Corona Virus – An Outbreak Every 2 Years -001


With so much disinformation about the Corona Virus it is difficult to know where to begin. The Main Stream Media has been spinning this as really bad. At Truth vs Lies, we believe it is a really bad case of the flu and that once again the MSM is lying. Here are some reasons why we believe much of what you have heard is lies.

The Corona virus is a bio engineered weapon. It has many characteristics of the Saars virus. It has been in development for at least 10 years. It is not a naturally occurring virus. There is a large amount of evidence to prove these statements. The very fact that the Corona Virus contains parts of other viruses that were spiced in proves it is a bio engineered weapon.

The virus was accidentally released from a level 4 bio lab in Wahun, China.
Escaping from a level 4 bio lab is like you or me walking into Fort Knox, grabbing a couple bars of gold, and walking out. No questions asked. Accidentally released is a big lie. It was intentionally released. Oh and the Chinese have admitted that it started in October of 2019, but they didn’t officially announce it until Dec 2019.

Ask yourself who benefits from such a drastic move by killing thousands of innocent people? People and countries want power. Releasing a bio weapon gives the feeling of power. I know that God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ is in control. No human can obtain power over God no matter how hard they try. Personally I am not worried about it. Yes, I will be cautious, but I’m not putting my life on hold because of some bug. My faith will carry me thru. It gives me great peace and hope.

China benefits by creating population reduction. Yes, as bad as it sounds, China is still using forms of genocide to control their population.

The New World Order, the bad guys, the ones who just want power and control all think they benefit by forcing the world to obey. These bad people don’t care who gets hurt, or how many die in the process.

How is the virus enhanced in major cities? We know that wireless 5G (phone networks) activate specific elements one being oxygen. Yes the air we breathe! 5G alters the oxygen molecule and makes it harder to assimilate in our lungs. In fact Wahun China was one of the first places to roll out 5G on a large scale. Coincidence that Wahun is the epicenter of the outbreak?

Speaking of coincidences: what are the chances of a major virus/disease outbreak every 2 years, and what do these 2 year cycles have in common? I’m not a mathematician, but maybe someone can do the math and come up with the odds.

2020 Corona Virus
2018 Ebola
2016 Zika
2014 Ebola
2012 Mers 2010 Swine
2008 Avian
2004 Sars

All of these outbreaks occurred during an ELECTION YEAR!

Yes, the bad people in this world will do anything to sway the elections to their favor. China needs the food they agreed to buy from the US, but don’t want to pay for it. China wants someone in office they can control and manipulate so they can continue their quest for their part of the world. Political parties want power and control back. They want to continue doing the evil they have done and gotten away with for decades. Why are so many US politicians deeply connected to China, who at one time was our enemy? Power, control and money. Many of them could care less about the health and welfare of the US citizen. Many of them have betrayed the US in favor of Power, Control, Money.

What are the chances of dying from the Corona Virus? Again there are no real numbers as the ones from China and other countries are most likely inaccurate. Based on what we know 1 to 3.4 % of the people who contract the virus die from it. But even these numbers are skewed as the test kits are only 50% accurate. Not a very good test kit, and thus it skews the numbers even further.

You have a better chance of dying from diabetes, heart disease, cancer or a car accident then you do of catching the virus and dying from it. It is estimated that this virus actually has a cure rate of 99.7% for those under 50 that are infected. So yes, the elderly must be careful.

How contagious is the Virus?
Be smart! Wash your hands, keep hands away from face. Try not to touch railings and doors while in public. Stay healthy. The virus itself has a contagion factor of 2, which is low. Sars is 4 and measles is 18!

How do I kill the Virus! Vaccines are not available. Plus if you understand all the evil things the bad people put in vaccines you would NEVER get vaccinated for this kind of disease. Remember it is a bio engineered weapon!

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Corona Virus – An Outbreak Every 2 Years -001
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