From Cars To The Mountain of Influence…

From selling cars for almost two decades to launching an influential radio program that connects those who are in the church pues to their destinies in the marketplace. Linda Hunt has always believed in taking the kingdom of God outside of the four walls of the church. Since launching her first radio episode back in the fall of 2015 Linda has gone on to do great things and touch countless lives not only in the metro-detroit area but also in cities and countries worldwide interviewing close to 500 guests to date.

2019 began as another year for Linda with many great opportunities for The Marketplace Connector as she launched her first ever book Amen Sister a book of hope, encouragement, and empowerment for women around the world.  It is blended with her personal testimony of tests, trials, losses and victories. This book is meant to bring hope to the hopeless, love to the loveless, faith to the faithless and life to the lifeless; positioning you to win.

You are a WINNER!

As if writing a book was not enough our very own @LindaHunt recently hosted her first ever Amen Sister Gathering “Focused & Fabulous”

It’s time to get actualized!! Let go and let’s go!

Did you know identity theft is a serious crime? You know a person can go to jail for fraud for using your personal information without your consent? What’s more serious is allowing the enemy to seal your God-given identity. Who told that you that? Who told you that you could not do what God has put in your heart to do? Who told you that you weren’t smart enough? Who told you that? Who told you that you were too old, too fat, too skinny, not pretty enough, no one would listen to you? Who told you that? The thief that came to kill, steal and destroy. When are you going to stop eating his lies and eat from the tree of life and life more abundantly? Have him arrested and finally put him in jail where he belongs.

Linda hosted this first of many gatherings she says on the unction of the holy ghost. Nervous, scared and maybe even a little apprehensive during the process the women of God pushed and persevered to insure she saw the completion of what God had promised. On August 14th, 2019 3 days before the even was to take place Linda announced on her Facebook that the event had SOLD OUT and that there were no more seats available!!!!

This leaves us to wonder. If God can do it for a car sales women, what can he do for you? It is not too late yet for you to achieve all that God has in store for you.

Start the process of becoming all that God called you to be.

Amen Sister Gathering! It is awesome! God did!!
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From Cars To The Mountain of Influence…

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