The New Wine Skin Of Children’s Ministry

A couple of months ago I was on Netflix and stumbled across this documentary called Jesus Camp. I was very inspired and excited to see that our young youth were given the opportunity to have a true authentic worship experience with God whilst being thought the deep ways of the Lord, much of which we do not really teach our kids today because we feel the need to “dumb down” the information so that our kids will under stand. I have been following Becky on Facebook since watching that documentary. In a recent on Facebook she really got my attention and I wanted to share it with you..

I absolutely love this woman of God

~Prophet Blaine


LAST WEEK, WHEN I WAS IN TEXAS, I WROTE A VERY PROVOCATIVE POST. It was very short, but it garnered over 322 likes, and a lot of comments, the majority agreeing with me, but some disagreeing. The post said, “TRADITIONAL SUNDAY SCHOOL IS A RELIGIOUS SPIRIT.” Understand that for 15 years I have been teaching on this subject, and in fact, you can watch what I have to say in more depth here: . It’s called “I HATE SUNDAY SCHOOL—IT’S SO BORING”

I wish I had a dollar for every FB post where I have said that the facts are 70% of our own children and youth leave the church when they become teens or young adults and never step foot in our churches again. They will say to their knowledge, they have never heard God’s voice or felt His presence. They don’t know how to pray over anything except their food, they don’t know what the Bible says doctrinally, and theologically, therefore cannot defend their faith against educators and antagonists. I can show you survey after survey that spells it out in horrific detail. We are losing our children and youth. We are losing our future.

This is a horn I have been blowing for 15 years, as have others. I have yet to see any current studies that show we have turned a corner or made any progress in this area at all.

Yet in all that time you can barely see any change in how we minister to and disciple our children. And if you even suggest that there might be something wrong with our 200-year-old sacred cow, you have a fight on your hands. So, I blurted out “Traditional Sunday School is a Religious Spirit” just to get attention.

So what is a religious spirit? It’s many things. If you look it up on the internet you can easily get overwhelmed with everyone’s opinions. My statement would not fit half of what everyone else thinks. So, let me give you my narrow definition.

A religious spirit in the church resists change. A religious spirit can counterfeit a true work of the Holy Spirit and look good doing it. A religious spirit guards status quo and resists anything or anyone who tries to disrupt it. A religious spirit makes things look good on the outside, but on the inside, there is very little fruit of the Spirit. It has a form of godliness, but denies the power thereof. A religious spirit says, “It was good enough for grandma, so it’s good enough for us too!”

To say there are no Sunday schools who are effectively teaching children would be untrue. I was positively affected by Sunday School growing up, and so were many of you. But the typical Sunday school worldwide has no anointing, no move of the Spirit, no actual feeding of the Word of God, and centers on a constant rotation of the same 52 Bible stories every year of the child’s life, until they think they know everything there is to know about God and the Bible and have no further reason for going to church.

This is a conversation we MUST have if we are going to capture the heart of the next generation of children. Sunday school, the way 90% of them are being done, is an old wine skin. So if you are interested in the NEW WINE SKIN OF CHILDREN’S MINISTRY, you can go here:


I highly suggest that you all watch the documentary that I was referring to above.

Operated by pastor Becky Fisher, the Kids On Fire School of Ministry aims to indoctrinate children into a Christian movement that blends political activism with religion. This documentary follows three kids at the controversial summer camp.

The New Wine Skin Of Children’s Ministry
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