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I am made new

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When I was baptized I remember the pastor going over scripture and giving an understanding on what baptism is and how life changing it can be. But truthfully I was just thinking about how cold the water was going to be and all the germs in the water lol. When my turn came I wasn’t sure what to expect I mean Jesus had a supernatural experience, he prayed, and the heavens were opened. So I was submerged (didn’t feel the icy water) and when I came back up I didn’t have a supernatural experience. Well it didn’t seem like it in that exact moment but that year was filled with supernatural experiences.
The first day, was regular until the person I was seeing at that time became super unattractive in my eyes. His personality became annoying to me and his habits became distasteful. Weed was not a relaxer for me anymore. I would feel so uncomfortable and dirty. Distractions became stronger. I allowed a distraction to take control and it was a very emotional and overwhelming part in my life. Until one day God intervened and made a way for it to end. From there I felt like I couldn’t escape from all of the bottled up hurt, anger, frustrations, and traumas.
I moved in back to my parents’ home and my room was gone so I had move in the basement. Guys I felt so annoyed at that moment because I had to clean it and get it move in ready. But anyways, I did what I had to do and moved in. It was always so quiet and peaceful. It was the perfect atmosphere to spend time with God. So one night I sat on bed and started praying all of a sudden an uncontrollable feeling took over my body (Holy Spirit). And I started to speak in my heavenly language and angels were there with me. God held me and I let it all out. I cried, released, and forgiveness took place in that moment.
When it ended I couldn’t think so I went straight to sleep. The next day I woke up and felt extremely different. It all made sense everything that I started to dislike, things I did before now made me uncomfortable, and all wanted was new everything. New start, new atmosphere, new crowds, a new life.
I was given a fresh start when I rose up from that icy cold water with a few germs here and there lol. 2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here!” This new creation I was becoming was the real me. From that night my name also changed. I used to be called “Heidi” because people didn’t know how to pronounce my name. But that night I became Haydee (I-day).
As I’m writing this I feel like I’m experiencing it all over again. Don’t be intimidated by the new you but be excited. Be excited to become the real you. Your old skin has to shed so that your new skin can glow and shine. You will leave a lot behind and you will have to get to know the new you and it is the best time ever.
This process of growing will continue but you have God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit by your side.

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