gone hungry, or without a roof, or been financially strapped. To them it is always about Power, Money and Control. During times of War, and we are at war with an invisible enemy, It is up to us to use the legal tools at our disposal to fight against such evil people.

My heart goes out to all of you who have been affected by this outbreak. I know there are people who might starve before dying from the Corona Virus. There are people who might never recover from the financial impact this has caused on their life. People have lost loved ones, or have loved ones impacted by this terrible Chinese bioweapon. I ask Lord Jesus that you send healing, peace, and provision to all the people who are affected by this man made disaster. Lord Jesus I ask that you forgive those who have unwillingly contributed to its spread and that you show Godly justice to those who willingly destroyed so many human lives.

We know that there are 4 basic solutions to this Corona Virus:

Divine intervention: I’d like to share a story about 1 individual who recently experienced Divine Healing. This is not to bring glory to the individual, but to show that there is a God who cares and heals.

A coronavirus survivor told his story explaining how he was diagnosed with the virus and struggling to breathe as he declined in the hospital and his lungs rapidly filled with fluid. This was his second trip to the hospital.

“You know I was in the hospital for about 12 days. I guess it was around the fifth or sixth day, the doctors told me we tried everything,” he explained.

“We ran all these antibiotics through you. We’ve done all these tests, and he said, ‘You’re worse today than you were when you came in the hospital,’” he continued, noting that the doctor stressed the importance of getting the fluid out of his lungs.

At that point, Bentley said he heard God tell him, “You’re getting better.”

“I’m just going to tell you, I heard the voice of the Lord tell me as he was telling me that,” he says, ‘You’re getting better. You’re getting better,’” he said.

“And about I guess it was about 3 o’clock in the morning I got to the point where I couldn’t even breathe, and I tell you I felt like I had a man laying on my chest and the weight of this man was so heavy that he was taking my breath,” Bentley said.

“I mean, it was like I couldn’t even breathe,” he said. “And then all of a sudden I felt this — I felt air blown into my lungs and I know as a believer that God was there with me, and he began to blow air in my lungs and I took a deep breath.”

Bentley said the doctor came in the next morning and informed him that he had hardly any fluid left in his lungs and asked him if he was a praying man.

“Well here’s the end of the story. The doctor came in the next morning and checked me and he said, ‘You hardly — yesterday you were worse than you’ve ever been and I come in here today and you don’t have hardly any fluid in your lungs at all.’”

“And he asked me, he said, ‘I just want to ask you if you’re a praying man,’ and I said, ‘Yes sir. I pray. I pray constantly,’” he explained.

“And he said, ‘Well I have found in my practice when people pray, when people pray, that positive energy causes the body to begin to heal itself.’ And I said, ‘You can believe that if you want to, but I’m telling you, God (Jesus Christ) came in my room last night and healed me.’”

I’m so happy that God still heals people. I’ve seen it in others; I’ve seen it in my own life. So there is great hope! Divine instant healing is always the best! Although Divine healing is always the best it is not on the approved FDA list! Of course those of us who have seen Divine healing and believe in it knows God is still in control. Why if alternatives are out there are we not told about them? Big Pharma doesn’t make any money off these alternatives, so they have suppressed hundreds or thousands of cures.

Although all healing comes from God, sometimes He gives us tools (which are not approved by the FDA) to help our bodies heal. Our sponsor THE ZAPPER has one such tool. Based on Dr. Hulda Clark’s research of thousands of test cases she discovered “The Cure for All Diseases” which is the title of her book which you can freely download from our web

Dr. Clark discovered cures for: diabetes, high blood pressure, seizures, Alzheimer’s, cancer, AIDS and many others. Yes, the ZAPPER potentially takes care of the Corona Virus and many other diseases. Many Dr.s are just telling you to self-isolate at home. So while you are self- isolating, why not try an alternative solution? They may or may not help, but they won’t harm you.

Another alternative is the herbal remedy. It is called SWEET WORMWOOD. It is common in parts of Africa and other parts of the world where modern medicine doesn’t exist.

The mixture of Hydroxychloroquine and Aztihromycin (Z-Pak) in the correct concentration has had some success in treating the Corona Virus. It is normally prescribed for Malaria. In 2017 it was the 128th most prescribed drug in the US. Unfortunately several Governors have decided to practice medicine without a medical license and are prohibiting Dr.s from prescribing it. Under the Federal “Right to Try” law you should meet the criteria to have these drugs prescribed if you are diagnosed with the Corona Virus. I’m not a lawyer, but it should be straight forward.


Yes, as we unite against the Virus and our corrupt people in power we can in unity win this war. The virus isn’t partial to race or religion, we need to be united against it/them to defeat them and win.

Now quoting one of our listeners: “In three short months, just like He did with the plagues of Egypt, God has taken away everything we worship. God said,”you want to worship athletes, I will shut down the stadiums. You want to worship musicians, I will shut down Civic Centers. You want to workhip actors, I will shut down theaters. You want to worship money, I will shut down the economy and collapse the stock market. You don’t go to church and worship Me, I will make it wher you can’t go to church.” Maybe we don’t need a vaccine. Maybe we need to take this time of isolation from the distractions of the world and a personal revival with God

Speaking of the stock market, there is good news! The details are still rolling out, so I can’t tell you all the facts. You won’t see this in the Main Stream Media for at least a few days. The Federal Reserve, a private bank, was shorting stocks. They bet the farm so that they could crash the economy and then buy back all those shorted stocks. They gambled and lost. This is the first time since 1913 the Federal Reserve has lost this much power over us and their ability to manipulate our money.. The US treasury was working against them and won. The Federal Reserve is now controlled by the US Treasury! While under normal circumstances I would say this is a bad thing, in today’s times it is the best thing for the citizens of the USA and the world! Nothing like this has happened to the global money system since 1913. A few presidents attempted to accomplish this in the past. They all failed. 1 died, 1 removed from office, 1 bowed to their wishes and played the game. Pray for protection around our current President and the people involved in this major power shift. It benefits all of us.

So support our sponsor, read Dr. Clark’s 600 page book “The Cure For All Diseases” which you can freely download from our web site As I’ve said in the past “ God gave you a brain! Use it to come to your own conclusions!”

We have all done bad things in some way. No one is without fault. Thank God that He gave us His Son Jesus to pay for our faults. A free gift! Accept that you have failed, you have faults. Ask Jesus who died on the cross to pay for those faults to forgive you. Accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life. Have peace knowing you have eternal life in Heaven vs eternal damnation in Hell.

The virus may be big and bad, but God is bigger and has more knowledge and abilities to conquer it and the evil people associated with it then all of us combined.

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Have questions, comments, or more info you would like us to share? Email us Although we have been broadcasting since 2014 some of you have asked what happened to our web site? I’m told that even with all the recent isolation requirements our new web site will be up and operational shortly.

Don’t be afraid. Stand firm and watch GOD do his work of salvation for you today. Ex 14



Corona Virus – Divine Healing 003
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