Corona Virus Not as Bad as Predicted 002

Corona Virus
How to give hope in this time of the Corona Virus

What do we know about the virus?
Bio-engineered, made in a laboratory, thus it is more powerful than a naturally occurring virus. Many scientists opposed this research and stated caution was required to prevent it ever escaping. These warnings were ignored as there was and are millions of dollars invested. Some of the original research was conducted at the University of North Carolina. Research was then continued and perfected by the same Dr. in China. Thus the term Chinese Virus can be applied as that is its point of origin. China has patents on portions of the virus; it has been in development for a very long time. It most likely would have never occurred naturally.

Have No Fear! God of all creation is still in control and knows all about it. We haven’t died from stupid human mistakes: Like nuclear- Chernobyl, 3 mile island, Fukushima. Nor did some of the natural plagues wipe us out: Black plague, Bubonic, Spanish, etc We are not going to be eliminated by some man made bio engineered weapon.

As of today there is no natural known cure, however there are several possible cures available:
As bad as some are making the situation out to be, we are still waiting on real numbers. China has not released the real numbers. Italy has admitted their numbers are incorrect and many people who died from the Corona Virus had per-existing conditions.

So rather then repeat the picture the Main Stream Media (MSM) is painting we at Truth vs. Lies would like to give you hope.

The numbers still show that 1 to 4% of the people who catch the virus die from it. That is good news. People under 60 are less likely to have any ill effects from the virus, but they could be carriers and spread it to other people. Unlike SARS you can be a carrier before you show any symptoms.

It is not what goes into the body that causes disease, or DIS EASE, but what fails to come out! That really is a profound statement!

3 things cause disease: parasites, viruses, contaminants (medals and chemicals that don’t belong in the body)

So if you can eliminate parasites, viruses and contaminants your wonderful God created body has abilities to heal itself.

Viruses in general are sneaky little creatures. They are very good at fooling the body. Take the cold Virus for example. Dr. Hulda Clark discovered the cure for the common cold, but Big Pharmaceutical companies didn’t want the public to know. The Cold Virus hides inside another virus or parasite. Yes, as disgusting as it sounds we all have these bugs running around in our bodies! Many of them began

coming into the body when we started domesticating animals. Cats, dogs and birds are three carriers of these bugs. Now I’m an animal lover and have had dogs, horses, rabbits, and birds as pets. Unfortunately, the bugs don’t hurt our furry friends, but they cause havoc on human bodies.

Contaminants are like an overflowing trash can. No matter how hard you try you just can’t shut the lid on the can. Contaminants jam the door to the cell open. This allows the parasites and viruses to enter and find a nice safe place inside the cell to reproduce. Our immune system, the garbage collectors otherwise known as white blood cells can’t remove the virus hidden inside the cell without completely removing the cell. Unfortunately the white blood cells can’t identify the virus as it hides inside of a perfectly good cell. So Dr. Clark discovered a 2 step protocol to clean out the bad things in our body. She emphasized that the garbage (contaminants) that is blocking the cell doors open must be removed. We do this via a detoxification process involving specific foods. Many Dr.s have found that certain foods eliminate bad stuff that has collected in our bodies over time. This stuff comes from all kinds of places: stuff in our food, inhaled pollutants, stuff we rub on our skin, wash our hands or hair with. Dr. Clark has an entire section on how to detox for specific ailments, and the proper order to do it in. You can read about it in her FREE book “The Cure for All Diseases” on our sponsor’s web site.

OK, so now you know you have to take out the trash, how do you get rid of the parasites and viruses? It has been known for a very long time that everything in the world can be destroyed by a certain frequency. Yes, the Star Trek phaser theory is real, and can be scientifically proven. We just haven’t gotten the technology to make the use of phasers real yet. For those of you who remember the Memorex commercial where they shatter the crystal glass with sound this principle applies. The same happens when troops march on a bridge, they break step so that they don’t cause the bridge to oscillate and fall apart.

Everything in the world has its own unique destructive frequency. The simpler the organism the simpler to find the frequency. Well although viruses and parasites appear to be sneaky, they all die at their own pre-defined frequency. They are at the core simple organisms. There is no way around this. Find the frequency, DESTROY the virus or parasite! No drugs required, viruses have no ability to develop an immunity to a drug. Dr. Clark discovered the frequency of many viruses that cause disease. Then she went on to discover that a specific frequency would kill them all, without having to find the frequency of each virus or parasite. The beauty of her Research is that she made it publicly available, along with her test cases. Her book “The Cure for all Diseases” covers many diseases in detail. You can download it free of charge from our sponsors web site.

