Month: July 2017

Micro-chipping is here

Wisconsin company announces it will be installing MICROCHIPS in their employees – but insists there’s no GPS tracking. A Wisconsin company announced this week that it plans to install microchips in employees, but they are insisting there will be ‘no GPS tracking’. Three Square Market, a company that designs software for break room markets, is […]

Worship Radio Detroit Launches Its First Ever 100% Hispanic program.

It is with great excitement that Worship Radio Detroit launched its first ever hispanic program on Saturday July 15th, 2017. We are now bringing forth the word of God in a language other than English. This is truly a profound move of God and the fulfillment of a prophetic word that God gave Prophet Blaine just […]

Cindy Jacobs: “It’s going to get worse before it gets better…”

Prophet Cindy Jacobs says God gave her a vision after the inauguration of a swamp being drained. As the murky waters subsided, Jacobs says she saw alligators and other swamp creatures fighting each other. “The lower the swamp got, the more they turned against each other,” Jacobs says. She says the Lord told her, “It’s […]

Lawmakers in California have upheld the rights for pedophiles to legally marry children

I honestly believe this has been going on for generations but now the world is becoming blatant about it. This kind of issue is unfortunately not talked about or dealt with much in the body of Christ however if this doesn’t raise red flags we do not know what will. Girls as young as ten […]

Shock Study Reveals Women Store DNA From Every Male They Have Sex With

A new Study found on has found some crazy results. For years we have heard about soul ties. Could this be the proof we have been looking for? Women have been taught to watch how many partners they have a sexual relationship with due to the risk of exposure to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Now, studies […]

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