Now back to the Corona Virus. It has been engineered to have special “barbs” that help it latch onto the cells in the lungs, and then these “barbs” help jam the door open so it can sneak inside and start replicating. It also has portions of the HIV virus spliced into it, so your immune system starts working overtime. This stresses your body, and causes your immune (white blood cells) to become overtaxed. While your white blood cells are working on cleaning up the HIV stuff, the Corona Virus is happily inserting itself inside your cells and starting to reproduce. If you are overly tired, dehydrated, full of

pollutants, or stressed you become a likely target for the Corona Virus to take hold and start it’s destructive process. Older people have more pollutants, and less resistance so they are more easily infected.

I promised you hope. So first the God of the universe who loves you and sent His Son Jesus to pay for your soul can protect you and heal you. All of us will live eternally. Where are you spending your eternity? Heaven by accepting Jesus as your Lord, Savior and person who paid your debt? Or hell because you reject Jesus and serve Satan. Divine healing is always proof of a loving God.

Next God has given us some great things to help our bodies heal: Dr. Hulda Clark developed a device that puts a small electrical charge at the correct frequency into the body, killing all the viruses and parasites. Not just the Corona Virus, but the entire spectrum of things that get into our body and fail to come out. I suffer from a rare blood disorder, called roulette. My red blood cells stack on top of each other like poker chips. The cells in the middle don’t get enough oxygen. I found a way to control it. Eat nothing but green stuff, or drink green stuff for the rest of my life. No meat, potatoes, carrots, pie, ice cream, or anything else that wasn’t green. OK, I admit that lasted for 30 days and then I had had enough! I could not imagine spending the rest of my life eating green stuff. I’m not a rabbit or a cow! Then I discovered Dr. Clark’s method of zapping each day. Not only did I get rid of the viruses and parasites, I totally have my blood disorder under control. I can feel the difference with a two minute treatment.

Someone asked about the dangers of running electricity thru your body. Well since it comes from a standard 9v battery which is far less voltage by the time it goes thru the circuit, there is little danger, and you should never feel any electrical tingling. You would feel more tingling by touching the 9v battery to your tongue.

What about the frequency? Won’t it harm the human cells? The beauty is that the frequency that is deadly to viruses and parasites is way below the frequency of the human body. Plus the human body is so complex that it would take multiple frequencies to impact the human body. Our bodies are exposed to a wide variety of frequencies every day: microwave, radio, TV, sun, yet none of them do us harm in small quantities.

Are there restrictions? Yes, people with pace makers, pregnant moms, and some others could be susceptible to the frequency. Dr. Clark in her book did not test these subjects. She also did not test infants and small children. However, it appears that these young children are not effected by the Corona Virus.

Why if the cures are so simple did we not hear about this? Starting with the polio vaccine the Big Pharmaceutical companies got together with the FDA and said if we can’t make money off of the “cure” we will not approve it. Hundreds of known cures have been hidden from the general public for decades. Dr. Clark and other Dr. s have written numerous books about cures that were suppressed by Big Pharmaceutical companies who want power, control and money over you. Many of the known cures for big diseases are inexpensive, and thus Big Pharma didn’t want you to know about it and cut into their cash cow.

In fact when the Virus first came out, China had/has an herbal cure, but the WHO removed it from the list. Yes, another alternative to cure the Virus is a Chinese herbal remedy. The Chinese have had known good remedies for centuries.

Finally the drug Chloroquine with Azithromycin has been having great success in curing people in about a week. It has been around for some time and is used on Malaria. Sometimes used in conjunction with Z-pak. The FDA is in the process of approving it for the Corona Virus.

So there you have it! As bad as the Corona (Chinese) Virus is, there is hope that you will survive. There are potential cures, and God is still in Control.

*Disclaimer Notice: Our statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat cure, or prevent any diseases. Please note that reference to Dr. Clark protocols or production methods does not imply that our products can be proven to be any better than other similar products when using US government approved science.

Learn more about Dr. Hulda Clark’s research and her actual test cases in her book “The cure for all diseases” download it free from our sponsor’s web site

Since Dr. Clark was kind enough to share her research we have taken her proven zapper technology that she designed in a shoe box and downsized it to the size of a quarter. This too can be purchased on our sponsors web site

We at Truth vs. Lies want to give you the truth to set you free. We encourage you to use your brain and make your own decisions.


Corona Virus Not as Bad as Predicted 002
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